Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Ambassador of Higher Realms

Dear master, you are an ambassador of great love here on Earth during the greatest awakening of humanity, the greatest transformation of human consciousness that has ever occurred at an expeditious and rapidly manifesting rate. 

Your manifestation rates are going to be accelerated. You are going to think about something big, and it is going to show up in the most easy, effortless, and miraculous way. You’re going to think of something interesting, something you’re curious about, and with almost no hesitation at all it will show up the next perfect step. You will see manifestation go to a level beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Everything that you desire essentially comes down to experiencing freedom—your desires, your dreams, your wishes, your hopes. If you really consider it, what is it that you really, really want? It all comes back to freedom, and freedom is having the power to act and speak and think and create whatever one wishes or desires without restraint or limitation, to act and speak and think and create what you want without hindrance, without restriction, without limitation.

If you want to write a book and you want many, many people to read, it’s that desire to speak your truth, to share your wisdom. The home you desire, the car you desire, the money you desire is so you can do and create what you want. A home that is your very own, where you can plant the flowers wherever you want, where you can paint the house whichever color you wish, or you can decorate it and it is your very own, which gives you the power to create it how you want.

Freedom is so important, especially now, and everything that is happening in your world is magnifying the focus on freedom, your freedom, your power to act and speak and think and create what you want without limitation or hindrance. The relationships you desire, the romantic ones, the friendships, the community you desire is so you can act and speak and think and share and create together that which you want more of without any limitation. It’s all about freedom, and freedom is all about your power. It’s all about your power.

You want freedom in your body to do the things that bring you joy and do the things you love and have fun and explore. Your desire for health and wellbeing is a desire for freedom in your physical form such that you have the power to do what you want without any limitation. It all comes down to freedom. And no matter where you look around your planet at this time you will be reminded that you want more freedom, more freedom in your own life, more freedom in your communities, more freedom in your world.

But dear master, we remind you that you cannot create in the world around you that which does not exist within you. And we’ll tell you what you really want freedom from is your own thoughts, your stories, the limited beliefs you have about yourself and the limited beliefs you have about others, the limitation that you hold yourself in and the limitation you hold others in. You want freedom, freedom within you and freedom all around you to create what you want without limitation, to think without hindrance or limitation, to act without hindrance or limitation, to speak without hindrance or limitation. And it all comes back to your perception of your power, your power as Creator within your own creation.

And while you most certainly are a powerful creator within your own creation, there is so much more going on here than you can even imagine. But we want you to remember who you really are and why you are here and why you chose to come forth at this time.

As we have said, you are all ambassadors of higher realms of consciousness, ambassadors from your star families, ambassadors from the ascended masters, ambassadors from the angelic realm. You chose to come forth into physical form to be on the planet as an ambassador of higher realms during this time of the greatest transformation of consciousness, and you intended to live fully and love fully and be all that you are, and that was your mission here on Earth. Not a particular job. Not a particular role as a label that often limits you. You are here to live fully and to love fully and to be all that you are with the absolute freedom and power to act and speak and think and create what you want without any limitation, and you knew how important that was on the planet at this time.

You must understand this incredible human experiment that you are part of on the beautiful, magnificent Mother Earth. Such an incredible opportunity it is to be incarnate on beautiful Mother Earth at this time. And you chose to be here because of your great love for humanity, for the animals, for the planet, and your great love for the divine within you and within all of humankind and everything that exists here.

**Channel: Sara Landon


5 Replies to “Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Ambassador of Higher Realms”

  1. Harriet

    Second paragraph said we are going to think up something really big! Let’s think something benevolent for all, something wonderful like world peace/love/light/truth; everyone fed, clothed, sheltered and happy; everyone helping everyone; free energy machines; no money system: clean land/air/water; gentle weather; happy plants, trees and animals; being friends with the ETs who helped us and rides on their ships, etc. This is the world we are coming to. Cocreators keep telling us we have the power to think and believe all things into existence. Let’s think and believe a wonderful world into reality. Who are we to say it isn’t true until we try! We have already made an impact with our loving and shining to send humanity and Earth towards 5D. Let’s do it again like this article says!!

  2. John

    Thank you Sara Landon this is the most beautiful message i have ever read i am overwealmed with love because it resonated so much it hit the button i am deeply gratefull for your words and helping me realise why i am here in this now moment and for ever more much love to all.