The Control Matrix

Everyday we see the mainstream media bombard the human race with propaganda as their fear based tactics try to manipulate our emotions, actions and behaviors to ultimately become more machine-like, programmed and predictable. On a daily basis MSM continuously turns out fear-based propaganda highlighting the ever worsening chaos of our world. The combination is a brilliant trap of agreement that serves the powers that be/were and they’re interdimensional overlords very well.

They want us unconscious because the more conscious we get the more questions we ask. This dark agenda believes that an unconscious civilization will ultimately be eliminated. Hmmm? They want to lock humanity in a frequency prison and redirect our free will into an end game that will result in our destruction. It’s been nothing but one long con game.

This agenda has an ultimate goal of anchoring humanity’s frequency to remain in a 3D survival mindset. We live in a reality of engineered events there is nothing random in our reality. They want us dumbed down, ignorant, scared etc. which we are at our most vulnerable. They know exactly what they’re doing. They create the right frequency to create a hive mind following and the need for authority. This is nothing but the illusionary search for outside solutions, leaders but more importantly to keep us from our inner guidance. Our inner guidance is our ultimate authority that only has our best interest in mind.

The continuing belief in government and authority is the most basic set up of this control Matrix. Basically, we have been controlled our entire existence by a secret global government with an agenda who want total control of our lives. Many are waking up to this and many have yet to realize that there is so much more outside of where they exist. These people I call resistors and they have bought into this fear campaign. Like I’ve said many times they are comfortable in their chains. These resistors are irrelevant in our progression. We who are awakened will lead us to our ultimate goal of personal freedom completely away from the control system of authority. We The People!

Humanity has been deprived of knowledge through frequency control by the true architects of this Matrix. I know this is not new to many of you but as you can currently see it’s being revealed at an accelerated rate. Which is the true meaning of Apocalypse. This negative alien agenda in essence is stalking our species. The aim of stalking is to create a completely artificial environment by making our actions predictable through programming. Again, everything that has happened in our existence has been programmed by events and we have followed and obeyed like sheep to slaughter up until now.

There is a secret government and there is the off-worlders who are ultimately calling the shots. Also, as awakened as you are most of these off-world secret superiors are just that secret who’s names are unrecognizable by anyone no matter the subject. Remember, all these organization’s like the UN, Red Cross, Trilateral commission, WHO I could go on and on are just outer circles of this off-world control Matrix.

Remember, Satan can appear and most often as an angel of Light…

**By Teri Wade


5 Replies to “The Control Matrix”

  1. Harriet

    As I appreciate all spiritual articles here, I have to mention the negativity of the Cabal, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia, Annunaki, Deep State, etc and the Archons, Dracos, Reptilians etc don’t need to be mentioned much in these articles. We are hampering ourselves and lowering our vibrations by falling into fear every time we read about them. We become concerned and worried for ourselves, our families, friends and everyone else. Thus, it is the negative energy we are experiencing and giving to these articles, to the world and to the Deep State and factions, who live off this negative energy we experience when we read about them constantly.
    For people who are new to this site and others who want to learn about these negative beings, there are plenty of articles that explain all about them and can be found on this site by doing a search.
    I had read that many channelers are channeling negative beings without their knowledge. I’m paying real close attention to wording and content in articles these days to discern what channelers possibly or most likely are channeling negative beings.
    If you are new to spirituality or want to get away from the negativity, read articles that explain how to raise your vibrations and maintain the higher vibrations. Raise your vibrations and you won’t even have to think, worry or fear the dark beings. Your higher vibrations protect you.
    Don’t give any energy in thoughts or feelings to negativity. The love and light you emanate will protect you, your family and friends. It’s that strong. If you want extra reassurance surround yourself and your loved ones in spheres of white light and ask cocreators for help.
    I love you all and want to see you all in 5D. Blessings to you all.

  2. Linda Rosa

    Teri Wade – we need to keep hearing this message over and over and over because it is true!! Thank you for this brilliant article.

  3. alan

    Hello and GO*D Day DIVINE BELOVED as All things ARE My Creation as I Created it All within My MInd and it is US who have created All Darkness and as We the People are in control, controlling Ourselves, we with our thoughts are the Enemy fighting Ourselves.
    Only UNCONDITIONAL Love and FORGIVENESS for All of our creations will change our Past, Present & Future. Only and Always Love. alan Bro.;)))