Galactic Council of Light: Energies of Love

We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

Your Galactic Families of Light are stationed around the atmosphere of your planet and are holding the energies of Love and Light for the grand Ascension.

Many positive and negative energies are moving through the atmosphere of Earth and you as the individual can choose what kind of an experience you wish to have.

Begin with your feeling world as the driving engine for your experience.

Your feelings, along with your thoughts, words and actions create your reality.

Sometimes, you might not be able to know what caused you to feel either pleasant or unpleasant feelings.

Many times, they are the result from your past thoughts and feelings.

Whatever you think and feel is being sent out and will return with the same quality as a feeling, thought and eventually as a new reality.

The only way to be in charge of what is coming back to you is to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling at every moment.

Ask yourself:

Do you feel feelings, such as Love, Harmony, Bliss and Wellbeing?


Keep feeling these feelings!

You are depositing more positive feelings into your “Energy Bank Account,” which will return to you positive emotions, thoughts and experiences in many ways.

However, if what you are feeling is not pleasant, here is what we recommend you can do:

Take a moment in a quiet place. (This won’t take long…)

Breathe and connect to your heart center by placing your hand on the center of your chest.

Instead of analysing “why” you are feeling the way you feel, simply ask for your Beloved I AM Presence and the Ascended Host (including all Beings of Light from the Higher Dimensions) to take this negative feeling out of you and to replace it with Divine Love.

Imagine that you are exhaling grey smoke, representing the negative feelings.

At some point, there will be no more grey smoke left.

Then, connect to your heart center again and imagine a golden warm light coming from above, filling your entire body, aura and world.

Breathe it in…

Feel the energies of Divine Love and Harmony entering your entire being…

Remain in this feeling for as long as you wish…

Then, continue with your day.

Whenever your feeling world needs an adjustment, simply apply the technique above.

Over time, you are able to clean up your feeling world more and more and you are able to experience a new reality, filled with positive experiences and of a higher vibrational quality, on your path of Ascension.

We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you… always. We love you.

We are you. Namaste.

**Channel: Asara Adams


2 Replies to “Galactic Council of Light: Energies of Love”

  1. Veda Pratima

    We are One. Our Souls require no evolution, the bodies we are interfaced with have manipulations and implants and a forgetting mechanism, programmed and frequency bombarded DNA receiving scripts and it is against our freewill, we behave and think against our true and natural divine essence which is aligned will with God. Release us immediately from all manipulations and stop the farce. Exposure is here and we belong to God, Supreme Creator of All that is and are pure and did not consent to the degradation, devasatation, poverty, abuse and child murder. It is divine order to intervene when we have been rendered incapable of comprehending our own Self knowledge because of interference. The level of i terference is a Galactic Violation and among your ranks are secret benefactors, related to gold and organ trade and intentions to take our earth because its been made to look like we are ruining it. This is not a case of evolution, or survival of the fittest or smartest, its been designed without consent and Humans are actually Mankind – we are kind in heart and soul. We are innocent. Codes of sin have been put here, stories by a Moses contrived biblical programme to corrupt our sense of identity.

  2. Harriet

    Thank you. This is similar but even easier than a prayer request I learned years ago asking beings of gold light to disentangle and remove discomforting cords attached to my discomforts in this life and previous lives. Thank you.