The Collective: Galactic Assistance

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you again today.

We share below a message we offered in a recent Abundance Group Call, to assist you in integrating the powerful energies and Light codes now flowing to you, since the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on April 12 and other configurations, as well as the powerful solar flares that are occurring now and affecting you on every level:

All of you are wanting to move up vibrationally now. All of you are wanting to release. And yes, there is crying and sadness some days, most assuredly. You are releasing the only form of life you’ve known for millennia. That’s going to feel a little strange sometimes. You are releasing things you don’t quite understand.

You’re not even fully aware of the level of Galactic and Angelic assistance on the planet.

You feel as if you would like to know exactly what’s going on. Your experience is not exactly as if you were children, yet you know you have not yet been trusted with the whole story regarding what us happening, on many levels. There is still a bit of a veil there, so that you can’t really see all of these amazing ships! Not quite yet.

Yet you are on them! We guarantee you, dear ones, you are on those ships in the etheric, in your sleep state.

If you knew everything that was happening with the Star Nations, in some ways it would be harder for you. You would want to be with them in the etheric all the time. Your higher self understands that kind of life. When you’re in your etheric body, as you’re in your sleep state at night, you understand everything happening now. And you’re full of joy, on the higher levels! You’re full of excitement, because Full Disclosure of the galactic presence is not so far away.

Great strides are being taken.

Yet here you are, still on the Earth, still in a body that feels to be mainly acclimated to the third dimension. That can be very annoying, very difficult.

And yes, some ships are being seen with the physical eyes, and being photographed. You will see more and more of that, even though the mainstream media is doing what it can to hide that reality.

Yet on some level, you have beautifully accepted all of these situations into your heart. And in that moment, you reign supreme over all of it. In that moment, you are not owned or bossed around or abused by any of it. The minute you accept something—the minute you are in a situation where you say to yourself, “This too is my life. This too is Earth life,” and you stop fighting it, you come into your mastery so beautifully, dear ones! We can see it, even when you don’t feel it. It’s understandable that the ego-mind is going to say, “Well, I have my preferences. I like to complain sometimes!”

Increasingly, you will find yourself complaining a bit, then backing up, and saying, “I don’t really care about that. I’m not going to get unhappy about it.

“Yes, the neighbor’s dog barks incessantly. And yes, we are overcharged for nearly everything on the planet right now. Everything should be free, or close to it! “And yes, I know there’s miraculous cures, and free energy, and they’re not being used,” and on and on.

And you’re just going to breathe out in those moments. Just breathe out, and let go . . . You don’t have to wrestle with any of this. You don’t have to struggle with anything in your life. Cease to call it a problem! Cease to call it an “issue.” You can just say, “Yes, there it is,” and go back to just being in your breath.

Now for a moment, we’re going to bring in a beautiful column of Light, to work with everyone’s energies. Everyone’s higher self is here.

Feel that beautiful, sparkling, golden Light filling every cell of your body, every particle of your etheric body, your consciousness, your mind and emotions, so that you become one with it. You just disappear into this Divine Gold Dust that is flowing to the Earth right now. And with that very beautiful Light vibration—that very, very fine vibration—you’re going to flow that very powerful, beautiful, sparkling golden Light into your being.

If you want to image yourself at the top of the planet in the Arctic, there is a great opening there, into Inner Earth. But you can use any portal you wish. You might image yourself at Mount Shasta, and finding a portal there to Inner Earth, or just about anywhere you like, that you imagine there are portals. It might be under the sea. It’s up to you.

Let’s travel right now. We’re just going to fly. Your higher self has you by the hand, and he or she is going to guide you. You’re in your etheric body. You’re flying down that portal, until you find yourself Inner Earth.

It’s not dark here. There is a Sun that illuminates Inner Earth. And we’re flying directly to one of the places where the Great Crystals live. These are astoundingly large Crystals, and incredibly beautiful.

In your current, very fine vibration, on a molecular basis, you’ve shifted to where you can walk right into these Crystals. It’s as if they’re water.

So pick one of them. Whatever you imagine is fine. Pick one of them to walk into, in this huge cavern, this huge open space that’s really a temple.

And inside that Crystal, dear ones, you’re going to be gifted with some aspect of your mastery that you did not know you could claim. Now, to begin with, ask for something. Such as, “I want to develop my Peace of mind as a way of life.” Or “I want to release all stress and worry, and understand that the Universe loves me and always provides. Whatever it is I’m going through, there’s always a Divine Solution. I want to walk with that energy.”

Or perhaps you just want to feel loved. You want to feel and be Divine Love. Perhaps you want to develop a network of friends, a new life partner, some new feeling of higher purpose in your life. You might be asking for healing. You decide!

If there’s someone that you want to help, ask to know, “What is the wisest thing I can offer in that situation? What is the highest gift I can give, in that situation?” Because it’s not really for anyone to rescue anybody else. Everyone comes here to walk their own path. Understandably, if you have small children, that’s a bit different, as they need looking after. But dealing in terms of adults—capable people age 18 and older—their lives are really their own.

So you’re going to ask for some aspect of your mastery you don’t feel you’ve reached quite yet. So go ahead and do that now. Speak to this beautiful Being. Crystals are living beings! They are sentient. And this lovely, beautiful Crystal being can hear you, no problem. And they will respond.

This is a time of crisis on the planet, because it’s a time of Rebirth. So you may want to ask for the mental/emotional vibration of how to handle that in the highest possible way. Then just open to receive.

The second thing you may want to ask for, dear ones, when you’re ready, is the most perfect gift for you that you could receive right now—the most perfect form of Abundance.

Leave it to your higher self to know what that is. Just give the nod to them. “Whatever is best for me now, I ask to receive that in Peace and in Joy,” as well as, “I ask to be gifted with a sense of balance as I live in a world that is undergoing tremendous change right now!” Then just open to receive.

We can tell you that all your soul families are here, and that means many representatives of the Star Nations, as well as the Faery realm, the Angelic realm, and the realms of many Nature spirits, because many of you are related to such. Your Inner Earth family are so very happy you’re here! They’re keeping a slight respectful distance, because they know how important this is for you, but they are sending you their Love.

If there’s something you’re going through that just feels too big to deal with, or something that is pulling at you and burdening you, just lay it down there within that Crystal, so it can be transformed.

Many beautiful Angels are present with you as well.

Now, the Inner Earth [plasma] Sun is actually responding to the development of your Sun, who’s called Sol.

The Inner Earth Sun is feeling those shifts, and is in a discussion, a dialogue, with Sol. The two are assisting one another’s paths, because your Sun Sol is going through incredible shifts and Transformation.

The particular form of Light that’s flowing to you now is actually a language, and it’s speaking to every cell, and every particle of your being. And increasingly, you are finding yourself in a beautiful, ongoing dance with those energies. It’s beautiful to see!

So when you’re ready, dear ones, just come back out of the great Crystal, and smile, and say hello to family members if you would like. They’re always there for you. Again, your higher self takes you by the hand and you’re going to fly up through that portal. Come up out of Inner Earth, and fully back into your body, guided by that beautiful Divine Golden Light. Come back fully. Stretch arms and legs . . .

We’re going to ask the higher selves, would Tapping [Emotional Freedom Technique] be helpful at this time [in the Abundance Call]? [They pause, listening]

Well, what they’re suggesting is, if you’ve got a pen and paper, or you’re at your computer—if not, that’s all right—just imagine doing this: What they’re suggesting, first of all, is to ask yourself: “The reason everything feels so strange and pressured and confusing right now, is ____________ .” Then fill in the blank. If you can, write down a few different things.

Maybe your life is changing in a big way. Maybe something in or near or around you or your life has shifted. Maybe it’s just what’s happening with the Earth, with your country, your community.

Go ahead and write it down or type it out. Again, if you’re not near a computer or a piece of paper, that’s all right.

Just think that sentence several times, and answer it each time.

You can phrase it differently; “The reason I feel so sad these days is ____________.” Or “The reason I feel so stressed these days” or “The reason I can’t sleep, is ______________.” And then fill in the blank.

When you’re ready, they want you to do a second one. And that one, your higher selves are telling us, is: “As I step more into my mastery now, I notice that I’m more able to __________ .” Then write it down. What are you more able to do now, as you step into your mastery? Just let it come; let it flow.

Write whatever comes up. It doesn’t even have to make sense. That’s all right. You might write down one or two things, or you might write down four or five things. As you step into your mastery, there are things that you are now more able to do or be or feel.

It’s important to let yourself write whatever comes up, very automatically. It’s also important to greatly value that. Value these very honest conversations you have with your inner self, without judgment!

Now we’re going to ask the higher selves, What else would be very helpful? [Listening]

Well, that’s very constructive. They’re saying to write—or think, if you prefer: “When I feel really stressed, when I feel the world has gotten a bit too crazy, or my own life has, I know I can calm myself by _________________ .” Then write three or four things. How can you calm yourself? It could be as simple as going into your breathing. Doesn’t have to be elaborate! Doesn’t have to be 10 therapy sessions! It could be walking in a field and picking flowers!

The last thing they’re suggesting, if you want to do another writing exercise, is to write out, “Tell me why I came to the Earth at this time.” Now, this is most helpful if you’re writing it with a pen and paper, because you can shift that pen to the other hand, the nondominant hand that you never write with, and let it come forward.

This can be very enlightening! Ask that only your true self come through, then just write. Don’t think. Just write very automatically. It probably won’t be a long, drawn-out explanation, but it can be very enlightening.

If you need to, abbreviate the words. You can do that, because the writing will be a bit squiggly. Rewrite it with the usual hand, the dominant hand, once the whole thing is there. Once you have channeled from your subconscious. Because that is how you tap into the subconscious in an obvious way—writing with the nondominant hand. If you’re ambidextrous, it won’t work as well, but do what you can.

Some people are able to do automatic writing from the subconscious as they’re typing on a computer, by imagining they’re writing with the nondominant hand.

Or you can imagine you’re writing it with the nondominant hand, even if you’re still writing with the dominant one.

What your teams are saying, is that whatever comes forward is not going to be the whole story. But you may still discover something very interesting!

We’re going to send Light as you’re finishing that. Everyone who has placed themselves or loved ones in the Circle of Light, we surround all of you now. If you wish to place yourself or loved ones in the Circle of Light right now, that is fine. You don’t even need a reason!

Let a line of Light go from your heart to everyone in that Circle. There’s a special Light flowing down from the higher realms now. And the reason it’s come into the group, is because everyone has, on a higher level, called it in.

This Light is highly sentient. It comes in with beautiful higher purpose, and it lifts every particle of your life to a higher level.

So just breathe it in! Every bit of you is taking this in now. Ask yourself if you’re ready to accept your mastery, and answer the question. Your answer might be “Yes, but I’ll need some assistance,” and that is fine, dear ones. Beautiful! We are honored to assist, as are all who belong to Divine Light.

We send much Love, and many blessings. We are thrilled to work with everyone, as always. All of you are highly valued. All of you are loved. All of you are supported. All of you are believed in, in the sense that we know Who you are. We have seen you work miracles, and we know that you are doing it again now.

So we send many blessings, dear ones, with great thanks for all you are. Namaste!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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