Lord Melchizedek: Message for Humanity

“I woke up this morning with this profound message for humanity, as relayed to me via Lord Melchizedek and the High Order of Melchizedek, to which I belong:

“This is the freeing of humanity in the highest degrees.

“What has been before, will be no more and thus, what has ever been, will and is dissolving. It cannot hold form any longer.

“The work done by you (meaning me), has lifted immense clogging in the spine of the earth, where one of the vertebra, discs, had slipped, and now has been put into place again, and the spinal fluid now flows freely and effortlessly again.

The souls have been released, also those of the half-man, half-beasts which were created, as well as the robots who turned against their own masters, and the woes of throes of war.

“This is now a deep and profound awakening of humanity and all that is, in the highest sense.

“With this work, the New Earth has now merged with the Old, with this merger the Old Earth now totally disintegrates.

“All has now been lifted into the 7th dimensional state, where there is only Unity, Harmony, ONE!

“It is this Unity, this Oneness, which is now the Key to All That Is!

“It is the Alpha and Omega, where all is balanced, and all is ONE!

“Therefore multi-dimensional.

“Access to the Cosmic Whole, the Intergalactic Whole, the Universal Whole has been regained.

“The Divine Love is pouring into the Higher Heart center as the White Flame, also called the Pearlescent Flame of Resurrection, of Purity, of the Highest Christ Consciousness pours into all Beings on Earth, visible and invisible, all realms.

“All are freed!

“All are freed!

“All are freed!

“Many souls will not choose the freedom but will choose to stay in bondage our fear. Their time is up. Meaning they will choose to stay in the reality of their own making, and thus will live out this reality, until the day they choose to step out of it, as they have free will and choice.

“Yet in truth there is no need to live out the old paradigm, the old fears etc.

“Once a Soul has reunited with the Core TRUTH of the ONE, and experienced Unity and thus the Sublime Divinity within, they claim their own Godhood, their own “Goddess hood, their own Divinity, with great love and devotion, and they LIVE this!

“The Crystalline Body, the New Adam Kadmon Lightbody is fully in place for those souls choose the freedom, and indeed choosing their own multi-dimensionality, as ONE with the Divine within and without, and indeed as ONE with ALL THAT IS!

“This is the huge freeing here!

“It has come!


“So it is!

Lord Melchizedek and the High Counsel of Melchizedek.

**Received by Judith Kusel


3 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: Message for Humanity”

  1. robin

    Ditto to the above.this is beautiful and is reminding me of so many things that have been on my heart for a long time but of which I have had little understanding. Blessings to the earth and all that she imbes in truth.

  2. pan211

    Thank You Lord Melchizedek,Thank You The High Counsel Of Melchizadek,Thank You Judith Kusel,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.