Watch the Water: How Do You Help Yourself With Snake Venom in the Water?

This article is a follow up of the one titled “Dr. Ardis breaks the Hottest News on the Covid-19 Plandemic; it is NOT a Virus; it is Snake Venom!!”, by me. We all need help and suggestive advice sometimes. But please remember, I am NOT a physician. I just research and do my due diligence. Therefore, please research and get medical advice, if you feel the need. But please remember, many Western Physicians will now think you’re crazy, if you suggest “snake venom in the vaccines, Remdesivir, and your tap water”. One Dr. Christian Rahm clearly has researched and stated that they have found snake venom in water all over the world. Jared Rand has confirmed Dr. Ardis findings too, and even stated he has put himself in “harm’s way”. Dr. Christian Rahm says in the “undiluted Pfizer vials, snake venom proteins for injections” too. God protect all these truthers, please!

The clear finding is that the two top venomous snakes in the world are the “King Cobra” and the “Krait Snake”, (Pictured). The Bio-Weapons labs have learned to synthesize it – incredible! They can make a deadly venom in the lab and do not have to go out and get it in nature.  This is just too much power in the wrong hands!

I do believe now, that Q’s reference to “Watch the Water” is because this is getting into our city water sources. Please, know that the human body is made-up of 75 to 80% water, and water is the most abundant natural source of life on the planet – with metals, other contaminants, and now synthesized snake venom in the water. What could be the most important thing? Our human bodies are water and from Earth’s water sources!! Dr. Christian Rahm, a Ph. D. chemical researcher says that “snake venom in the water goes back to World War II”.

Some products that will get snake venom out of your drinking water. Dr. Christian Rahm’s creation, Clean Slate’s formula, under patent pending technology, was developed to safely assist the body’s natural ability to remove environmental toxins and heavy metals. This does have zeolite in it. One can place a few drops in water to purify it too. Here is the link: . The next tap water cleaning device to bring up is Natural Action Technologies “Structured Water” portable filter. I have used this for at least two years. I always structured my drinking water with it. One can buy an industrial version and a whole house version too. ( The discount code is GW-19-10. What this will do is restructure the water to a perfect molecule, and therefore convert it over to where contaminates “snake venom” or fluoride will not be in the water; structurally. This makes structured water very healthy, and really is what nature does inside liquids in fruits and vegetables. It does not get out large minerals though. But processes out the molecules of the harmful chemicals. The “Purinize” is somewhat like what Dr. Christian Rahm is talking about for changing the number of positive or negative electrons in all water molecules, to make the harmful molecule “inert”, or not active. This is what her “clean slate” does too, among other good things. A picture of the Clean Slate bottle is below to the left. Please research her products, if you choose. I recommended Purinize in my last article too. These products have a very high likelihood to make your water safe, based on research. But be your own judge, and research. Then research some more.

How does snake venom get into the water? As Jared Rand has stated, it is not being placed there or injected. Many city water people have testimonials: the water system has a high amount of security and safety checks. Let alone, the amount of water being used is extremely large in some cities.  How could it make any effect on the water, if only a little was getting in? Please let me tell you, Jared Rand has stated for years that pesticides, glyphosate (found in roundup) and other harmful metals are in our water systems and our food. They seep into the main water system or your well system! This is the same as when all these vaccinated people go to the bathroom, does not matter; number 1 or 2. These vaccines have snake venom in them and in the body, and it gets excreted out to the sewage system. The city or the leach bed home system gets recycled and flows back into creeks and rivers, and then back into the so called “clean water from the city or our well systems”. This is just fact, and even more disheartening, places that do not receive much rainfall, recycle all waste water back into your city drinking water. Usually, like California, Texas, Colorado, or Arizona. Here is a link on a Texas city;  The Reality is more than 35 American cities have changed, see article:  Please know too that some foods have high amount of glyphosate in it; the main ingredient in roundup. We give our 1 to 2-year-olds cheerios to make them happy, rethink that, please. Here is an article:  We do know that chemtrails (paid by the illuminati) have heavy metals like mercury, fluoride, and other harmful chemicals – like they are crop-dusting humans and our crops. Reporter Raven Moonstone worked in Canada city water systems and says “we do have human waste in our drinking water”. She lives in Alberta, Canada.

Also, shedding from the skin of people who have been vaccinated have proven to make the unvaccinated sick. Please know that almost all dust in one’s home is skin shedding. I have my own personal sickness when I visited by Father around Christmas 2021. I stayed at his home for eight days and the last days I had a fever like the flu. Of course, my two-time vaccinated Father and his two-time vaccinated Father’s girlfriend thought I should get the highly false positive PCR test done. Of course, I knew that it just had bad things on the tip of the testing swab, like the vaccine or the snake venom. I went on Gene Decode’s post shedding protocol, which included many products which I released in the last article, like zeolite. Leaving that contaminated house, doing the protocol, and going back home; made me well within three days.  These are all-natural products, from the Earth. Remember, all Big-Pharma drugs are a version of synthetics, because they cannot patent a natural medicine from the Earth. Why would you follow a man who created Western Medicine in 1915 like David Rockefeller, that was just interested in making money? Why would you take a vaccine when a businessman like Bill Gates donates vaccines in India and paralyzes 469,000 Children or states on a “Ted Talk” that the world is overpopulated and vaccines will take care of 10% to 15% of the over-population? (meaning, kill 10 to 15% of the population).

Back to the evidence. On a video by Dr. Jane Ruby Show as quoted “Dr. Jane shows you their incredible photos and videos and Dr. Eli English, Homeopathic doctor, is back to show everyone how to counteract the effects of envenomation with natural antidote approaches.” Here is the video:

Next, we will go over more anti-venom products directly. This is what is recommended for Remdesivir exposure, yes, a snake venom antidote besides Monoclonal Anti-bodies that many hospitals did give out until the CDC rules hospitals cannot use it, as of January 2022. The next suggestion, is a high-concentrated “white pine tea” called Super-Suraminshiki. Below is the picture to the right of the bottle. Everyone has known for years that white pine needle tea is a great antioxidant. And they have marketed this concentrated white pine tea as an “anti-venom’ natural medicine.  The website is was a valid link, but still try callingand with no ordering on-line, but the telephone number is 716-646-8349. Looks like they have a concentrated version for Covid and Detox called:

Covno-chloroquine. They say it is nature’s HCQ, or hydroxychloroquine. HCQ has proven to cure the effects of Covid-19 or really synthetized snake-venom poisoning. Please note, the worldwide proven cures for the so-called plandemic is ivermectin, HCQ or hydrochloraquine, monoclonal antibodies, and one group that I am associated with sent “iHeRQles” to China in the spring of 2020, with great success. This is all without any vaccine.

Now for the more advanced products now and in the future. First is the HALO quantum light healing device. This is at They have three devices; the HALO Max, Halo Pro & Halo Baby Blue. I have friends that have the Halo Pro, with great results. Please research this product yourself and the body healing testimonials from Michael Thomas, the inventor and many users.  Basically, it is a non-invasive one spectrum of light used in exposure to the body, and the light travels through special formulated “amazon botanicals” to the body skin that transmits all benefits from the botanical bottles to inside the body, via the quantum realm. These products have been around over a decade, and many physicians have purchased them. This can be used to structure water, too. But this water that the devices produces is double-helix water that never changes, once you put the right water botanical tube for the light to travel. Normal structured water, like I explained from a filter, can break-down the structure after a few weeks. This one does not. But it is more of a medical water then. Be your own judge, and research. Please have an open mind and listen to all testimonials, but make you own decision.  I am personally sold on the product.

Now, lets us talk about the future. One where all people are healthy and there is no-charge to keep your health or restored it. My brother and I have had some heavy discussions about Western Medicine and from research and experience, I am not a fan. Let us visit Western Medicine major failures and their triumphs. I do know there are many good people inside the Western Medicine structure, like physicians and nurses who really want to help people and get them well. I do know that, to some, if not many, it is about making money and that is about it too. This has been proven with money kick-backs from Big-Pharma. What is the best about Western Medicine is the Emergency Room! There are very skilled teams that can plug holes, cuts and even bring you back to life, many times when it is needed! Thank God for these teams! These are their best triumphs.

But we are going to move past synthetic drug system, that has a very high side-affect rate, and using awful radiation to kill cancer cells, because it kills good cells too, and over a time; the totally immune system as well. The chemo-therapy is just using “sterilized mustard-gas”; and that is the real truth. Hell, there are many known cancer cure therapies out there NOW, and many that Big-Pharma prevented from getting on the market. Take Sloan-Kettering Hospital is New York; a very big recipient of big donations for cancer research. I have been there myself, as an engineer on medical equipment. There is more they one book on the one of the cures for cancer that was with-held. The name of the book is “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. It is a story of a cancer researcher that found B17 or Laetrile will cure cancer. He was shamed and scorned, and basically his findings and research were modified to be a failure. But this was true in the 1970’s. There are laetrile clinics that are in Mexico – miracle salvation stations – that were opened by great physicians who could not tolerate this injustice. I researched one in Colorado, in the last few years. The original researcher Ph.D., Dr Kanematsu Sugiura is a hero. Also, Raymond Rife invented the Rife Machine that worked on healing by frequencies he discovered on his own.

Dr. Rife received fourteen major awards and honors for his invention, a hero too. He was prosecuted and scorned out of business in the by the 1940’s. Dr. Rife won the lawsuit against the AMA (American Medical Association) but this created financial destruction of his company.  There are many Rife Machines still being used in America on the down-low, from my informants.

The so-called Med-Beds will arrive after NESARA/GESARA is publicly announced. This has been confirmed by multi-sources. But the exact day is not given, but clearly soon and this year. Now, the “crown jewel” of the new technology is so-called Med-Bed, and also called Celestial Chambers or Cocoons. There are really three levels. The top level, Celestial Chambers can cure or fix anything, even organ replacement of an arm or leg replacement, with original DNA/RNA from plasma energy encased in a tachyon field. The advanced medical pods have micro laser technology and multiple refractory lenses that can manipulate the body’s natural chronometer and perform age regression procedures through DNA modification. Yes, very advanced technology. This is called re-atomization. We have a new company that will have them to offer called Check it out, on their website. With this technology, all humanity will move past drugs, pain and an unhealthy life.

Disclaimers: I do not receive any compensation or royalties from any company suggested here. I have researched this on my own, and recommend everyone to their due-diligence and research on the products or statements in this article, before use! Contact a licensed Naturopath or Homeopath physicians before use. The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

**By By Mark Baughman


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