Sananda: All is Being Revealed

I am Sananda. Again, I come to you at this time, to continue to bring to you the new expression.

The new expression of love and oneness that is overtaking all of life here on the planet, even though you do not realize it. Maybe you do. But many across the planet to not realize this, or even know anything about this.

But this indeed is a great expression of the Great Plan that is in the works. And all of you are the ones that are bringing this plan forward. And you must continue to understand, even though it appears to not be so, that the plan is not working out the way you wanted it to. Know that perhaps in a round-about-way, but it is still coming forward. For you do not know the full ramifications of all that is involved. Your three-dimensional consciousness is not yet ready to experience it or express it. But your fifth-dimensional consciousness, which you find yourselves in from time to time, can accept this, and is accepting this. And not only accepting this, but being the creator of all that is yet to come.

So you are all the ones that you have been waiting for. You are not waiting for those from the skies to come and save you. You are not waiting for those deep within the Earth to come save you. You are not waiting for a savior. You are the savior. You are the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness here on this planet. And all have been waiting for you. Think about that. Express that within yourself. Feel it within yourself. For you are much more than you appear to be, or that you think you are.

You have heard this many times, that you have come from many different systems prior to this. And all that you are doing now, you have done before in many different ways, and in many different expressions. This is one more time you’ve come together as souls coming back together again. You are those souls coming back. Coming back together, and forming the legions of the Light Workers and Light Warriors here on the planet. And you are a legion together. You must come to fully understand that.

This, my friends, is the times you have been preparing for. You are right on the verge now, as the Spring comes forth. The Spring springs forth and brings new life. But for that new life to come forward, the old must fall apart. It must come down.

And that is what you are experiencing now, as the many truths come forward, and the darkness is revealed for what it is: an illusion. A part of the illusion that you yourselves as the creators, have created.

So let it all go now. Let the illusion fall apart within you. And as it falls apart within each of you, as an individual and as a group, it falls apart on all across the planet more and more.

For you are the catalysts. Just as I, as Yeshua, walked the Earth and drew to me many to follow me, you are that Christ Consciousness now, calling many forward to come to you and to find the expression that you have within yourself for themselves.

And they now follow you, even though they do not yet know it. They are following you. Not you individually necessarily, but you as a collective you, they are following now, more and more. They are beginning to see the truths come forward, for those cannot be hidden much longer.

And as again, this is the Spring with everything coming forth, springing forth, this is the time where all things are coming together to be revealed. Can we tell you exactly how they are going to be revealed? No. But you are seeing the beginnings of all of that now. Many of the dominos that you have been looking for are beginning to fall.

Can we tell you the order that they will fall? No. For we do not fully know the order that it will happen, because it is all based on man’s consciousness here on the planet, your collective humanity consciousness. And not only the consciousness of humanity, but the consciousness of the animals, and the planets, and the minerals themselves, all are coming together as one to create the new Golden Age that is upon you now. Can we tell you when it is going to be fully upon you? No, we cannot. Because, again, we do not know.

But we do know that the Christ Consciousness has come forward here on the planet to be accepted by more, and more, and more of you. And as more of you accept the Christ Consciousness within you, then all will be revealed momentarily. And I use that term purposefully. For again, you are on the verge, on the cusp, upon the crescendo, of a Great Happening. A Great Happening, indeed, that has been hinted at by many of your leaders. Not the leaders of the darkness, but the leaders within the Light.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love. That you would all continue to come together as one. And know that you are indeed The One.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

16 Replies to “Sananda: All is Being Revealed”

  1. Harriet

    Thank you for this article, this reminder of how we are not just human beings in a body, but great beings who are going to be successful and happy, in love and joy. Thank you. Every article is a blessing and a gift.

  2. Harriet

    I remembered a few times in the last year that we are living with 11 other parallel Earth’s with their own versions of all of us, and each Earth level, 1 through 12 is in its own timeline. Yes that’s right. There are 12 parallel Earth’s with all of us on each of these 12 Earth’s with each level having its own timeline and not only that, but also its own vibration/ frequency/density. The reason there are these 12 timelines is so our souls can split up into fragments and these 12 fragments of my soul, for example, goes to 12 Harriet bodies in these 12 timelines, so my soul has 12 opportunities to learn on Earth in the different densities. Learning, experiencing, creating problems, fixing problems, dealing with negative energies and negative beings, and relearning love and the love culture in this Earth School is the reason there are 12 of each of us in these 12 timelines/ densities.
    The 12 timelines are arranged so timeline 1 is the most dense, very dense. Life is very difficult with many
    problems and lots of violence. We are at timeline 6 and we know what it’s like here at this 3D/4D density. Timeline 12 is like living as a bright glowing spirit with no need to incarnate, but we can if we choose. We usually don’t, and life is beyond perfect, saturated with love, light, music, beauty, peace and all knowledge. Everything we want is instant but we want nothing.
    I’m thinking that many beings might get a little confused with these timelines on top of each other, with timelines blending at times or when they overlap. Perhaps when beings are talking to us through a channel, they might get us mixed up or even think we are all the same. So when they see life is going wonderfully for us on timeline 8 or 9 then saying ‘soon’ to us during a channeling really does mean soon. Like next month soon. I’m conjecturing here, but it’s a possibility. That, or perhaps their time frames are so different there where they are, and time not existing at least not linearly, soon means soon to them, like real soon. But to us it’s years.
    I think it was around 1985 that it was published that we were to begin ascending around 2050. And I thought that’s the time frame and didn’t give it much thought. But then I started reading the last 3 or 4 years or so that the ascension was moved up to ‘now’. And I think it was because the Dark influences were much stronger than cocreators realized, and the Dark forces were so clever in having us believe that our lives were normal in so much negativity. Because the Dark forces are going to keep trying to overcome us, to be safe, if we ascend to the 5th and higher, we have a better chance to not fall under their influencs again. I also think that we are suffering more than was originally planned. It was planned that tolerable negativity on a planet is .5% to 2%, and that equates to a minor problem like losing a game of checkers or having a disagreement on what to serve for dinner. Our negativity was to be 35 to 40% tops. But in the last hundred years if not earlier it has risen to 68%. People are committing suicide, not recovering from trauma, killing and violence against humanity is escalating, people are hopeless and in despair. It really is worse than planned and we are being rescued now by moving this ascension to now, rather than waiting till the 50s. Believe me or believe me not, it doesn’t matter. But I thought you might want to give this some thought. It helps to understand why it’s so important to get out from under the Dark Forces. I remember about 5 years ago reading about a young man wanting to get revenge on his girlfriend and decided to walk into a pond and drown her 10 day old baby boy. I cried and cried. I yelled and scolded Creator and told him/her this should never happen and the negativity is uncontrollable and it has to stop. I’m sorry for mentioning this, but this is something that should never happen on Earth or any planet. This is my reason for wanting us out from under this run-away negativity. When we meld our souls together and become a ‘Creator’ (as planned) we should talk about free will not including harming others. Even the Master of Discomfort who was tasked by Creator to absorb all of our negativity, told Creator he couldn’t do it any longer. And Creator obliged and told Earth she would have to absorb it herself. She’s doing it, but she does need to release it with floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and typhoons.
    Also we are not entirely responsible for climate change, only 25%, as Earth is intending to make most of the planet temperate and turning all the deserts green again. That there are many more hurricanes and tornadoes due to climate change is a good thing, considering all the negativity we create needs to get released.
    Sorry this is so long, I get carried away in the domino effect of everything. But it is interesting and gives a perspective so we can see it all more realistically.
    L & L to all. And see you all in the 5th.

    1. caroline

      Wow Harriet wonderfully written. I awoke about 6-7 years ago but I am learning new things everyday.

  3. Geoff Turner

    Total rubbish. Most people have switched off now from these tired old statements.

    If just once in the last two years there had been any evidence of a plan and that the things that were happening behind the scenes were actually happening I might hold out some hope.

    But to continually keep reading this crap really shows that nothing is happening behind the scenes.

    1. Mitch

      If one’s head is constantly in the metaphorical sand, one absolutely cannot see all of the changes that are in fact happening right before our collective eyes. (“The sleeper must awaken”)
      I know it’s tough to keep the hope & dreams alive as many of us are weary & struggling. But ask yourself,”Who’s time frame is it? Is it humanities time frame or the Creators? Open your eyes & ears people! Progress is being made on a daily basis if you’ll only allow yourselves to “see” it!

  4. Apollo

    Been hearing the same statement now for months it’s laughable if people believe in this fairytale nonsense

  5. Haraldur Guðbjartsson

    Beautiful time to be one Earth, when the moment comes.
    In Light and Love.
    Thank you.