Yeshua: Showing the Way

I have come to speak to you, to help you, to support you in this period that you call the “Easter holidays”. In My day, Passover was considered a very important event in religion. Of course, and you know it, I did not come to Earth a long time ago to create a religion.

I have come to teach you who you really are. Through all the words I have spread during my wanderings on Earth, I have laid down the seeds of Knowledge of who you are and you are reaping its benefits now.

Yes, even if the situation on Earth is difficult, even if there are still fratricidal wars, even if there are manipulations of all kinds, I have come to tell you that I accompany you in every moment of your life and the life of the Earth. The seeds of knowledge of who you are, of who is a human being, begin to emerge from your consciousnesses to lead you to what is called the New Jerusalem.

Why do we say that? The New Jerusalem is the resurrection of Man in all its splendor, that is, in the envelopment of the Divine Pure Light and pure Divine Love. Even if you still doubt it in this moment of your life on Earth, it is what you are achieving through the Force and Power of your consciousness of Love that is revealed in these times, even if they are disturbed.

I have come to teach you Love: Love between you all earthly humans, that is, whatever the color of your skin, whatever your religion, whatever your way of life. I have come to make you understand that we are all the divine children of the Supreme Father, the One from whom we come and who offers us His Unconditional Love at every moment.

I, too, am one of His divine children, which is what I came to tell you more than 2000 years ago during My time on Earth as a human being. I, too, experienced earthly difficulties, but I still had the knowledge of who I really was: a divine being. This is what has allowed Me to live human life in a gentle and serene way even if sometimes, of course, I have experienced the suffering of the human body.

I have come to show you how the knowledge of who you are can lead you to a path of the happiest and most serene. I have come to show you the way, not of an earthly religion, but the inner way, the way of your soul, that of the Father within you and not outside of you.

I have come to show you how to become aware of who you are to help you live what you are currently experiencing, that is to say the Great Awakening of your being by becoming aware that you are a divine being, a part of the Father who came in you to earth.

I have come to support you many times during your different lives, I have come to support you to better understand who you are through the difficulties of your lives.

My brothers and sisters of the Earth, I have come by this message, in this time of Easter, time of MY Resurrection, wonderful time of Life, to show you that Life continues, extends into the Pure Light after what you call earthly death which is not an end but a resurrection to what you really are: an unlimited being of Pure Light and Pure Love.

I surround you with my arms of Light and Love, and this continuously, do not doubt it, to help and support you in this beautiful ascent that you are beginning to live.

May Peace and Serenity be in you my brothers and sisters

Receive in your hearts all the Love that the Supreme Father instills in me.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Yeshua: Showing the Way”

  1. Harriet

    I read two different things in the past. That Jesus asked a criminal to take his place and to carry the cross and get crucified. Jesus gave the man special energy so he wouldn’t feel pain or suffer. Also that when the Hebrews started heating up and didn’t like this man of miracles, and Rome got wind of Jesus and his preaching and powers, then Jesus and his family went to France. The Bible is very corrupted and very little of Jesus and his story remains accurate in the new Testament.
    I believe also that the Dracos, Archons and Cabal had changed Christianity to the negative, with instilling fear and powerlessness, with very little left of spirituality.

  2. Douglas A James

    Ok was there a crucifixion or not??? I read on era of light that was all created by the dark ones to use death and suffering as a means to attain heaven .. not true per article…