Q&A with the Elohim; Session 1

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Session 1 Q&A’s:

Many channeled messages say that as Gods-in-the-flesh, us humans can have (or create) absolutely anything that we so desire. At the exact same time, we are also told that we cannot override our Higher Self’s plan for this lifetime, and thus, to not insist upon manifesting specific things in specific ways at specific times. On one hand we are told that we have been guaranteed complete and total free will by source creator who never judges any of our creations (i.e. we can use it to freely create both positive as well as negative manifestations). On the other hand, we are told that we can only manifest that which is for our very highest good. Could the Elohim please clarify this paradox for us? Thank you!  

Greetings dear one and to all who are reading this message. We will start with this question as it has such vast scope in all your lives and it is an important one to answer. Firstly, we wish to explain the difference between power over and power from within. You see, most people operate with a mix of these two, not yet able to distinguish them. So, the overlay creates a confusion of what is appropriate and what is not. Power within, is the living of your truth that is you are source energy beings that are whole and one with each and every other soul. That love knows how to balance and co-create in perfect harmony. In this state, there are no pushes and pulls, simply the joy of flow and expansive creativity.

Power over, is a different paradigm altogether. This is the attempt to control, by means of grip or force, whether subtle or impactful, the outer elements in your outer world projection. To do so is done from places of desire that are not of the hearts beingness. This is very much to do with survival and fear-based lack, which of course are illusions of this 3D experiment.

You see, when you incarnated, you deliberately limited yourselves in order to experience what it was like to feel lack and fear. Over time, these grew into conditions of state, so that they became inherent to your living condition. This is where the overlay of the two can be tricky. On one hand, your deep truth knows how to move, create and balance with everyone harmoniously. But your fear-based survival of lack and need plays over this as it impulses you to need, want and feel that you will have lack if they are not satisfied.

This is why we always encourage you to go within as often as you can and regain the knowingness, the innateness of power within, the knowingness of how to naturally balance with all others. So the paradox you speak of is actually one of confusion due to the overlaying of these two principles, one based in your inner core truth, the other as an outer directed survival based action. As you evolve, you will naturally move into power within, and the tendencies you have learned as power-over, will disappear.

If two creator Gods are simultaneously using their free will (to achieve exactly opposite results) whose free will is the one that wins? A simple, yet perhaps crude example here would be, say a guy really likes a girl, and is attempting to manifest her in his own life. At the same time, the girl has absolutely no interest in this guy whatsoever, and therefore, her free will stands as a roadblock to the guy’s free will (as a God-in-the-flesh) to experience absolutely anything he so desires. Whose free will would win here? And if one of them loses, doesn’t that mean that they were denied the ability to create their own reality as creator Gods, thereby furthering ideas such as lack and victimhood? Thank you!  

We would like to further clarify the difference between power-within and power-over. You see, as creator beings, you are truly quantum in your innate state. This means that you have access to all possible quantum realities you wish to align yourself with. As power-within, if there is an outcome or reality you wish to experience, you simply go within, and create the alignment with that reality. You can do this by visualization, but more importantly, feeling for the vibration of that reality. Let the feeling saturate you, and by doing so, you will begin the process of ‘aligning’ yourself with that reality. This is what it means to be a creator of realities, there is nothing that you cannot align yourself with, and so nothing you cannot create. When you follow the love of your heart, and feel for the love of the reality you wish to experience, in this way, you would be aligning yourself with the co-created love reality of that person, through a joined love of a co-created reality, an aspect of which, they are also in. You see, love reaches for love. And by practicing aligning with realities through love, you are operating in pure power-within to experience anything you would love to. And if there is a reciprocal wish to join you in that co-created reality, they will, if not, you must allow for that.

Power-over is vastly different. This ignores the power-within of reality creation and aligning you have, and goes straight to controlling the outer objects that appear in your current reality projection, regardless of what they wish for. This dishonors the free will and current state of what you see around you and attempts to ‘make’ it, whether subtly or by sheer force, do what you will it to do. This is not an act of inner-power love creation, but physical force to force something to happen that may not wish it.
And so, in the instance of your question, when you have the two possibilities overlayed, power-within and power-over, this creates confusion, as you have shared in your question. We understand this is difficulty almost every human faces daily. You see you are moving to solely to power-within, but also simultaneously letting go of old power-over struggles.

We ask you to daily practice going within and harnessing your ability to create and align realties in a quantum way, the way of your heart’s true desires.

And so, you are not forcing of coercing anyone or anything, you are attuning yourself to the specific, among many countless possible realities, which is the one you wish to experience. And your heart knows how to synergize and flow with all others in complete allowing

Another perspective on this is to understand that ultimately no one wins a power-over struggle, even though it may appear otherwise. You see, in your inner world, you are one with the soul you are attempting a power-over struggle with, and so you are power struggling with another aspect of yourself. And so how can you win against yourself, you cannot. Both aspects of you suffer as a result.
When you move to power from within, from there, your true desires are always met, because from there, those desires include the very best intent towards all other aspects of yourself, and they to you.
We understand that this is a difficult one for humans as your breadth of emotion is strong and vast, and so discerning from where your desires are coming from is a challenge.

So, we would recommend this also. If you are in confusion about how to act or approach a situation. Come away, find a quite place, go into meditation. Breathe yourself deep into your heart center. Ask your higher self to help you see and perceive the situation as to how your high heart, you innate self sees and feels about it. You Can then ask the higher aspect of that person if they wish to join you in a co-created reality of being together in partnership. If it is on their hearts wishes to do so, they will.
But we ask you to always be aware when you are slipping into pull or force, that is an aspect of lower, power-over desire, and is not an aspect of power-within harmony.

Do most children under 5 experience ‘bleed throughs’ of previous lives before they learn to forget? Is this a thing? Does it only happen to some children or to all but they are not all aware?

Dear one, many of your children are indeed coming through with remarkable abilities, this is wonderful to our eyes, as you might call it. Most children are so innately living this truth, they do not consider it a super ability, it is normal. And for them, it is strange for them to witness others who cannot. These children are integrating largely seamlessly. There are some that fall slightly into unknowingness again, depending on the loving and free nature of their upbringing, or otherwise. Nurture and encourage these children, they are special gifts to you and show you a form of being that you will soon attain for yourselves. This is one of the reasons Yeshua once said ‘be the innocence of a child’.

Regarding departure, what is with the manifestations of visiting essences of others in old clothes seen by the departing before departure? Is this real or imagined?

As with all things, such visions are presented to you as that which is most suited to you. The universe knows you and it tailors itself to meet your highest needs. But there is also another aspect of this, which is the replaying of events that carry high amounts of emotional charge. You see, space around you carries the information of all experience, until healed, this is why many see replays of the wounded near that which you call battlegrounds. Until that space is healed and brought back into harmony, replays can occur. And such is similar where an event has occurred where great charge or attachment has been. This, dear ones, is why it is needed to heal and clear spaces, so harmonious and rhythmic function can return to those spaces.

Regarding stepping into space time distortions where I have walked and stepped into a future state, how can I learn to manifest the distortion to last longer and be able to interact within it to make it more manifestable. Is this possible? 

For this we will say, please see the above information regarding practicing using power-within and understanding you are a quantum creator, that can align yourself to any reality you wish. Power-within is your greatest power, it is the power of love. Many struggle with manifestation, as you are largely still using power-over programs that quickly diminish your abilities and leave you putting much energy into something that comes to little. Power-within is purely effortless, and as a sign you’re on the right track, if you feel you’re making effort, you’re slipping back into power-over. Power-over takes energy, effort, and a lot of it, as many you realize. Power-within is joyful, flowing and fun!

How can I heal the pain of others when my old body is getting past its best before date?

Dear one, we appreciate your question, but we ask you to consider where your true soul intent lays with regard to your healing. For example, we see many depleting themselves in an attempt to help others, but forget themselves. Dear ones, healing yourselves is also an act service, because the vibration you will offer to others by solving your difficulties will by its nature, offer solutions to others. So, we offer this advice. Make sure, before you offer healing to others, that this is that which your higher self-wishes. Or, does you higher self-prefer you to receive yourself first. For an analogy of the lighthouse, if it has not been taken care of, how can it provide the level of light and help needed to those around looking to avoid rocky waters? You are transmitters of light dear ones, make sure your lighthouses are in good working order, and in doing so, you will be able to provide greater help to those navigating the waters around you.

I found your blog in my search for answers about the Elohim. I have been going through my old journals, gathering information for my next book. I came across an experience I’d forgotten about, mainly because I didn’t understand it and was unable to get more information at the time. I’m wondering if Davey could channel the Elohim to help me get clarity. I will happily pay him for a session. I haven’t been able to find many people who channel the Elohim or are knowledgeable about them. I really didn’t know anything about the Elohim when I had this first experience in 2016. Here’s my journal entry:

Laid down to sleep. Was feeling high vibrational energy, almost like leaving my body. I asked if it was Will (my personal guide) but a female voice said she was my higher self and it was time for us to merge, that I need to be my higher self anchored on earth.

She said we are of High Elohim and we came for earth’s ascension to assist in planetary awakening. I felt like I kept moving upward and shifting into higher vibration. She said I need to release sexual and abundance blocks. At first the energy felt pretty sexual.

She said there are legions of angels awaiting to be beckoned by me. My divine masculine is tied to abundance and sexuality and I need to step into it. She felt sort of serious/no-nonsense but she said I would feel her differently as we merge over time.

My higher self: “Please make time each day to connect to my energy and anchor into your physical body. This will allow you to embrace the astrological alignment energy frequencies that will be activated soon. You will continue to work with various beings including Will and the archangels during sleep. There are many lined up to assist you. It is up to you to do the work in the physical realm that will enable the spiritual energy to be grounded in your life and on the planet. You must create a stable foundation for the energy. As you anchor my frequency into the physical, you will have access to expended states of consciousness and greater bliss than you can imagine. At times this may overwhelm you until you adjust to these frequencies. Then it will become normal to continue expanding even higher. This is why it is imperative to have daily grounding in the physical world in the form of left brain activities and structure. You have resisted this in the past but now you can begin to see it as your lifeline – the life preserver that keeps you from being washed away in the great sea of energy. There will be periods of great expansion and then perhaps some low periods as the energy gets processed into your system. Recognize that you are in flux and don’t take anything too seriously at this time. The energy this month can be intense. Your love and your sense of humor will be the best buffers for the intensity. I will not always seem so straightforward and serious to you. Right now this is the energy you need to embody. I am multi faceted as are you.”

I had another experience (but I haven’t found it in my journals yet) where I was my higher self and we were chanting (with a choir of I think angels) “We are Elohim!”

I’m just trying to get clarity on what those experiences were about.

Thank you,


Dear one, we reached out to you as you have an Elohim lineage, as do some of you reading this. Many of us are here incarnate to assist earth in this great time of monumental change. We dearly love you all, and wish to help in the ways we can. For those of you drawn to connect with us, please do so. And even if you do not, we dearly enjoy the moments we get to connect with you.

In regards to your specific questions, your kundalini energy was being activated. This is both a sexual energy and a profoundly powerful creative energy, which your ancient cultures knew very well, particularly the Mayans, Lemurians and Atlanteans. There are more, but we wish to say you were given a powerful jump forward and we encourage any who are reading this, to ask for our help, or those you feel happy to work with, in helping you move forward.

Dear ones, there is so much we are eager to offer you, but we must first gain your asking. Please know that while much is automatic as per your path agreements, there is so much more that we and others can offer you, but you must ask.

Our wish is to make your path as happy, joyful and as fun as possible!

As to your message from your higher self. Indeed, you are experiencing such times now. And we wish you to understand that you are breaking down an old and ancient system of control and power-over. The seas in this experience can be, and are at time, very turbulent. You are moving into power-within, and this means embracing and integrating all aspects of you within.

And on this subject, we very passionately and strongly recommend you all practice meditating on bridging to and merging with your multidimensional selves. One suggestion we have for you is to first ask for a cocoon of light of your fifth dimensional love light truth, feel it saturate your cells, your bodies, your beingness, your soul. Then ground this energy into Gaia. It is important to emphasize that the feeling of this is important. Feel Gaia’s core love light blend back with you and merge with you. When you are guided to, do the same with your sixth dimensional aspects and so on. Go as high as you feel guided to so that you connect all the way to your source self. Sometimes you may be guided to stop and let the integration happen until the next time you do this. Remember, there are no should and should nots, just follow the pure joy of your higher selves and you flow as you should.

If you do this daily, you will be anchoring such peace and harmony not only in yourselves, but in the earth and in others who are struggling.

So to you dear one that asked this question, you are doing wonderful work, as you all are. If only you could truly see the affects you are having.

End of Session 1

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