Ashtar: Starlink

Ashtar: I am Ashtar Sheran with a message for the people of earth. Yes, this statement is correct: Starlink will be the link for the new Quantum system.

It is already functioning, now we must have the goods produced to link you to Starlink. Those who do not buy the new technology can remain on the old FIAT system, which will run as well. The more people that are persuaded to go quantum, the better for the people of earth, this will indicate which timeline you are on.

Yes, it’s about timelines. There are two predominant timelines right now: a quantum timeline run by universal law, and your artificial timeline which is also subject to universal law, but you have been taught to reverse your polarity while upon it.

You are all wondering what’s happening with the new system, and this is what’s happening to it. The overtake of the DS has been primarily financial, that’s the way to take them down at first because they created the system to enslave the people of earth. Your liberation can be found in going quantum.

Watch key players in this system, which is a military based system although it may not appear to be. Yes, the Alliance is your earth’s secret government, and it is a military government still as there is still evil on your world to be dealt with.

By joining the quantum system, which is encrypted at a quantum level and gold backed, funding will become available to those with project monies, subsidies will become available to those who require it, and debts will be reversed. But you must join the system and create a login for yourself. Everything will be encrypted so your banking information and your money will finally be secure. It will not necessarily require that you move your bank account, however it must be with a bank that is part of the QFS system. Not all banks are right now. Some banks are being taken down, such as Deutsche Bank will be for money laundering practices.

The new world is being made known to you first by talk, and then you will be instructed on how to link in to the new system. Keep your eyes open.

Your media is changing as well to honor free speech. Tweeting will become the method of communication it once was for so many of you.

It’s not been easy to get the message out, and Starlink has been under attack, but we repair the damage easily and arrest the culprits.

When the TV stations begin to go quantum, you will be hearing more from Sharon, Ivo and I. You will have to buy quantum televisions. This is part of the technology that we have yet to produce for you.

Me: Produce, or are they in warehouses waiting to be sold?

Ashtar: Production is underway but it won’t take long now, Sharon.

Me: Great! How exciting.

Ashtar: At this point, you still have a choice which you want to be a part of. Many will not upgrade their TV’s, cell phones and computers and this will keep them on the old system of taxation, paying debt and drowning in charges. If their bank changes to the QFS system, they will either have to comply or change banks.

Me: Will there be options for people who want to stay on the old system? Why would they but hey, someone won’t trust things because they’re new of course.

Ashtar: There will be. New banks will spring up. You’ll start to see online banks with names like “Q-Bank,” and “Quantum Savings Bank,” things like that.

Me: Oh my God! I just googled that and there is a Q-Bank! Even in Canada. Copyright Advanced Practice Education Associates. So far it seems to be associated with Queensland Banks, and then something about medical practice.

Ashtar: Just wait. You need the quantum computers to find them. They’re not on Google, Sharon.

Me: True. Very censored.    This is interesting. Okay, anything else, Ashtar?

Ashtar: Not censorship, Sharon, it has to do with fields. The quantum system is run on different fields than the artificial system.

There will be a lot more, Sharon, but for now this will suffice.

I am Ashtar at your service.


**Channel: Sharon Stewart


15 Replies to “Ashtar: Starlink”

  1. caroline

    Hmmm I smell something (sniff sniff). If the QFS is the new financial way forward how come you can still use the old Fiat system. Maybe another form of enslavement!!

  2. Gordon Ramsey

    You’re still posting drivel from Sharon Stewart?

    Shame on you Toby Wong.

    Toby Wong?

    Toby Chung?

    F’kin Charlie Chan.

    You get my drift mr CCP.

  3. Tammy

    We should expect two systems will be present in our bifurcated reality for a while as the timelines split. Heads up is always appreciated to stay on the higher timeline. Most will feel drawn to the one they resonate with. Thanks Sharon and Ashtar.

    1. John Sutter

      This wasn’t Ashtar. Sharon Stewart is a fake, she just writes what she wants, what she feels and it’s all negative.

      If she is channelling anything at all it is a demonic spirit but she rarely manages to even do that.

      But hey believe her if you want.

  4. david k gates

    Hmmm…..before I read a single word of this post, I saw the headlines and immediately felt something not quite right.
    After reading it in spite of that warning twinge, something still doesnt feel right with this story.

  5. P.S.

    Well, I’m going to choose not to worry about this too much. Worrying about the details is kinda pointless given how in flux everything is. Plus, Universe doesn’t like to divulge specifics about how something is going to manifest in your life. Specifics create expectations, and expectations block manifestation.

    So, we can sit comfortable knowing this:

    A new financial system is coming that is fair to all. We do not know how precisely it will manifest or how exactly it will work. Just that it’s manifesting because we want it to as a collective.

    So know it’s coming. Imagine the feeling of abundance, prosperity, and finally not having to “work” (toil away) just for money. Instead imagine working for the joy of working. Doing things you’ve always dreamed of doing to create abundance.

    It’ll become obvious what we’re supposed to do to join this financial system when it’s time to do that. It’ll be easy to do.

    Relax folks. Just get your ducks in order in 3D, clean your room, and watch things unfold like a heron watching fish.

    1. Franz

      @PS: So true and yet frustrating: Expectations block manifestations… so I just finished cleaning my castle… 🏋

  6. Matilda Chanda

    It is said some of these people with money are going to be the ones to do things. They are not the same people you know they are on the light side maybe they are walk ins.

  7. Susan

    So we have to buy new cellphones, TVs and computers, do we? So we are on the “right” timeline? And so we can find the “right” bank? So we don’t get taxed? And it’s all going through Starlink? What, Musk doesn’t have enough money yet? The guy who is developing some transhumanism brain chip to sell you on next? No thanks.

    Yeah, I’m with AA-G on this.

  8. AA-G

    Um… Musk’s “Starlink” is a giant boondoggle scam, much like Musk himself, who is a drug addict and moneylaunderer. So, does that suggest that other info tidbits from this “ET” are suspect? If something exists, turn it on. Don’t talk about it. No more hopium. Deeds not words.