New Moon Solar Eclipse (Partial) in Taurus, April 30th, 2022 – Physical Transformation

Beloved Ones,

We end this wonderful and very powerful month with a second New Moon, and Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus. An eclipse that comes to remind us of the importance that being grounded and nurturing our bodies, has for our evolutionary journey. The power of Taurus precisely resides in the strength that we all have for personal transformation, if we connect with mother earth, while we dwell as physical beings, where we most can grow and evolve.

Guides emphasize the importance of working with our physical bodies at this time, as they are too suffering from the massive integration that we are passing through. During this eclipse Guides invite us to call upon the Blue Flame for physical support, for there are many beginning to awake, others stepping into new initiation phases within their ascension path, and no matter where we are, we all need to continue the inner work with our light body, which is having many activations, at this time. This Flame will help us ease this process, by helping us to work with cellular cleansing, DNA activation, and reconnection.

The crystal that also resonates with the previous tool, helping us anchor it through this crystal, and that Guides invite us to work with as well for third eye opening is lapis lazuli, although as I always say, this is a universal one provided for all who resonate with it, as we are all unique and we all will have a unique crystal that most resonate with us, and personal frequency.

The geometry pattern to help us align with our soul desires and bring into fruition, at this time of manifestation, our visions is the Icosahedron. A figure that will help us reconnect with our feminine essence, and hence the intuitive aspect of us, and anchor new beginnings, as it will inform our mind that it is time to let go, reset and anchor what is being descended, from the non-physical aspect of us.

From an astrological perspective, we have many planets in Pisces, during April, a Stellium that helped us to dive deep into the depths of our soul, retrieving guidance, clarity, and more information about our soul’s unique mission. However, as balance is key, and we need to anchor all the previous into our earthly plane, we now have Pallas, the Sun, and Moon in Taurus setting the perfect equilibrium for us to work on both levels, the ethereal and the earthly one. It is not until we are fully grounded and cleared, that we can secure all we have previously envisioned in the non-physical.

As always, the harmony, the dance between the feminine and masculine, is what keeps us in balance or out of it. It is in us to do our inner work so we can transcend more limitations, old programs, and egoic’s false beliefs, to open ourselves to a whole new world of possibilities and co-creation.

This is an eclipse for us to initiate the proper actions towards the creation of that which is going to make our physical life experience more abundant, loving, and peaceful. The allies to help us in this personal task of expansion, are Mars and Uranus, as the eclipse sextile Mars, which is also sextile Uranus, and conjunct Uranus.

Mars is the aspect of us that represents courage, vitality, strength, and confidence, while Uranus represents change, transformation, and the metamorphosis that comes when we inwardly are ready to shift our entire reality. Both frequencies are what we need to bring a positive change into ourselves and lives. Both are benevolent energies giving us the push we may need to go after what we desire, reclaim our sovereignty, and manifest that which is going to be more aligned with who we are becoming.

In a month where all our planetary forces are assisting us to create more harmony at all levels, we too have Venusian energies very involved at the eclipse time. During the eclipse Venus will conjunct Jupiter, expanding its loving feminine energies, and sextile Pluto, as nothing can truly shift without having the power to do so. Alignments that once more show what is already taking place within ourselves, in the micro, and that come to help us all in this eternal path of personal evolution.

We are all heading into a new harmonic sphere of Creation. The planets like us, with another form, are also experiencing their own evolutionary journey. We altogether are entering into a new Octave, a more loving and compassionate one that begins by holding, at all times, this same frequency within ourselves, as this is how we create the outer reality.

A frequency that cannot be lower, or diminished in any way or form for as long as this transition lasts, as when we do so, we allow other non-benevolent forces to take our precious energy, dismantling all we have previously achieved.

Our mission as loving emissaries is to remain, always, in the illumined essence of who we are, and that is only love, wisdom, and power.

When we recognize these main God’s attributes within ourselves, live accordingly, and try to make our best to be of assistance, we contribute to the creation and anchoring of this new harmonic timeline.

Many believe this is not real, for many are still dwelling in their own opposite frequency, and therefore cannot see other than what they have created for themselves.

Do not let anything distract you from your original mission of seeding more love, peace, compassion, and harmony. Stand firm in who you are and remember that every time you choose love over fear, you are contributing to the planetary emancipation that is taking place.

I wish you a loving passage, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba