The Siriusians: Metamorphosis

Dearest Ones you have all been through so much in the last 2 years or so and you have experienced many personal challenges that have brought you to this moment in time. If you look back to 3 years ago you would not recognize yourselves, for you have all grown in physical, emotional, spiritual knowledge and stature since that time.

Honour yourselves for that growth, for much of the human population have not progressed as much as you have done but this is how it was meant to be. There are always the Wayshowers in each generation and those of you who are reading these words are such as these superheroes and heroines, so to speak.

You may well have been through much, and still doing so, as you all go through this Cosmic Ascension. As we have said many times before, your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and all that entails. It is as if you are all now changing from a 3rd Dimensional Caterpillar into a Chrysalis before you emerge as a Butterfly, flying out into the 5th Dimension.

It is time now to rest those bodies as they change and absorb the different frequencies that are being beamed onto the Earth from the Great Central Sun. It is time now to look after yourselves and to not be too concerned as to how others are seeing the world. It is time now to be with Nature and to rest in the certain knowledge that she can help you now.

You can all take a well needed rest now and go within to commune with your soul to see what is needed for change to take place. Many of you will have let go of acquaintances who have not matched your frequencies as you have ascended. In some cases, this has included close friends and family members. In time these people may well come back into your realm but if not, it is time to let them go with love. You will just know when the time is right for this to happen.

As we have said before many of you will be experiencing strange bodily symptoms as you go through this metamorphosis. Most of these symptoms will be felt around the head, neck shoulders and spine but other parts of the body may well be involved. Take heart this time will not last. When the Chrysalis emerges as a Butterfly your whole persona will have changed but you will be far stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This new Luminous Human will be the one that emerges into the New World and will be very different from Homosapiens.

Although some of you have been feeling less than 100 percent at this time, it is truly a magical time for humans, and you are all blessed to be on planet Earth now. We can assure you that your bodies will adapt in time, and you will all be able to enjoy this new magical world.

Meditate often on this New World and how you would like it to be, for you are the future and nobody can change this world but you. Go outside into Nature and plant your feet on the ground and connect to the new energies coming in from the Great Central Sun and imagine these energies as the building blocks of the new life. Rest often, sleep as much as you can and listen to whatever your body needs to take care of itself. What your own body needs may not be the same as another so go within to communicate with your own cells to ask them what they need.

Drink as much water as your body feels it needs and eat fresh local grown organic foods as much as you can. As your body changes so will your tastes. Your body knows what is good for it and it will certainly tell you when you are eating anything adverse. Much of the air that you breathe has been contaminated and your lungs are working tirelessly to overcome this. Go out into Nature and be amongst the trees to combat this contamination. Go to the sea or inland waterways often to breathe in the fresher air around these places until such time that the Ozone layer has been healed.

As always call on us for help in navigating these times before you all enter that Heaven on Earth that you have all worked so hard to achieve.

We are here for you, to guide and protect you and are willing you all on to a safe haven on your new planet of Love for all.

We send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

**Channel: Thea Grace


4 Replies to “The Siriusians: Metamorphosis”

  1. david k gates

    I started with ascension symptoms back in 2010 and they are still happening in May 2022. Still a wildly inconsistent roller coaster of emotions and symptoms.
    100% agree with getting out in Nature! I’m lucky enough to have a nature trail about 50 yards from my apt.
    MEDITATE? YES… a former jock, I cant stand the classic lotus position. I must MOVE so taking a Nature Walk with lots of STANDING PEOPLE (Native American term for trees) whispering to me as I stroll by.

    Go mingle and feed the birds and squirrels and all the other critters!
    TAI CHI is another form of moving meditation.
    Good old-fashioned jogging where your mind is mostly free to think accomplishes a handful of goals, physical, mental and spiritual benefits for good health.

    1. Franciely

      @David k gates

      The same happens to me. I’ve been going through it since 2011 and it still goes on.
      But I hope that at some point all of this will become a little lighter and easier.
      Wow, it must be great to have a trail close to where you live. I have a place close to home it’s like a park but very simple and when things are really crazy I literally run there lol

      I also like it a lot and every day I watch ASMR videos to calm down and relax.
      They help a lot.

      I would love to live somewhere with woods and trails and lots of abundant nature around me.
      I imagine these beautiful places on the new Earth.