Salusa Shalashian: Raising of Frequencies

As humanity on Earth advances in its raising of frequencies, those who wish to keep you imprisoned are realizing that control over all of your lives is being lost every day.

It goes without saying that the prison is being finalized, as it is more than evident.

The Light is increasing and this has opened Sacred Portals all over the world, releasing what we call “anomalic toxins” off the planet.

It is like a vacuum cleaner removing the dirt imposed on you, in addition to allowing the entry of more Divine Beings that arrive through these same Portals, allowing the alignment of the grid of the planet.

Furthermore, with the increase in angelic frequencies on Earth, the power of the people continues to grow and the masses are pressing against their persecutors to clarify with satisfactory arguments, why they deny certain important information that would undoubtedly help to improve the population’s quality of life at all levels.

The excuses of those who work in darkness are getting more and more meaningless and they feel pressured and with nowhere to run, desperately seeking to create more distractions with wars or rumors of wars.

A lot of what has happened today, in the present times, is that you have realized that some things didn’t make sense and you are only now able to think for yourself, as before you were being poisoned with the various toxins in your atmosphere, water and food.

As the narrative of the terror called C.v.d collapses and increases the Pleiadian influence neutralizing any more negative action in this situation, those who work in the dark fear for their fate.

After all, when the tribunal is established on Earth, they will have to adequately pay their crimes against humanity.

It is important for you to know that they will have a fair trial, where their own consciences will guide them towards the balance of their souls.

They themselves will retract with all those who have harmed themselves by their actions.

God is pure love and, therefore, wants the best for his children, even if he has to allow tougher tests to “settle the bills”.

God never wanted souls to suffer, but He gives them freedom to move forward with their choices and, in the same way, be fully responsible for their actions.

With the souls of those working in the darkness of your planet and Solar System being driven away and the siege closing in on them, at a time when the forces of the Ashtar Command are more active than ever for these captures, they have tried to disrupt the advance of the work of those who work in the Light, making their tasks difficult and creating confusion, as they could.

Therefore, it is important that you stay focused on your work, not allowing the influences of those forces that, in their final sighs, try to cling to the last threads, disturbing and feeding you with the stress they cause.

Another important point to emphasize is that many of the Federation channels spread across the planet have had their telepathic crystals updated with greater receptive capacity, such as those of (Rafael/Neva), the transmitter of this message.

These channels may feel a slight discomfort on their foreheads or on the top of their heads, but trust that this is happening to enhance their ability to better convey our messages.

Meanwhile, those who work in the dark have taken advantage of those who have lost their telepathic channels for conduct contrary to the Sacred Code of the Federation and, even so, they continue to bring messages, in a forced way, that do not concern us.

In this way, they end up feeding other troubled souls who cling to the illegitimacy of the information delivered, confusing many people and making it difficult for souls really committed to the Sacred Code of the Federation to do more serious work.

Thus, we call to discernment those who hear our messages directly.

There are Sacred Codes in them that make it possible to clearly feel their legitimacy.

With all the turmoil on Earth increasing, new souls are coming in to contribute to strengthen you and are positioning themselves all over the planet to give their share of the most direct help.

The message that more than two thousand years ago was told to you that “stars would fall from the sky” is true.

Those times have arrived, when more souls coming from the stars will incarnate to collaborate and liberate the Earth from all the darkness that was established, more than 26 thousand years ago.

To those listeners of our message today, we ask that you remain faithful to your hearts, in order to continue on your paths, even if forces try to disturb you, constantly.

You recognize that you are in a complex dimension, and that your souls are more than ready for it.

In the coming months, you may begin to see in your skies more of our ships, camouflaged or not, in fast flights or parked, as well as, you will also perceive more the presence of the Sacred Divine Dragons that were released from the Inner Earth to start their cleaning work on the surface.

They have been setting up special fortresses in the great caverns scattered across the planet and lovingly calling out to those who have an affinity with them so that together they can heal the millennia energies of pain and suffering still present across the morphic fields.

Many of them are in fifth dimensional physical bodies or plasma bodies, and you on the surface will have the opportunity to initially interact more actively with all of them in your dreams or meditations.

They come bringing their Sacred Fire of Purification.

If you feel that there is something you need to heal, call upon the strength of the Holy Dragons and you will receive help, immediately!

There will be greater dynamism in the coming months as life on Earth appears to return to normal.

But you will find that it will be a different normal as you are much more awake than ever before.

This will also open new doors for you to move forward with your soul plans, more and more free from the dark influences that, on daily basis, are removed.

Also look at your watches and notice the time passing too fast or too slow, and this is a result of the adjustment in the quantum fields of the Earth, work done by the Andromedans.

When this adjustment is complete, it will bring more smoothness to your thoughts and emotions, and you will begin to feel within you a sense of completeness, that everything is in the right place and at the right time.

It is also important to emphasize that while all these changes are taking place, you will be able to perceive the rearrangement of their daily lives, in which changes are increasingly taking place, “pushing” you to points where you need to be and do what you need to do.

Do not be alarmed if, from one moment to the next, your lives seem to be turned upside down, as this is also part of these necessary movements.

Those of you who live in specific regions of the Earth will begin to feel the time to change, to go farther and to higher places, also because there is more fresh air there.

Your bodies are changing and there will be a natural “Detox” process going on in the coming months and years as Mother Earth will release special elements into the air and water to purify your bodies of toxins.

Mother Earth works with you and you need to begin to understand this.

She wants to help you in your processes, but it is essential to understand your responsibility as humans to protect the Earth and take care of the whole system, the fauna, the flora and this entire realm.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and once again – as a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation I remain closer than ever – bringing the information entrusted to me to deliver to you all.

Allow yourself to enjoy more of the beauties of the Earth and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Watch the stars of the celestial vault at dusk and allow yourself, too, to enjoy a simple breeze touching your face.

This brings them closer to Gaia – the Sacred Earth – and aligns them with the Sacred Crystal Heart at the core of the planet.

We leave our love and blessings to all of you who continually remain adamant when it comes to upholding the banner of freedom, love and peace!

And be assured that this echo of pure and sacred truths has been heard by all the divine civilizations of this universe and they all work together now to continue with the complete liberation of Earth and her reintegration into the Cosmic Community.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All One!)

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!

Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!


6 Replies to “Salusa Shalashian: Raising of Frequencies”

  1. Harriet

    Tri, I have been thinking about the Event too. I keep reading that the ascension process will be going faster now. Woo hoo!

    1. P.S.

      Certainly feels like things are going faster. Time especially. But also energies.

      I was out in the woods for a hike today and felt my whole body vibrating and tingling more than usual. Ears have been ringing off and on the last week. Dreams have been getting super interesting with all kinds of building and creating going on–when I’m not greeting beings who feel like family but don’t look Earth human. Repeating numbers are everywhere for me all the time.

      Something big is coming in.

  2. Harriet

    Thank you Denise for your Dragon story. I’m curious about them as I’m a Dragon in Chinese astrology. And my husband is a Rabbit LOL. What a difference we all are.

  3. Denise

    Thank you, a Dragon started popping up in my daydreams a short time ago, we turn into Light and travel the Ley Lines to free Her from inside the Earth and she’s pretty insistent about staying in them too! 😂
    She’s a little different than what our Dragon lore on the planet tells us though, while she CAN breathe fire she prefers shooting rainbows weird as that sounds. She’s made of pure multicolored Light and amazing!

  4. pan211

    Thank You Salusa Shalashian,Thank You Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL),Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.