Who Is REALLY Running the Country?

We can speculate (and often do) about who is really calling the shots out of DC and across the globe. The only thing we know for certain is that it’s neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in charge.

So, who’s running the United States? Is it the same people who are running the world? Probably. And unfortunately that may have been the case from George H. W. Bush all the way through to Barack Obama. There was a blip in their control structure when Donald Trump won, which is why I’m convinced they did everything they could to steal the election from him in 2020.

Below, I made a list of the ten people/groups I believe are most likely to be truly in charge. It’s in no particular order so don’t give more weight to the top or the bottom. To be clear, neither I nor anyone outside of the inner circle of evil knowledge could possibly know for sure who’s really in charge. Whoever we might think it is at any given moment is almost certainly working on behalf of someone or something else. Until we get to the top of the evil food chain with Satan himself, everyone else is just a minion. The people and groups on this list happen to be extremely powerful minions.

There’s an important thing to consider before we get to the list, and that’s to know the difference between the high-level puppets and the actual puppet masters. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are definitely puppets. Missing from the list below are two prominent people and one prominent organization that are puppet masters in their own right, but who are not really at the top of the evil hierarchy even if many believe they are.

Bill and Hillary Clinton may be elites in the Democrat Party, but they are not top-tier globalists. They are pawns, middle managers really, who answer to higher players. The United Nations is also conspicuously missing from the list because they tend to be far too feckless to possibly be at or even near the top of the food chain. Moreover, there is far less control over who gets to participate at the U.N. than in organizations such as the World Economic Forum in which completely control is centralized.

By no means is this list complete. There are players I’ve never even heard of who may be more powerful than any of the people or groups below. There are probably players who we all have heard of who may be separated publicly but fully engaged privately. Elon Musk’s name was thrown out in one of the questions I was asked on the show. He’s said things that make us wonder about his motivations even as he’s said other things that make him seem like a “good guy.”

So, who is at least partially calling the shots? Who’s controlling Joe Biden’s strings? The closest thing to a right answer is that it’s a combination of some or even all of the ten entities listed below:

  • Barack Obama et al. – Susan Rice, John Brennan, and the various cohorts of Barack Obama are definitely influencing the White House, bureaucrats, and members of Congress. The only question is whether Obama emerged from being a puppet to a puppet-master or if he’s still doing the bidding of globalists above him.
  • Klaus Schwab and the WEF – This is arguably the most compelling option among the various individuals because Schwab has been working towards The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution since before many of our readers and listeners were even born. The World Economic Forum is central to the globalists’ dreams. Is it the main hub or is the the public facing version of a much darker organization?
  • The Deep State – How much control does the Deep State have over DC? All of it and none of it. That’s the enigma they represent because while they may control the three letter agencies as well as the media, they could just as easily be getting their orders from outside as they could be simply making it all up themselves.
  • George Soros and Open Societies – This is another intriguing consideration because while the WEF’s tentacles are geared towards grooming future globalist leaders, Open Societies works to actually put them in power.
  • Chinese Communist Party – They may be an external power trying to influence America or they may be so deeply embedded that they actually have much more control than we know.
  • Bill Gates et al. – Of all those on the list, Gates and his various organizations seem to be more likely to be powerful pawns than actual puppet-masters. Then again, that may be the front-facing persona they want everyone to think is real.
  • Vatican – It’s a conspiracy theory list, therefore the Vatican has to be on it. With Pope Francis in charge, there’s no telling how tied they are with the globalist elites.
  • Powers and Principalities – Ephesians 6:12. We may have never even seen the puppet-masters.
  • The Rothchilds – It’s a conspiracy theory list, therefore the Rothchilds have to be on it.
  • The Real New World Order – The nebulous New World Order may actually be a tangible New World Order that nobody fully understands. In fact, everyone on this list may be a part of it.

Tinfoil hat stuff aside, it’s clear that the so-called leader of the free world isn’t really the leader of anything. Someone is pushing this nation towards oblivion, but Joe Biden is just a mindless conduit.

**By JD Rucker


8 Replies to “Who Is REALLY Running the Country?”

  1. blaudp79

    To me both Musk and Icke are controlled opposition or I should say plan B’s. False prophets do derail the awaken.
    Check these YouTube channels for some answers regarding this topic: G.I.U.R.E.H. ; Chatzenfratz

  2. Linda Rosa

    This just concerns Elon Musk. While his words have grown on me and I view him as a likeable and quite engaging fellow, there’s that little issue with his creation of Neuralink. According to Wiki, in 2016, Elon Musk co-founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology start-up company to integrate the human brain with artificial intelligence. This involves installing AI chips in the human brain for various purposes. This is the Elon Musk I am very leery about. He, himself, while being charming, humorous, and so like “us” may have ulterior motives which, were we to be aware of them, might cause is to distrust this person.

    While I’d find it hard to believe he is in charge of running things, I do believe he is deeply involved with imposing artificial intelligence upon humankind.

  3. goodlifefptrading

    The real controller and puppet master is the Galactic Federation of Planets that allows the regressive Draco race to continue the mind manipulation of the masses, propagating fear in order to achieve their end goal which is creating an AI society.

  4. alan

    Hello DIVINE CREATORS of this World;)))
    It is our Thoughts, words and deeds, feelings and Emotions and the Trauma’s that add to the mass Consciousness of this Planet that Creates it All even to the elections of our leaders. So it is US who is our own enemies. Change your self and we can change the World.
    Always Love. Grandfather.;)))

    1. sonja zoghlami

      Merci Alain .Tellement vrai ce que vous écrivez. Nous avons le pouvoir. Dans les actes , dans les méditations , dans les demandes d’aide à nos frères célestes. Et surtout dans l’Amour que nous envoyons à Gaia et à nos frères humains. Love, peace, and light .

    2. Teddy

      Alan— absolutely true. Our intentions and thought forms are our best tools to forge and stregthen our self sovereignty. Once we know this no others can take away our creative power for use in their own ego ends. We are all Creators— let’s use this Divine Innate Power to defeat the so called “‘puppet masters”.

  5. Icke follower

    I agree. I’ve been following him and others for years and he is not politicized. He is on another level.