Yeshua: My Death on the Cross Never Happened

What have you done?

I came to sow peace, joy and love.

But what have you made of it?

Instead of peace there are wars, instead of joy there is sorrow, and instead of love there is hatred. Generation after generation has been deceived and kept away from my true message. Suffering was elevated to a great necessity, so that people believed that holiness could only be attained through suffering. My death on the cross was presented to you as exemplary, and in this suffering your “spirituality” should find a reflection.

You have been deceived, beloved humanity. Thoroughly and knowingly deceived.

My death on the cross never took place!

This information is so important so that you stop identifying with this kind of suffering.

Suffering does not lead to the salvation that so many of you aspire to.

Beloved human child, I did not die on the cross, nor was I crucified. The Gospel of Peter, withheld from you, testifies to this.

It is a great error of your history, and those people who are responsible for it have a great burden upon themselves. Through this misrepresentation of my life and death, an infinite amount of suffering came to earth.

Suffering should ennoble you and be noble. But it is destructive and so painful, yet the whole earth has been covered with it. Wars were waged in the name of suffering and in the name of the cross, all joy was taken from you. The possibility of peace was denied you, and hatred was and still is a reality on earth.

How many wars, how much destruction of life on earth and how much personal suffering were in your everyday life!

And this only because you have believed in this wrong picture of my message for centuries.

You have also been robbed of the joy of the beauty of sexuality and the freedom to live it from the heart. You have been told that this is something indecent, something animal. You were and still are being asked to kill the sexuality within you. And again you are told to do violence to yourselves, and again suffering arises where joy should be.

The church is a man-made institution.

It was not my will to found such a community keeping man in suffering, joylessness and fear.

The historical events are well known, and the emergence of the Roman Catholic Church bears the stamp of men, and not my seal.

The so-called bowl delivery to Peter has never taken place!

Also the representation, I was not married, is wrong!

Many of my companions in the Jerusalem of that time were women. Besides my mother Mary, my wife Mary Magdalene and women who were close to my disciples. It was a mixed community.

For a man at that time and in that religious, cultural reality, it was completely common and almost required to marry.

We were meant for each other, and in this life on earth our love blossomed fully.

Miriam of Bethany was not a harlot or a sinner as she likes to be portrayed. She was and is a high initiate of life, and at that time we were intimately connected.

The wedding in Canaan was our wedding. I was her groom, she was my bride.

How important this information is, and how much it has been missing from the earth and especially from the people of strong Catholic character.

The most natural form of cohabitation on earth, that between man and woman, has been made mad to you, and you have been kept away from the joy of union. Without that joy you could not blossom, and so you were deceived.

I am telling you this so that you know, and now it is time for all the lies to come to light. So also the untruths, misrepresentations and deliberate lies about my life on earth two thousand years ago. There is so much that needs clarification and a new look, and this announcement will dissolve old images of me and bring a new awareness.

Finally the freedom so longed for by many people, the peace, the joy and the love.

And it was always love that accompanied me. My heart had so much of it, and everywhere it radiated. All by itself.

Many “miracles” occurred simply by people seeing me. The light that emanated from me healed everything and everyone, as personal development allowed.

I was on the road a lot, and we moved from place to place. For my companions, the apostles, the days were always exciting and full of surprises. I myself was open, and like a channel, the light of my Father flowed through me.

To bring light and love, and to anchor these qualities of energy on earth, that was my task.

However, time and events in Jerusalem came to a head, and so the day came when I left Jerusalem. The Last Supper points to this.

It was a farewell feast, and everyone was gathered. We ate dates and figs and shared bread. It was my farewell to my friends and companions.

Also from my wife and from my mother. There were not only twelve at this feast, but many more, and all came to bid me farewell. History would have you believe that my crucifixion took place afterwards.

All these representations are untrue and false!

John the Baptist

Even before I began to work publicly, something happened that touched me deeply and most painfully. The beheading of my so beloved John the Baptist. I loved him so much, and it came all of a sudden. It was clear to me that my ministry in this area would be temporary.

And it is true, it took me a good three years before I took my leave and reached India, the border of Nepal, through many roads.

My message was full of love and joy. Full of love of life and of deep divine inspiration. And many understood it, but many were not given this realization. Until today.

Now mankind is given the opportunity to receive new information about the events of that time. So that you can accept what I already gave you at that time.

Start with your own discovery and find into your joy and love. This message is unchanged, and through these facts you can more easily free yourself from the old, suffering energies.

There is still so much that is being withheld from you, but that is over now. The whole truth is now given to you. The truth about the events as they actually happened, and not as it has been conveyed to you so far.

In the further chapters you will learn many things about my words and deeds and how they are to be understood.

God is with you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


37 Replies to “Yeshua: My Death on the Cross Never Happened”

  1. AJA

    The purpose of life is joy. Positivity is the only truth. Negativity is the only untruth. Yeshua came to this earth and helped bring people away from bad karma. We have a lot of missing history because the adversary distorted or twisted much of the truths. I am very excited for the future. The infinite everlasting celebration of life that will soon be here. Remember everyone that we are not trying to save the old, sick, and corrupt world. We are trying to bring in the beautiful new world. Our minds must dwell on everything joyful and the adversary fears nothing else more than people that live in serenity. The great awakening is the salt of the earth and the chosen elect of heavenly father. We see it everyday all over the world. People rising up with the strongest desire to have peace and safety in our lives. Righteousness is truthfulness.

    James 5:7-8 (bible)

    “Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn
    and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.”

    – Archbishop Vigano

    ”Those Who Resist the New World Order Will Have the Help and Protection of God”

    (These other words came to be one night about 3-4 months ago)

    The sword of the Messiah is Righteousness who is also truthfulness destined to vanquish all wickedness with a fierce and mighty swiftness.

    For you will learn a time from old and the knowledge given is better than gold. Come and see the world you have been missing and hear every answer never before told.

  2. Mondexmomma

    I have done much truth searching as well. There is much to be said about this channeling. I have dove deep into some rabbit holes. I know our Bible is EDITED. Even from a little girl I made a comment the Bible must have mistakes. It was written by man subject to human error. I have traveled down the rabbit hole Christ had escape to the Tibetan Monasteries and yes he did marry and had children that is why the Satan bloodline of Cain is trying so hard to eradicate it. There are many many books missing most from Christ himself. Here is the link Constantine who killed off most Christians only to realize he had a hopeless task then disgusted himself as Christian and between him and the Roman Vatican destroyed all Bibles and then designed their own version. The original contained 777 books. Today’s Bible has 66 but interestingly enough if you find a Pedophile….King James Version you may find it contains 80 so that in itself tells you our Bible has been tampered with. Also another FYI at one time Revelations was removed and then put back. I find that interesting. My theory is. The only book written code. No one person really understands its meaning. The meaning will be made known when the time is right. So it was of no use to keep it from the public. Therefore, put back in the Bible. Just a theory but why remove it then put it back? I also feel We have been hoodwinked on its possible meaning. Maybe the beast is the New World Order. Is the mark of the beast the vaccine? The codes do not have to be a Literal mark. The vaccine is confirmed. It changes your DNA. Our God given DNA. Satan wants to change our make up to be more like him and not in the image of God. Just my take so many more images in Revelations that are still in the making.

    1. Caroline

      Hi read your reply with interest. I have been following various different people with regards to Revelations. Your comment about the ‘beast’ stood out and you are indeed right it is the NWO. I am still learning myself so don’t take my comments literally. The locusts are mentioned this is actually the ‘Media’ no surprise there unless your a believer in todays MSM.
      Apparently the blood red moon is a warning to the NWO and will strike fear in their hearts. Their days are done. The lady I follow is called Mariyn J Williams who has been studying revelations herself but found it confusing and frightening. She followed another lady whose name escapes me which is annoying who has studied the scriptures for years and has written them in modern day terms as I’ve mentioned above. The people have awakened but sadly not all. This is a World War III but not with tanks and bullets, this is a spiritual war.
      The vaccine is very bad, it is sad that in todays world with all the technology we have to hand people will not research anything. They are like Lemmings jumping over the top of a cliff.
      Again your comments on the vaccine and the DNA damage it causes. There is also comments about it causing cancer and aids also. All these diseases are owned by man.
      We have been lied to about everything for over a hundred years. The death cull f the so called spanish flu was a depopulation exercise which is appalling when you think these brave soldiers that came back from the brink of death were murdered by a vaccine.
      May we all trust in God and pray for salvation. I have been researching for nearly 7 years and never trusted this agenda in the first place. Good things are happening but it all takes time.

  3. Nitram

    Do you really think that the Logos, the Light of the world, which is the Source of sacred Masculinity and Femininity, and is the very eternal marriage of Soul and Spirit, has a need to marry an earthly wife and “beget” children with her? If we live without the light of love in our hearts, when we worship the illusory world with its “treasures”, we crucify our divinity on the illusory beams of time and space. The secular Jewish Church (false religion) and the Roman emperor (the world) did the same to the Master of Nazareth. The world is an image of our inner self.

    1. Douglas A James

      Why not he was human he wanted love and compassion too .. and he was just an evolved vibration not the god not will be the same soon.. he was 5D there are dimensions 6 to 13 above him.much higher consciousness beings…people were deceived we are in a matrix how is this not clear to all by now…?? Nothing is true nor real here…yes your life has been a total lie to keep you a slave… wake up

  4. Douglas A James

    This seems accurate except why would he leave his mother and his wife.. abandon his wife makes no sense… Now the cross idea …death .. think about it the church is literally crucifying yeshua weekly at mass…then having members eat and drink his body and blood is purely satanic …but people are programmed to think I must do this to achieve heaven …when all along they are divine beings of light. Ok back to yeshua I don’t think he left his mother and wife…why?? Makes no sense …he was 5D he incarnated he had elevated vibrational level…what we are all headed towards…the matrix is all about death…suffering …offering up the pain.. loosh for the negative ETs is what it is…why all the wars…cancer pandemics fake ones too..all is about fear and suffering…ok the church was simply the Roman empire transformed…the Romans were losing on the battlefield so they got art…control the people using religion …clever as heck …oh neat part people willingly tithed you know to be saved…no armies needed…people and govts were answering to the papacy ..of course it was God ! Of course not it was darkness cloaked
    Well all has been a lie here this makes sense ..I think both Mary’s went with him why wld he leave his wife…??

  5. Harriet

    One of the reasons Jesus mentioned sex is because God Creator gave us *exquisite sex as a reward or gift for agreeing to be humans on Earth. It was one of the enticements for us as angels to live here for 800 to 1000 lifetimes in 3D with negative energies, learn everything and eventually rise to our destiny to *merge together and become a creator in our own right. Our Creator wanted to learn about the negative energies through us, and needed *someone to take over running this universe. It was a win win. There were many rewards/gifts/ enticements for us to live lives here. And many have never been done before (-with an asterisk-). A few others are: *ascending very, very quickly in centuries rather then the usual millions of years; *ascending while incarnated here in a body; *mastering negative energy; visiting other planets to help them in our sleep; *with Earth’s help initiating the 10 fold expansion of our universe and all other universes; *initiating the ascension of all other beings in our universe including all beings on Earth; *pass on a tiny bit of negativity to all beings in our universe and all universes for their learning; fly around to all planets that need our help; becoming super powerful and have all knowledge even before we become a creator.
    You wonder why we are called creators, angels, divine, holy, super powerful, etc. Anyone in-the-know knows we will become great friends and helpers to all beings in our universe and all other universes. What we are doing here on Earth is truly spectacular and magnificent and that’s a huge understatement. We are so lucky, fortunate, privileged and blessed to be here doing our part in this immense endeavor for our Creator and all Creators and their universes. There are trillions of beings who didn’t want to come here for obvious reasons. There are trillions of beings who want to be a human on Earth and were not chosen. There are also trillions of beings who wanted to live on Earth as mineral, flora, and fauna and were not chosen because they were not the top ascended being on their planet as spiritual masters. Creator wanted our attendance of Earth School to be a success and did everything in his power to give us advantages to graduate short of violating our free will or changing the outcomes of negativity. Many, many millions of years ago this was all planned out by our souls with angel’s and master’s help and Creator’s guidance. It was imperative that we did finally succeed in our ascension because Creator was told by the Council of Creators that if the negativity here got out of control and spread beyond our Solar system, Creator and this universe would be uncreated. He took the risk, gave us instructions, told cocreators to help without interfering with our free will. And we are on our way to fulfill our destiny. I can barely wait till all this comes out. We need to hear this once and for all to realize how great we are and to adopt the teachings of Jesus. Some planets are so impressed with Jesus’ teachings they have created Christ Consciousness Missions on their planets.
    Boy oh boy, we are in for a wonderful ride!

    1. Cheyenne

      Love your comment! The events of present times have taken their toll on our family, and what you had to say was uplifting during a dark time.
      Thanks for your great, positive post!

    2. Michael

      @ Harriet
      „Creator was told by the Council of Creators that if the negativity here got out of control and spread beyond our Solar system, Creator and this universe would be uncreated“

      I resonate with your comment, but Its hard for me to grasp the imagination that there’s a Council of creators=sources=gods on the top of the food chain, who have this kind of power! But from my logical perspective it makes perfect sense, If the experiment would fail to have an emergency stop button!

      Love and light, Michael

  6. Harriet

    Gees, I really like this site. So interesting, great articles.
    Powerful men have been changing the Bible since it became the book to control the masses. They didn’t want people to know about spirituality, their powers or that they could connect with Creator, Angels and higher spirits. They were taught if you wanted spiritual help you needed to go through your priest. They kept changing the stories and teachings in the Bible to make the people think that Heaven and hell were it, to be good, try to live through the commandments for Heaven, but we “were only human” and will go to hell. So many of the scriptures were changed to the negative to make the people fearful of religion and God, thus severely reducing their belief in their own power. Women were taken out of the Bible to reduce their powerful influence and not allowed to be Priests and kept under men’s thumb with no rights until the last century or so. I believe in the year 932 was the last meeting of archbishops, kings, the pope and other powerful men to make most of the final changes in the Bible to reflect their need to be in total control. As a result of all this corruption of the scriptures, only 25% of the Bible is as originally written and most of that 25% is in the Old Testament. Nearly all of the New Testament is drastically defiled. All the truth of the Bible is hidden in the Vatican and very few scholars are allowed to see those papers.
    Jesus came to Earth to teach us love, compassion, non-judgment, etc and is not the son of God or God in human form as the corrupted Bible depicts him for worship. He did not come to Earth to be worshipped and wanted to help us to see the light of spirituality. As for his miracles, he could perform miracles because more of his constitution was intact and he was not influenced by the 3D. If the people had followed his teachings at the time they would have risen in frequency/vibration and had powers too. I bet some did anyways. Jesus did not, one way or another, die on the cross. I read more than once that he asked a criminal to take his place, gave him energies so he would not suffer carrying the cross or hanging from it. I also read that when the Hebrew elite started heating up, Jesus and his family fled to France. Jesus’ powers were fantastic, he could be in a few different countries at the same time to do his teachings. He could appear and disappear in an instant, provide food and drink when needed, and Mary Magdalene developed some of these powers herself. Also Jesus’ sister was a healer.
    Here’s a kicker. The Dark Ones had a great deal of influence in religion to help keep the masses under control. Being in fear, we are powerless. The Dark Ones used religion and control of the Kings, pope, industrialists to keep us fearful, weak, confused, and in despair. I don’t think any religion will be here in a hundred years and spirituality will be fully welcomed on Earth.

    1. redbarnmanor

      Harriet, thank you so much for your comments. I’m just learning of the truths you shared and comfirmed from the post. Last year I left the Mormon church after having spent 73 years in that church, finding the doctrine to be erroneous and the processes and standards controlling and manipulating.

      In all my research, I have read that when the Vatican was taken over last year by the military to stop the pedophilia and seize and close all the tunnels under it, the original documents constituting the Bible were found. They are said to contain 777 books (as opposed to 66 books in the KJV Bible) which will now be translated by scholars. I hope then to have the true story of the life of Jesus.

      I also came to understand that all the major churches – maybe all of them – are part of the illuminati, the bible was designed by evil men to control us using mind control, and we are spiritual beings having a human experience who can and should be communicating with Father-Mother God without an “interpreter” or “prophet” or other person or group to intercede for us with God. The calcification of our pineal glands (third eye) was designed by evil men to turn off our direct communication with God by placing fluoride in our products and other similar substances in our food sources, our water, our environment through poisons sprayed into the skies.

      I am so grateful for this site and comments and other sources that continue to bring me closer to the light before the end of my journey in this life.

      1. Caroline


        Wow you are so fully awake I am in awe. Everything you have said is spot on. Especially about the documents found in the Vatican when troops marched into Europe 2 years ago. No wonder the Pope had it guarded so fiercely. Tons of gold as well going from the Vatican to Jerusalem. 650 plane loads of gold more than enough for everyone in the world, no more poverty no more hunger. All in the hands of one man. You are right about the fluoride and the chemtrails as well but a lot of people can’t see them let alone believe in them. Our future when it arrives will be pure water, good food, abundance in all forms. We must practice love not hate and we should continue to have faith in the Lord by meditating so we can raise our vibration from 3D to 5D.

  7. A Light Sister

    Derek –

    Thank you for your calming wisdom – love how you comforted the Christians!

    Still wish the bar was set higher in the Comments section here – but glad you’re around to soothe troubled waters! Thank you 🙂

  8. A Light Sister

    Dear Era of Light Comment Moderator,


    Important question: Why is someone called “Hailsatan666” allowed to curse and hope for “dark spells” at this site for Lightworkers??

    Please consider better filters for comments/commenters!

    Thank you, A Light Sister

    1. Derek

      You can make your name be whatever you want when you comment. The “hailsatan666” was likely used to say they think this post is satanic. Just regular trolling

  9. Derek

    Hugs to all the Christians whose heads are exploding. Its OK. You are loved. You’ve been trapped in a victim fear box by the pharisees. You are not a helpless victim. You are a divine creator. Talk to God about it. Jacob wrestled with God in Genesis. You have been programmed not to question. Ask God if it’s ok to leave your fear box. Love to you all.

  10. Hailsatan666

    The person that runs this channel is promoting this false light shite Prentending to be “Jesus” I hope dark spells are set on your soul you evil bastard

    1. Jamie L Barham

      This is a lie straight from hell,blasphemy ,Don’t believe the lies of this false story teller,you will face God on Judgement day and give an account for why you led so many to hell with your lies

  11. Dana Francesca

    Esoteric Christianity teaches that Jesus was crucified but did not die – rather, disciples brought His inert body to a sacred grotto (“tomb”) where He was lovingly tended for several days.

    During that time His soul journeyed deep into the lower astral hells and purgatories, showering Light and Love upon countless suffering souls. He “arose” back into the physical world on the third day and left Jerusalem with His mother Mary, wife Mary Magdalen, beloved disciple John and a few others.

    They traveled to Ephesus where His mother settled under John’s care, while Jesus and His wife continued on. They eventually settled in the south of France, raised a family, and continued teaching as high-plane initiates.

    Over the next centuries, esoteric Christians (like the Cathars there) were persecuted and killed by the mainstream Catholic Church, which was threatened because Jesus taught direct, INNER Spirituality – no need for elaborate hierarchies of priests and rituals which, by the way, generated immense wealth and power for the Church. (Many beautiful souls have also worked within the Catholic Church, living the true teachings of Jesus.)

    And there are sacred communities in India, Tibet, Nepal, Persia and Egypt who safeguard stories of the young Jesus when He lived and traveled among them, imbibing the esoteric wisdom of yogis and Masters during the 12 “lost years” when the Bible goes silent (Jesus was then 18 to 30 years old) until at last He emerges as a beloved Master in His own right.

    1. redbarnmanor

      This also rings true to me and confirms what I’ve read in other sources. Thank you!

  12. Phil

    Interesting and controversial article. There are many timelines relating to a certain christed man known as Jesus. What matters is to find those which resonate most closely with your heart.

    Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, to my knowledge, was the first to smell a rat behind the crucifixion story. However, he didn’t argue that the crucifixion never happened – rather he pointed out that only a nefarious force would promote the crucifixion narrative. He innerstood that narratives shaped reality, and not the other way around.

    Thank you for firing up this interesting conversation.

    1. Maria Hernandez

      I was born as catholic, when I was a teen became seventh date Adventist for 20 years. At the beginning I feel inspired spiritually, but was not happy filling guilty for something’s. Until left church and just keep a relationship with God thinking praying I found that God was within me and inspired me to be better with people and do as I would like to be done to me. Some people think I am naïve other stupid only I know that wat I do is follow my own spiritual beliefs that good comes from God. Now I am learning so much and understand that I was living spiritual life thank you for all you share with us I really apréciate your knowledge will help us learn and understand how we were lie about God and the Bible 777 books and we have a small number I have known some books were keep from us but now we know the reasons just to keep us slaves. And far away from the the real God.

  13. Kirk Stmoritz

    If you still believe Jesus existed you are asleep.

    Horus was “Jesus”, 2000 years before and that story is a retelling of a much older one. The version you have in your bibles and cling to as the ultimate truth is a reworking of a story backing back over 13,000 years.

    By definition then, anyone claiming to be channelling Jesus or Yeshua etc is a fake or is channelling a demon. Previous experience with Kassl suggests the former.

  14. Christed Light

    Poor folks in denial! Many have known from researches several decades back that the entire crucifixion and resurrection story was a hoax concocted by Satanist Roman Catholic bible scribblers, redactionists and brainwashed humans. But the question is: how many light warriors coming to this site are truly awakened if there is still this sort of brainwashed resistance to the truth we know so well that Christian scripture is fiction and not history? A look at the NATO controlled narrative on the Ukraine crisis would tell you how easy it is to hoodwink Westerners with mind control propaganda. Let alone scripture and the myth of a murdered Christ!

  15. AA-G

    Sorry, this is inaccurate. Jesus’ body stopped functioning after Romans crucified him. Romans might’ve been a lot of things, but they were excellent record keepers. J’s example was to show that there is no death, and that the body is unimportant… but he was still nailed to the cross — and God took pity on him by taking him early, so he wouldn’t suffer. It normally takes days to die on the cross; it was the cruelist Roman torture, where you slowly asphyxiate because you become too weak to keep your body upright to breathe… while the pain of doing so is great because you’re nailed up there. Truly awful. Anyway, J “died” (though this is an Illusion, so he actually didn’t, not exactly), and then he came back — with lots of witnesses… not to mention the Miracle at Pentecost.

  16. Lara

    Satan and his children (the Pharisees) thought they won on Friday, but then came Sunday.

    Christ was indeed crucified. But much more importantly, He did indeed rise. And will we — in His name. Praise be to Christ!

  17. Lara

    “I know the resurrection is a fact, and Watergate proved it to me. How? Because 12 men testified they had seen Jesus raised from the dead, then they proclaimed that truth for 40 years, never once denying it. Every one of them was beaten, put in prison, tortured and stoned. They would not have endured that if it weren’t true.

    “Watergate embroiled 12 of the most powerful men in the world — and they couldn’t keep a lie for 3 weeks. You’re telling me 12 apostles could keep a lie for 40 years? Absolutely impossible.” — Charles Colson, US attorney & political adviser

    Christ is risen. That is the hope, that is the joy.

    1. flazak

      There is an interesting alternate history that states Jesus had a family and has descendants and that this family fled to the island of Britain as it was then only for this version of events to be erased by the Roman church to aid its rise to power.