Metatron: Learn to Understand your Souls

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Metatron!

For some, this walk has brought perhaps not good moments, good visions, but it has really brought the elevation by the detachment of all those feelings lived and kept. For some it brought doubts, it brought apprehension for not being able to see or understand what was being shown. I will put something here that will help you understand.

Each soul has a vibration, conquered along the way. When we say this you immediately think, “Oh, my soul has done a lot of wrong things. I have done a lot of wrong things. Then I ask you a question: Have you ever thought that your Soul might not have done anything wrong, or might have done a few things wrong, but might be that soul that has never really bothered to evolve, that has always liked to stay in the same place, doing nothing to grow? Have you ever looked at it from this aspect? No, you only accuse your Souls of having done wrong things, for which you are now paying.

So a Soul’s walk consists of positive steps of growth, of evolution; of negative steps, where it will attract not-so-good energies to its walk; and stationary moments where it does nothing, neither goes forward nor goes backward. This is the walk of a Soul. Judging your own Souls now does no good. I would say that you are learning to know yourselves; you are learning to know your own Souls. And how to correct this? Is there still time, is it still possible? It always is, because it is precisely during an incarnation that the Soul has the possibility to take new paths, to choose new ways, to change its postures.So when you feel nothing,

see nothing, cannot receive that which we say you will receive, you put yourself forward as extremely complicated wandering Souls, who have done everything so that you would achieve nothing today. So I ask you: Where is the Unconditional Love that you are seeking to learn?

So if your Soul has brought you to this moment and you have seen nothing, felt nothing, received nothing from what was given to you, what conclusion should you draw? There is only one conclusion: “It is in my hands to change all this. It is in my hands to choose new paths. And then these new paths are not the same for everyone. So let’s say that in this journey nothing has been achieved. What are you going to do? Give up? Accept the vibration point that brought you here and stick with it, or will you seek new paths, new ways, new thoughts, new beliefs, and keep pushing?

This walk may have been too high up on the shelf for you to take, but the next one, or any of the next ones, will be within your grasp and you will be able to go about changing this trajectory of yours. It’s interesting how easy you give up. At the first obstacle you say to yourself, “No, I can’t do it. I’ll stop here. Isn’t that what your soul has always done? For you to have come this far and to have received so little, since so many others have received so little, has your soul not always done this, sat down at the first obstacle and rested. It did nothing.So this is the time for you to change that, for you to stand up and say, “No, I

don’t accept this anymore. I want to go forward. I am going forward. I can do it. I can do it. If nothing happened on this walk, all right, your vibration wasn’t high enough for you to receive what it had to give you, but the next one, why not? You will only know if you try. And if you don’t get it next time either, that’s okay, keep trying, and there will surely be one that you will get. It all depends on the vibration of your Souls.

Each quantum of vibration attracts the gifts, let’s put it this way, that we give you. If your Soul doesn’t have the vibration even to receive the gifts, how will it have the vibration to see what has to be seen? You are not ready. But it is not to stop, sit down and give up; it is to keep going, it is to change your Soul’s path, it is to change your Soul’s way of seeing the obstacles, it is to keep trying, it is to go forward. Because even if you take your time to succeed, you are telling the universe that you are trying, and that you are doing everything with your heart, and that you trust that you will succeed. And I guarantee you that you will.

Don’t think yourself lesser, inferior, not capable, in relation to others. Each Soul is one way. Each one is at a point of vibration, and each one receives that which is compatible with their vibration. So understand that you are not vibrating low, nor are you vibrating negative. Your Souls are just, without the strength to overcome the obstacles and prefer to give up, bringing you to the vibration you have today.

The time is not for giving up. The time is to go all the way. It doesn’t matter if you see nothing; it doesn’t matter if you receive nothing. We are seeing you there, you won’t be an unimportant piece because we are seeing you existing, standing there, receiving that energy. It doesn’t matter if nothing happened. And be assured that just participating is the password for us to know that you are not sitting back, giving up anything. You are continuing the journey. Who knows tomorrow you won’t see it?

When we say: Give up because you can’t; are we giving you an order or are we making you think? So I ask you: If tomorrow we say: Starting today you should not meditate anymore, you should not pray anymore, you should not do anything else, live the Third Dimension intensely!”. What will you do? Will you faithfully follow what we say, or will you understand that there is a question mark there, just to know what you will do. Learn to listen to what we say. Don’t interpret everything literally. You need to make your own decisions, not based on what we say. Everything has a double meaning to make you think.

So what do you choose: to really let go and stop and be done with it, or to insist on going forward always believing that you are able to change your Soul’s path? What do you decide?

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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  1. Matthew

    This topic remindsme of a movie The Adjustment Bureau (2011).
    Awesome movie, go watch it if you haven’t yet..

    Take care!