Council of Overseers: Dawning of the New Earth Dimension

Beloved Ones we are filled with such great bliss and joy for you as the levels impacting transformation of all consciousness have reached a critical juncture in the manifestation of awareness for you.

Your self awareness is all that you have accumulated throughout many lifetimes in this Earth school of manifestation.

Your parallel world experiences; as they become more consciously united within your own awareness on this Earth, manifest as your new expanded awareness throughout the nodal points and the plasmasphere.

This interfacing model, similar to a computer, through these new frequency shifts, conduct themselves as precise focal points of awareness to these new levels manifesting now.

Your OTHER WORLDY existences watch over all of the aspects of you, as no existence ever ends. These are all connected NOW and function in unison as the higher levels and dimensions of awareness you FLOW THROUGH.

This transmission is the acknowledgment of this GREATER ACCESS through these nodal points, in WHICH THE ALL OF YOU IS ONE WITH.

To the physical body you, there is an even greater transformation taking place through your own CENTER, YOUR heart space.

The heart center acts as the bodies nodal point to all that you are eternally. So it is here that is your calling space, place, that through your DNA AWAKENS THE NEW YOU.

AS SO MANY ARE now entering their heart more and more, we have a profound frequency shift, COINCIDING with many Earth changes (magnetic pole shift) that are taking place, seen and unseen.

At the most critical point of the Universe and its transformation, as well as the Earth’s; OUR physical bodies, based on our own awakened nodal point (the heart) will have the opportunity to COMPLETELY transform and enter THE NEW EARTH DIMENSION.

THIS may be perceived now as a parallel world, as part of all the worlds that you exist through.

We say through as your DIVINE ESSENCE is the spark (heart) within you that is your transformation KEY.

We will continue to update you and as NOW, the greatest of shift is about to take place within you. Always be aware of your own Divine awareness and watch this expand now even as you read.

We are present with many Beloved Divine Beings; Sanut Kumara has asked the writer to write this and is present in the Central Sun with The Divine Council of Overseers, The Queen of Light, The Pleiadian Council of Light, Azoora, The Elohim and many more throughout many dimensions.

It is in Love that we all bless this through YOU and in your physical body Now!

**Channel: L’aura Pleiadian


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  1. Douglas A James

    Thank you!! I hear Paul Butler read your messages daily….thank you for your service!