The Federation of Light: Triggering Point

Hi chaps! Due to something I was sent, I decided to have a reread of the Monoliths, crystals, portal, ley lines, channel*. It was quite something. I was wondering if it is time to talk about ‘all that’ once again. Oh! Manners, Blossom Goodchild! How are you doing?

The Greatest and most Enlightened of Good mornings to you, Blossom.

What a lovely start! I could do with this morning being the Greatest and most Enlightened!

How different your world would present itself to you if one always assumed that each day was to be that way! No matter what circumstances were being presented. As one ‘grows’ into their fullness of Truth and Light … one realizes that it is from within that Light shines. Not from without.

So, in order to have the Greatest and most Enlightened morning the Light shining from within the self cannot be affected by anything that is coming to you from without.

With respect and I don’t mean to do the ‘poor me victim’ thing … yet, try having your husband leave the Planet and see how you feel about that! That came from without did it not?

Indeed, Blossom.

And it has certainly changed my Inner Light … sometimes to such a degree, I cannot see a thing!

Yet, the Light … Your Light is still there, Blossom. Whatever circumstances one is having to ‘endure’ at any given time … one will find that further down the track … the Light that one felt had almost gone out, has become even Brighter because of it.

That’s what I don’t get. Why is it through suffering that the Light gets stronger? Why not through Joy and Happiness? A much ‘easier’ way. Why does it have to be so hard?

Because it is through the suffering that one ‘feels into’ the depths of the Soul.

Can we not ‘feel into’ the depths of the Soul through Laughter?

Oh, indeed! Laughter is the finest medicine for your Planet. We have spoken before of its Healing and Vibrational upliftment. It is one of the finest tools that you have been given, yet, used so little compared to ‘how much is in you’.

I am Blessed to find Laughing easy.

Humour. We encourage humour.

Just to return to the depths of despair, if I may continue to indulge … explain once again if you would, why the pain is necessary?

So that one can feel ‘all’ aspects of emotion. If you didn’t reach the depths of despair, you wouldn’t reach the heights of Joy. Polarities, Blossom. In a sense, the more desperate the despair … the Higher realms of Joy can be accessed.

True. I look forward to that pole shift within me, then. How did we get on to this? Were we not going to talk of Monoliths?

Blossom, in your honest Truth and we know you will be honest … why is it you want to speak of this today?

Ha! Because it would be exciting. With respect … and I know you know better, and I ‘should’ know better … Folk want to hear more about that kind of thing for upliftment now and then, for hope, rather than the continuing ‘learnings’ of how to ‘find who we are’. How childish does that sound?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls, we Enjoy your honesty. Yet, fascinating as the Monoliths, Ley lines, Crystals, Portals, and Activating Codes are … and indeed, excite the soul … it is from within the Soulself and the discovering of it in depth that will … eventually … bring about this ‘Triggering point’ … that will set everything off.

So, you are saying there is no actual date … it is to do with the amount of Light that we on Earth are able to project, in order for this to take place?

It is a combination of such. Planetary alignment also, must come into play. Imagine the magnitude of this happening and all that it shall bring along with it. All that it shall bring about.


Just checking in, that when this happens, it is the lead up to the Event, as you have said before?

Indeed. Therefore, all calculations must match. EVERYTHING has to align, otherwise, it wouldn’t work. A little like a long line of your dominoes with its twists and turns. If just one domino is not in alignment … the whole thing stops. So, you can imagine the intricacy of all that is involved.

Yep. It is fascinating that you say the giant Crystals, six, I believe, were placed within the Earth eons ago … lying dormant until such time when they shall be activated. When you say ‘giant’ … how big is ‘your’ giant?

They are … we are trying to give you an image …

I am seeing mountains …

Imagine ten together … of the largest peaks you know of.

That’s giant! They must be very deep down for no one to have tripped over them on a local hike!

Blossom, to introduce you to something else to ponder upon …

Introduce away!

These Crystal pyramids are Energetically placed at this time … So, although they are there, they are not.

Firstly … I hadn’t imagined them as pyramids and secondly to my surprise the ‘energetically placed’ makes total sense.

How had you imagined them to be?

As large crystals in sort of, rock shapes. Yet, pyramid form makes sense. So, when all is in alignment and the trigger is … actually … what IS the trigger? I imagine it’s not just a red button and when the time comes it’s a case of, ‘On your marks, Get set … Go!’

The trigger is of course, of such complexity that it is difficult to explain in your words. The ‘Go’ as you call it, is an Energetic trigger.

We speak of Planetary alignment. We now speak too, of an added calculation of ‘Souls’ of the HIGHEST LIGHT … combining as ONE … as they already are … yet ‘coming together’ with the input of Energy which you are unable to grasp due to your position … and their focus being on the purpose of the trigger being set off.

When you say Highest Light … I presume you mean not of Earth Energy?

That is which we were just speaking of. Yet, that is not to underestimate the POWER and the FOCUS of those who ‘understand’ that which is about to take place who reside on Earth … at the time … and their role that is to be played.

Can you elaborate on that please?  Like, millions, thousands, hundreds, three? How many will ‘understand’ by then?

We cannot give in numbers, Blossom … Only in Energy.

You are showing me the Planet and Lights dotted all over the place. Are the ones who will understand the ‘trigger Energy’ … already assigned to this before coming here?

Yes. Although, they may not ‘recognize’ this, yet. Not until nearer the time.

How will they know?

They just will.

Yet, what will that understanding involve? Surely, we will all want to help and be part of it.

And you will.

There will be a KNOWING … a building up of understanding and Energy. Not like you may feel at this time, as things amp up in your world, yet, a KNOWING that feels different from anything you have felt before.

There will be no doubt of ‘Maybe’s’.




So, in a sense, those of us who have become aware of this will be helping … yet, there will be ‘some’ who have a specific part to play. I do see how hard it is to put into words … so much of this seems to be coming through on an Energetic level of this happening.

It certainly is of no concern, Blossom, for it is not happening tomorrow.

Bummer! I was going to iron my party frock!

All one needs to KNOW, is their KNOWING.

Most helpful. Thank you! I jest of course, not meaning to appear rude.

Yet, it is TRUTH Blossom.


What part of that which I feel inside?

The part that KNOWS.

Oh … that part!?

Yes. That part. For this session, we feel we are done. Yet, in the ‘KNOWING’ … you Blossom, and All who are reading or listening to this conversation are able to ‘feel into’ the Energy of Love that we send to Each One … in order to have the Greatest and most Enlightened day.

Thank you. I can but give it a go! Breathing into the words of the Mantra. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

**Channel: Blossom Goodchild


17 Replies to “The Federation of Light: Triggering Point”

  1. Harriet

    I think I will mention this. When beings first start talking through channels, they aren’t sure how to say it, what words to use, there’s no personality, there are beings in the background telling them what they can and cannot say, etc. When they become more experienced their personality comes out, they use slang, they use our phrases, they even use some of our ideas if they are right.
    Same with our angels. Even they need guidance when we first introduce ourselves. When we first start praying to them, they need to get used to our energy, our way of thinking, the words we use, etc. After several prayers they have us figured out and can respond without hesitation and less guidance.
    There is no being that is all knowing. Not even our Creator. All Creators are continually learning. That is one of the reasons we are here. Creator is learning through us about the 4 negative energies. We are mastering the 4 energies and and have learned everything about these energies as it applies to incarnation as a humanoid on a one of a kind planet and how these energies can benefit all of our universe and all other universes. I’ll explain more about this later. Creator is even learning how the negative energies are affecting Earth, our Solar system, all life on this planet, Himself, and the future developments. Hope this helps.
    I love you all.

    1. Kelly

      Yes. This is confirmation for me of some of the info I’ve previously encountered on my journey. Not sure about the four negatives, though. Looking forward to hearing more. Please elaborate further.

  2. P.S.

    Well, I suppose it’s good to know I’ll know what to do when the time comes. I’m curious as to what exactly I’ll be asked to do. It’s clearly something big enough that other things in my life are not quite manifesting (new property, new job) in spite of plugging away and putting effort into the process.

    This week and the next, we are “yielding” on the new property search and just going to be receptive. I think I’ll do the same for the new job.

  3. za

    I do love her messages, and her vibrant personality. She is among the very few I actually listen to. I dont see that all as the dangliing carrots, if there are no time, we just need to follow the game and live through the experience we signed up for. It can last for many earthly years, as it is up to the whole collective, not just single people. 🙂

  4. Kelly

    Thank you, Blossom, for sharing… as well as a big thanks to your guides!

    So much of this rang true for me… particularly, “the intuitive knowing”. It’s a knowing that comes from the heart and not the brain. It’s the building up of knowing without knowing the how or immediate why this knowledge came. It’s knowing without knowing how you know what you know except that it can only be credited to Source. It’s an increase in personal discernment and trust which continues to build. And this personal discernment and trust is invaluable especially at this time when so much disinformation is flying around. Disinformation which frequently presents false flags and and attributes negativity to current events when, in fact, there’s much darkness being dissolved. Being able to know that “things are not what they seem” (I.E. not how they’re being presented) is an immediate File 13. File 13 is my mental trash can. Immediate serenity and peace instead of disturbance.

    I’m getting the feeling that ALL of us on the ascension path are doing just this (or will be)… experiencing an increase in our discernment skills. Also that this soul expansion is taking place at the pace most comfortable for each soul. And just think: We’re all going to know what we need to know…. know what we need to do… during the Big Event! Talk about a big relief! This alone means that there’s nothing (NOTHING) to worry about concerning an upcoming situation which the brain has NO information about. Yet, the heart does!!! Each and every soul on the ascension path is receiving Divine Assistance!


    Yes! It’s the first time for mass incarnate ascension!

    1. Not important

      Absolutely true Kelly… apart from the “most comfortable” bit… where did you get that from?

      1. P.S.

        From a far away, Galactic perspective, “most comfortable” could easily mean “not being obliterated or permanently damaged in the process”.

        Given the amount of energy coming in, I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment.

      2. Kelly

        Do watch “Light Language Quantum Understanding – Expansion and Stabilisation of the Soul Journey” by Remembrance Into The Light with Nicola Russell ( invidious video). I’d share the link but the program here won’t allow any links to be posted. You’ll have to do your own search. It’s only a 35 min video. absolutely wonderful in detailing how differently each soul progresses according to the individual comfort level.

        There are different trajectories depending on a number of variables. One is the soul level (advancement) held at the entry into the incarnation. There are also the pre-agreements which were made prior to the incarnation. (Think of the challenges/lessons which we’ve agreed to work on.) Also, there’s the mission which the soul has agreed to. (Think role/service.)

        The soul’s comfort level, then, depends on the variables mentioned above plus how diligently we work while we’re here. Sometimes there’s a plateau on the trajectory because the soul has chosen to help bring up the advancement level of other souls.

        Much more info in the video! Very informative.

        Every soul is important. Doesn’t matter the level of advancement or service.

  5. AA-G

    No offense to Blossom, certainly, but her Guides are constantly dangling a carrot and leading her on. They’ve been doing this since 2012 with no payoff. It’s become virtually unreadable now. I feel for her because of her personal-life issues, but I’ve given up on many channelers whose guides say the same thing over and over again, offering carrots and no CHOMP. I’ve gone back to listening to my own Guides (because I know how to set protection, unlike lots of channelers) and letting the rest go.

    1. Dayna

      AA-G: AMEN to every word you wrote — about Blossom and about the repetitive channelers/sources. I, too, have drastically slimmed down my intake of these readings and am finding comfort, insight, stability in my own knowing. Thanks for expressing these feelings.

    2. Vrdi

      I agree. Also, when I see mixed small big caps, three dots with space before or after, bad grammar, it is not just hard to read, but I just somehow know this is not truth.

    3. Teddy

      SA-G: in absolute agreement with you about these messages and Blossom. Who starts with , “hello chaps!” I do not read ( but scan quickly) some of her channels. They are mostly disturbing and opposite to other higher level material. She has a distortion element to her consciousness and clearly can’t attract intelligent guides of a higher order. Her material is for the most part fearful, dark and quite moronic. Readers need to exercise critical awareness with this and other such low level channels.

    4. A lightworker

      The problem is that us Earthlings really want dates and predictions. There’s plenty of channelers out there who channel beings that refuse to give dates, but they’re far less popular as a result.

      At the same time, Earthlings have free will, so it’s impossible to give dates with 100% accuracy (because if that were possible, we wouldn’t have free will).

      So it’s a catch-22. We’re not listening to the guides that don’t give dates, and we get upset at the guides that do try to give dates.

      1. Kelly

        Add to this Catch-22 the fact that “time’ isn’t real. The past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously. It’s only in the matrix that time appears to be linear. Our guides are actually our ‘future” selves helping us. This is why reliable guides don’t deal in dates/times. We’re actually creating our future with our thoughts. If anything, then, time can be thought of as spiritual… something which can be transcended with the soul’s expansion and advancement.

        Time travel is real. The Philadelphia Experiment , the Montauk Project, and CERN were/are all focused on time travel.

        Lots of interesting material on all of the above as well as the time-space continuum.

        Another great link to search for (cause if I share it here my response won’t get posted) is ‘The Trump Time Travel Miracle’. Go to the rumble website and search the videos there. This is a 48 min video which covers Tesla and engineer John G. Trump.