Video: Macron Pelted With Tomatoes In First Public Appearance Since Reelection

French President Emmanuel Macron was greeted with a barrage of tomatoes during his first public outing since getting reelected on Sunday.

Video shows Macron assailed with a tomatoes while visiting a market in the commune of Cergy in the Parisian suburbs on Wednesday morning.

Macron’s security detail quickly shielded the French president with an umbrella after the tomatoes began raining down.

Before embarking on his trip to Cergy, Macron touted the visit as a kind of victory lap.

“This trip illustrates the will of the President of the Republic since 2017 to go on the ground, in contact with French people, to exchange with them, listening to their concerns, expectations and needs,” Macron said.

Despite beating populist challenger Marine Le Pen in a 58% to 41% vote with a historically low turnout, France erupted in a series of riots and protests over fears the election could have been rigged, as Macron only has a 36% approval rating.

Macron has been routinely accosted and lambasted by French citizens in the months leading up to the French election.

For example, video captured the moment Macron was slapped in the face by an irate citizen in 2021, who was later arrested and sentenced to jail for 18 months.

Another video from earlier this month shows an angry French voter telling Macron to his face that he’s a terrible leader as Macron grins like a maniac.

The constant ridicule and discontent from French voters must mean that Macron is immensely popular among his people!


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