Biden Jokes About Starting World War 3

In another incredible moment of stupidity Wednesday, Joe Biden deviated from his teleprompter and joked that he might start a third world war.

Biden was speaking at the national conference of North America’s Building Trades Unions, the AFL-CIO group for workers in the construction industry, when he made the idiotic remark.

Biden began talking about the Ukraine conflict, saying “This war could continue for a long time, but the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and their fight for freedom.”

Then he addressed the unionists in the room and said, “And by the way, if I gotta go to war, I’m going with you guys – I mean it.”


This latest face palm moment comes after weeks of continued stupid comments about sending U.S. troops to Ukraine, training Ukrainian troops, calling Putin a war criminal, expressing support for an international war criminal trial and advocating regime change in Russia.

In addition to the stupid joke about nuclear armageddon at the appearance Wednesday, Biden reeled off a series of outright lies again.

Earlier in the week he declared that he used to be an 18 wheeler truck driver, but now he used to be a practicing professor at the University of Pennsylvania:

**By Steve Watson


6 Replies to “Biden Jokes About Starting World War 3”

  1. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    Subject: UKRAINE=VICTIM ?
    Written by Vladimiro Di Vito
    How we know that this is the truth nothing but the truth ?
    I can accept what everyone said but only after the outcome.
    I will never and I say never or even remotely take the responsibility to judge who is the real Victim or the Predator in this conflict.
    I am thinking that only our Lord is in title to see the real truth in the name of World peace.
    I am careful on Judge Nations vs Nations or Brothers vs Brothers.
    We are to small to have right to do so and also, by any means I can point my fingers toward you or anybody else.
    For now the most correct way is to choose neutrality because the jury still out.
    We don’t know what is really hide under the table far bigger than our understanding.
    I don’t try to be controversial, but I think that this medias propaganda only in one side of the story is dangerous, arrogant and very suspicious.
    But the real true is that this War doesn’t suppose start because is insanly wrong.
    I am very sad for all innocent people in both part that are loosing their life because nobody try a real mediations between Russia and Ukraine.
    Meditate people… Meditate
    Bless us all

  2. Dana Francesca

    The sad thing is that with this post, Era of Light is spreading clouds of negativity into a world desperate for LIGHT.

    Just read the above comments and see how negativity attracts negativity!

    Please wake up, fellow Lightworkers – is this how the Angels speak?

    We think we’re smart, but we’re really just perpetuating the dark strategies of the cabal here. LOVE, not insulting other souls, is what will defeat the cabal and free our embattled planet. This is what the Angels and high-plane Masters endlessly remind us.

    Peace unto all, Dana Francesca

  3. Max

    It has to be the monumentally stupid that really don’t understand that Resident Biden has been “lacking mental capacity” for a long time, now.

    The democrats (or demonrats) are heading for the abyss. Anyone who actually thinks that Biden is in control is delusional.

    I see whoever is controlling Puppet Biden must be laughing or crying, depending on his controllers being white hats or dark hats, as to his interesting ability to “Wake up” the sleeping public, which he does quite well!

    Let’s hope more and more people continue to “wake up” and see through this sham….

    1. About Vladimiro Di Vito

      This man has lost is mind for real? ….He don’t have any Idea what will be a Worldwide conflict that easily will let at least 1/3 of the humanity shattered from the face of the Earth…
      Is totally obvious that he never had a taste of any Worldwide conflict inside his own backyard.
      He don’dont even immagine what he ask for.
      Totally depressing listen this words coming out from is mouth.
      Instead work hard for achieve peace he hope to destroy life’s?
      What is his agenda???
      Vladimiro Di Vito