Heavenletters: Earth Rises

God said:

There would be no need for you to feel worthy unless you felt unworthy. How pervasive is the sense of unworthiness in the world! From sublimity, My child fell into a chasm of questioning. That is what the snake in the garden visited you with. That is what he left you. And that is what you took. The snake pulled you down to doubt, and you bent your ear to listen.

What was the snake but an errant thought that visited you and overtook you and spread like wildfire.

If you embraced your worth, what would befall? Ego would fall away because who on earth who knows his worth would possibly want to keep the paltriness of ego? What would there be for ego to bolster? Ego would have no part to play. Of what use would ego possibly be? Getting no attention, ego would flee.

Ego’s present use is to divert you from your true self and its inalienable worth. Ego tells you one thing, and gives you another. Ego is like heavy make-up that you put on an already beautiful face whose beauty you fail to see. You believe in the worth of the make-up more than the worth of the essential beauty.

You may think your body is your person. But your body is only a detail, a partial detail, a small detail. Your personhood is the Indweller.

The existence of the physical tends to cover up the Truth. The physical isn’t very subtle. The physical distracts you mightily from your true value which is subtle and often unheard. Yet your true value is pervasive and indestructible.

You who are embodied in your body are not your body, for your body is fleeting, and you are eternal.

Who you are is so powerful, so inescapable, yet so downplayed. Perhaps you think that the light within you is too bright for you to withstand. That would be the case only when you have been in darkness. Let your eyes get used to the magnificence they long to behold.

Lift your heart out of the darkness you have relegated it to. Pull up your heart, and you will begin to see the value of soul that blazons there. Reveal yourself to yourself. You are the one who needs to know who you are. You need not prove yourself to the world. Nor to Me. Only to yourself. Then, when you recognize your truth, you will help the world to begin to see its true worth.

The sabotage will be over. Disenfranchisement will come to an end. Disenchantment will leave. The world and soul will be more closely aligned. Have they not been disparate?

Separated from yourself, you and the world have revolved, bounced off one another, entwined, yet somehow each wending their separate ways. You have absconded from yourself and you have forgotten Me and all the greatness that is possible for you and for the world. For there is nothing that you and the world are not capable of.

You have wonders to perform. I call for your aid. I ask you to bring earth closer to Heaven. Raise the spirits of all souls on earth. Renew their faith in themselves, and earth will rise to its rightful stature. It will no longer separate itself from the joys of Heaven. Knowing its worth, the earth can only rise. You, the encourager of the world, will rise with it. All will rise with it.

Instead of Heaven on earth, it will be earth in Heaven.

**Channel: Gloria Wendroff


3 Replies to “Heavenletters: Earth Rises”

  1. Zuza

    I feel this is a message to me and my constant thought that I am maybe unworthy of all that is… Thank you for your message guys, love to all!