May 2022 Energy Update

“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” – Rumi

Awakened Soul,

May is the month of incredible fusion and transformation! This month’s energies anchor the Sacred Union template within the collective consciousness, alchemizing all parts of the Self together in a cosmic dance. This is the phase of Ascension when we now embody Love in Action, and have the opportunity to move forward as a different type of Human BEing in the Age of Aquarius.

To BE in Sacred Union means to alchemize love, power and wisdom into the perfect union within. It is the coming together of our masculine and feminine into peace, harmony and true equal partnership. Fusing Spiritual Love with sexuality (via the second chakra), it allows forgiveness toward the masculine by the feminine and the surrender of abusive masculine power over the feminine. It sees us integrating two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of ourselves into a dynamic of mutual empowerment and awakening to deeper truths.

True Sacred Union extends its love far beyond the limits of even our earthly imagination. It is hard to put into words. It creates a resonance or a vibration that is blessed with Light, a matrix into which others can be awakened, inspired and liberated by being around us. We become a beacon of Light and naturally inspire others to live more consciously and with purpose. We raise the vibration in the world and assist in elevating the planet’s evolution.

What to be aware of during this alchemical process:

  1. Masculine: Your mind may fight with you as the heart struggles to lead with its “mind”. Our brain is a great asset IF it does not take over and thinks only about problems, issues and separation. It can bring us strength, comfort and peace if we do not allow it to be consumed by fearful thoughts and despairing outcomes. So choose positive thoughts and support what the heart wants, take time out to process your day, and do not allow yourself to be consumed by excessive thoughts or overload.
  2. Feminine: Emotional awareness will continue to deepen, expand and intensify, so you may feel more loss, perhaps even feel “lost” or very detached at this point, as your ego dissolves into a state of merging with timelessness. Emotions will be intense and go up and down, so learn to breathe and slow down.
  3. New talents are emerging for you as your Divine Blueprint kicks in, so cultivate them, honour them, use them where needed to support the evolution of yourself and humanity. These are innate to you, unique to you, and should be shared. So shine your Light! This is about being who you are – end of story! It is not what you are or what you have or have yet to accomplish.
  4. More persistence, patience, courage and resilience will be needed this month. Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome any obstacles. Keep the mind and heart open in a dance as you hold a vision of your dreams and what you want to create in your life. Allow Spirit to assist, engage where you need to and do not give up!  We are leaning into the Law of Attraction and drawing in what we need.
  5. What are you longing to connect to? Is there a longing for a deeper connection to someone or something? It may be with an experience, a person, an animal, it may be with nature (or a certain place specifically in nature) or with your body. Take notice of this and you may notice overall that you want a deeper connection with yourself through this connection. Everything is a mirror.
  6. Invite only healthy, conscious connections into your heart and your body. Anything that is not in resonance with this energy of Sacred Union will feel “off” and should be released and avoided. You are becoming a tuning fork for abundance, joy, and new possibilities!
  7. Where are you being asked to grow and deepen healing? Are you taking the risk and finding the courage to do so?

We continue to attune to this sense of wholeness rapidly and merge these dual parts of ourselves during the May 15/16 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Thereafter there is no separation between heaven and earth for us; we become ONE with all that is.  This is akin to returning home to the Beloved within!

For more please watch my video.

In love, authenticity and service,

**By Samantha


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