White Hat Takeover

If you look back only a few years wow have things changed, this is because of the White hat takeover. They are assisting humanity bringing us to a shared timeline of Light.

The success of the White Hat takeover within the U.S Military was a key factor. Cosmic, Universal law was petitioned to help assist our species confidently trigger the shift in consciousnesses and role out a global shift towards a timeline of Light.

These top officials of the US military started to realize what was happening and decided to plan a takeover of this global Cabal who have destroyed our planet through their wars. The Trump administration was put in place by these White Hats at the top of the US military to take down this global scourge. Again, nothing is a coincidence. The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.

Basically, these White Hats gave their support to the resistance of this global Cabal. Hence, the extreme chaos playing out in the United States and the world stage. There was a secret military refusal to take orders to go to war with North Korea. Faced with an internal mutiny in the US military the Trump administration adamantly ordered them to stand down.

Cosmic law, Universal law was granted and the United States attained additional resources to help in this takeover that will help direct humanity to a timeline of Light.

Time travelers have been put in place for this time in history and to help fulfill this White Hat takeover. They chose certain people that would be the most successful and have the most leverage to steer humanity to a successful shift to a timeline based in Light.

Some Dark institutions are going to have to wait till after the shift to be transformed or destroyed from the outside in. However, several key institutions that were under Dark Hat leadership were targeted and taken over by the White Hat leadership. The United States government and the United States military have been taken over by the White Hat leadership.

The White Hats firstly take over and infiltrate the ownership and the Director boards of these Dark hat run institutions. ET’s are a major part of this process including technologies so far advanced and available to any human institution so resistance is futile.

Once the White Hat ownership and leadership is onboard it’s quite a simple matter to install positions of authority and power. Optics can be very important! Meaning, sometimes existing Dark Hats are being allowed to continue in appearance of being in charge during the day. When the shift is initiated the White Hats will take action and take over for all to see.

The institutions that the White Hats are targeting are the worlds financial systems bringing in financial shifts that will defund this secret Dark government and begin implementing a Light based worldwide financial system. So, any organization that is supporting the existing Dark are being heavily targeted.

The media is another one and a key resource supporting this Dark agenda. Many of these media conglomerates are being heavily targeted. Hence, the harsh and truthful condemnation of the media from President Trump.

After this Light based shift there will possibly be a war of words, an information battle between the Dark controlled media and the White Hat takeover media. But, there will be no doubt the outcome of this battle. Even one media conglomerate being taken over by the White Hats and switching over to truth would be sufficient. At the time of the shift the White Hats will takeover all airwaves.

The human shift into the Light is also being targeted. Meaning, those who reneged on their promise or had doubts have been eliminated or replaced. Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift ever imagined.

A shift from the current Dark timeline to a timeline of Light. This shift will be initiated by a Human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the White Hat takeover of several key institutions. Again, the takeover of the United States government and military by placing Donald Trump in position was a key White Hat take over.

At the time of the shift truth will be told to all and trumpeted worldwide the announcement of the White Hat takeover. Freedom for humanity and the liberation of our planet will be announced.

**By Teri Wade


25 Replies to “White Hat Takeover”

  1. Jim

    To the writer of the main article: What and where are your sources for all of this? I am awakening myself buy information without any sort of backup is nearly worthless and is only one mans opinion. If possible please enlighten me, Truth seeker.

  2. Norman Martinez

    Chemtrails are nano particulates like aluminum, barium, lithium and much more things like morgellens that poison the environment and humanity!
    Transmuting ???? REALLY???

  3. Harriet

    Trump was not supposed to be president in the first place. The Cabal and Deep State wanted H. Clinton and there was a misunderstanding and they accidentally fixed the election to have Trump win. That’s why he didn’t win the 2020 election as the Cabal and DS didn’t want him.
    When Obama was president he knew about the Cabal/DS and tried to work around them, tried to get things done in spite of them. That the Republicans were the NO Party and their goal was to get Obama out and not let him be successful in any endeavor didn’t help matters or the US. Biden learned a lot about the Cabal/DS during his vice presidency. He and all presidents knew that if they went against the wishes of the Cabal/DS too often he/they and their families would be killed. So Biden tries to help the country knowing he has the NO Party, ‘far right’ citizens, and the cabal/DS against him.
    You know the Cabal/DS can kill our president in an instant so why are you so angry with Biden when he is trying to do his job with all of these barriers and the constant stress and worry for not only himself but also for our country? He’s the last person to cozy up to the cabal/DS. He is trying behind the scenes with our cocreators to get out from under that threat for everyone.
    Have compassion for every leader who has fear and resorted to power and greed and compliance with the cabal/DS. They had no choice. If you were elected and you have integrity, and the Cabal/DS tells you what to do “or else” are you going to crumble, go along with them, and reap the rewards of power and riches, or are you going to desist and watch your family get killed and know you will be next? That is why so many capable, smart, intelligent leaders do not run for office.

    It’s good now that the Cabal/DS is losing power. Now we can elect leaders who can get things done that the country needs like jobs, education, free health care for all, houses for all, etc. Because our leaders will not be under the Cabal/DS threat.

    There is so much blame on this site in articles and comments. Spirituality is not based on who is right or wrong. It is based on love and compassion for everyone knowing we ALL have our struggles to do what is right and it will take time for every one to succeed. Judgement is very negative and is one of the top negativities we are warned against.

    I don’t know what other sites are out there that compile articles from different Spiritual sites. But it keeps surprising me how frequent the articles on this site are judgemental, prejudice and negative. Many times I have considered not coming to this site due to the negative energy it gives off. I mention it because it’s damaging to our ascension and to us to read these articles that are judgemental, prejudice and negative. We should try to not read those articles.

    And in case you are wondering. I felt compassion for Trump too and will always. He was up against all the same barriers.

    Another thing, a government that uses socialism is not fascist or communist or nazism. That is a lie politicians are telling you. Our country uses social practices all the time. Medicare, Medicaid, Title 19, aid for the poor in many ways, FEMA, etc. The happiest countries in the world have a more socialistic government with also democracy and capitalism. That is exactly what we want, to be a happy country. The politicians tell you otherwise because they want to keep things the way they are, the rich getting richer and more powerful and the poor getting poorer and less powerful. Look at your own life and the lives of those around you. Do you think our society is better off than 1950? It’s absolutely not. I lived in the 50’s. It’s the opposite. Yes, 1950 had its racial problems and it’s poor but it was improving and it had a wonderful future to look forward too. Since then the politicians and industry leaders and the Cabal/DS turned everything against us. We are sick, miserable, poor, powerless and full of fear, anger and despair. This is the new age now and it will become completely socialistic but with something wonderful, we will also be rich. YES RICH. It will take time, but before you die the whole world will be wealthy and happy. Forget what the politicians say, they are lieing when they say socialism is bad. The
    happiest countries in the world utilize socialism much more than we do and they take care of their people, the sick, poor, uneducated, homeless, elderly, etc. That’s why they’re happy. They can vote, make money and still know they will be cared for if they run in to problems and difficulties.

    Open your eyes to the better. Ask any person in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway if they would change their capital, democratic, social culture to what we have? What do you think they will say?


    The politicians will tell you it will fail. But it won’t. This is the NEW GOLDEN AGE now.

    1. Todd ahh

      Whoa!..let me stop you right there. Are you actually saying Joe Biden has integrity and is of high character?

      I am sorry, if you truly believe that then you have been living on a different planet.

      He was a pathological liar, fraudster, and pedophile before he became a senator. Do you think 50 years of being a politician changed him for the better?

      I’m afraid not. He should be charged with treason and dealt with however it is they deal with treasonous bastards.

  4. Tammy

    Good summation of a very complex set of circumstances in the World, as I see it. It is perplexing to see so many disrespectful comments by many that think they have it all figured out. Maybe so, but unless you are alliance, probably not. Our most important job is to raise the collective consciousness and not to assault, attack and bring down the vibration. Plenty of that already. Our behavior is what speeds this up or slows it down. Let’s get this done and use some of this knowledge we have attained visiting these websites.

  5. Harriet

    I agree with the transmuting and thinking positive. Positive thoughts out positive back. Same with positive feelings. Thank you

  6. Harriet

    Omg!!! The BLM didn’t do burning and looting!!

    The government meaning Trump sent in bad guys to do the burning and looting to make the BLM look bad … to make the BLM look like they are the problem. Because the government and the Cabal and the Industry Leaders do not want peaceful Marching or peaceful Sit-ins or peaceful Demonstrations or peaceful Protests. Because large groups WITH THEIR VOICES are much more powerful than the government, Cabal, or Industry leaders. If these Marchers, Protests, Sit-ins and Demonstrations keep happening then the citizens will start to think, start using their brains, question what’s going on and after they figure it out, they will join the Marchers. Then the groups of Marchers are bigger and even more powerful and have A BIGGER VOICE and eventually all of America will join in and the government will be eliminated.
    If the government doesn’t start governing with the citizens and our country in their hearts, the government will be eliminated. So, either we vote in the good guys or we eliminate the government. That’s all there is to it.

  7. Lightworker

    It seems the two camps are: Trump is a living Saint, vs Trump is a black hat and as bad as say Bill Gates.

    I think he’s somewhere in between. He had a dark past, he’s a bit ego-centric, sometimes he gets fooled by black hats eg with respect to jabs and he doesn’t change his mind easily.

    Then again, he hates child trafficking and doesn’t want psychopaths to depopulate the world. Hence the cabal absolutely hates him.

    I think he’s simply a good reflection of the American people: mostly well-meaning but with a dark past and with quite a bit of ego.

    Conversely, if a 5d Pleiadian were to run for office, Americans wouldn’t vote for that. You get the leader you deserve (unless Biden rigs the elections).

    1. P.S.

      I think that’s a fair assessment.

      That’s why the Great Awakening is a team effort and not on the shoulders of one man alone. No one human being could pull this off.

      People forget that Trump has an entire team of people he’s working with–both on-world and off-world. He’s also not the only leader participating. There are many leaders of various types.

      As you say, Trump is America’s reflection. He is our collective avatar, and he plays that role very well.

  8. Gustavo Frein

    Why is the military then forcing the death jab vaccine on their own troops? Why did Donald Trump intentionally lose the election. I don’t give him a pass on this. He did nothing to stop the voter fraud. Why is the military forcing the woke agenda on their troops? Why is Donald Trump foolishly shilling the death jab even though his own supporters are against it?

    I don’t buy any of this

    1. Kathy

      Trump didn’t “intentionally” lose the election. If he hadn’t let this ALL play out, then we would have all gone on just like before. We had to SEE what was happening. The elections across the country have been stolen for years and most of us didn’t even know it. We just said “oh well, maybe our guy will win next time”, and we all go back to our lives, while these evil people take and take and take from us. I repeat, we had to SEE. As for the vaxes, again, there is so much information to prove they are harmful, it’s up to us as individuals to SEE and research. We can’t expect Trump to do everything for us. WE as a people, need to stand up for ourselves and STOP waiting for someone to save us. That’s what we’ve been doing, relying on the Government to tell us what to do. My friends son is in the Army. He refuses to take the vax. That’s HIS choice, that’s HIS decision to make. WE need to stand up, as the great people that we are – God’s children. If Trump hadn’t pushed the vaxes, these evil peoples agenda was to keep us locked down for 5 yrs. Look up their Agenda 2030. Where do you think we’d be then? Relying on the government for EVERYTHING!! He had to push them in order to get the country open, businesses back open! If he then said “oh the vax is bad!” what do you think the MSM would do? They would crucify him and blame him for all of the damage!! He HAD to expose big pharma! He wants us to use OUR GOD GIVEN BRAINS and think for ourselves. Stand up for ourselves!

      1. Gustavo Frein

        I’m sure you are well intentioned, but like most die hard Trump supporters you live in a world of reality denial. My best friend of all my life is one such person as you. Not matter what idiotic thing he says or does, die hard Trumpers just find the most mentally contorted way imaginable to rationalize away his bad policies, decisions, and the fact that he is in on this purposeful destruction of America.

        He did not oppose the lockdowns he fostered them. He issued the state of emergency that gave all the governors the excuse they needed to impose insane and totalitarian lockdowns for a virus that does not exist. Remember he said he was going to force an to the lockdowns by April 16 2020? He made all this tough talk that he was Captain Blye and the lockdown governors were Fletcher Christian. What did he do when his deadline rolled around? He issued a list of recommendations to the governors written by Redfield and Fauci….lol, what a joke.

        He surrounded himself with some of the worst swamp creatures who sabotaged him every step of the way all the while claiming he was going to drain the swamp. You can drain the swamp by constantly filling the drain with the swamp.

        Remember when Antifa and BLM went across America burning, looting, killing and raping? What did Trump do? Nothing. He actually said at one point somebody should do something 😂
        Yes, like maybe POTUS should do something 🤔

        I could go on and on how Trump and his administration was one giant GRIFT, but I’m not going to write a book here.

        I know you are well meaning but you have to forget about Trump. He plays on the other team.

        Hopefully this comment will be posted. Criticism of Trump usually gets deleted.

        1. Kathy

          It wasn’t up to Trump to stop the Antifa and BLM. It was up to the governors of those states to call in the National Guard. That’s why we have a tiered government, so no one person has all of the power. Things are going to start happening, mark my words, and remember this conversation.

          1. Gustavo Frein

            Okay Kathy, I hope you are right, but I’ll prepare for you being wrong.

          2. Kathy

            And also, I don’t label myself as a “Trump supporter”. I use my own discernment about situations, weigh the information and make my decisions from there. Intuition. Have a great day!

        2. scotth9510

          Hi Gustavo I hope you’ve maintained your relationship with your best friend despite the differences you have. Though I’m sure the last few yrs havd really opened people’s eyes to whether they havd genuine friendships with people or if thd relationship was in some way a fraud.

          1. Gustavo Frein

            We’ve been best friends since we were 12. I love him like a brother. We can politely agree to disagree, although more and more he’s coming to my side on Trump.

          2. scotth9510

            That’s good to hear because I’m sure many relationships have been affected or ended these past few yrs simply because people can’t accept or respect their opinions may be different than their so called friends.

        3. Jac444

          I believe that Trump was the catalyst for humanity to open our eyes and begin thinking for ourselves. Some have, some haven’t. Some follow him blindly, completely missing the point of thinking for themselves. And then there are those that DO question him (I know I did when he endorsed Abbot here in TX – I refused to vote for him because I’ve experienced his ineptitude and want a change here). And those that DO question him, have begun questioning everything awakening even further. Which is a good thing! However, to constantly point out his flaws and the fact that he’s made mistakes – we all have. That’s what this whole thing is about – learning from our mistakes and then applying what we’ve learned to grow and evolve. My thoughts on Trump, is a mirror was shown to him at some point and he was “recruited”, so to speak. Just my two cents/thoughts on the subject. To forgive and have compassion are two of the most valuable lessons we can learn – especially to those we deem “bad”. But again, it goes back to thinking for ourselves and if that’s what Trump’s purpose in this is, then that’s his purpose. We each have to find our own purpose and the only way to do that is to listen to our hearts. 😉

          1. Bibi

            To each his own but, how come everybody criticizes Trump but mot Biden..that man is awful..

        4. KDogMac1965

          Well, aren’t you just a bundle of knowledge…if you were as intelligent as you think you are you wouldnt have had to even comment as you did about what Kathy said…She was almost dead on and you on the other hand need to realize you know way less than you claim and everyone on here can see through it… I’m sure your intentions are well but your boastful arrogance just flashed everyone your true fading colors…People need each other to look at least a bit into how each other thinks and see things…Now,you and some other people who believe and feel so strongly on your version of the issues could probably butt heads,I mean put your heads together and just about figure it out…If you may have noticed,it seems that most on here are curious ,confused,and all around just on a mission to make sense of all of this….There is not a single person out there that has the whole picture painted as far as the full meaning of all of this so maybe if we all see the same shit from slightly different angles we can fill in the empty spaces…HA!! That was a long winded rant,eh..?

  9. jane2415

    SIMPLE QUESTION why are they allowing the chem trails ?? Poisoning our skies daily worse than ever in Britain and I do not see humanity getting of their backsides and waking up to this in the numbers we need to stop it, humanity is not fighting back hard enough yet where are the changes all we see is the dictators getting worse!!

    1. Jac444

      I guess that’s why they say it’s your perception of things. If all you focus on are the “bad” things, then that’s all you will see. If you focus on the “good” things, the way you wish to see the world and BE in the world, then that’s what you will see. 😉

    2. Spiritual Dragon

      Aloha Jane2415~

      Like many things…we have the power to do something about it..

      On Chemtrails, you have the ability to transmute them. When you see the planes spewing these harmful chemicals, you can concentrate on the output and spiritually transmute them into water vapor.

      Try it the next time you see them seeding the clouds.
      Mahalo & namaste~