Akatu: Stuck In The Mud 

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

I Send You Great Light From The Ethers Of Timelessness!

These Moments Are Always Grand As I Watch From The Vantage Point Of The Planet At A Distance!

I Have Been There As Human Many Times Indeed!

Journey On And Remember The Best Is Yet To Come!

I Complained In Many Waking Dreams As My Brothers Guided Me To Higher Ground.

I Usually Did Get Stuck In The Mud!

Being In The Mud Is Never An Issue!

Remaining There Will Not Lead To Awakening!

Now We Speak Of You, Our Beloved Ones!

You Have Come To Earth For A Multiplicity Of Reasons!

Many Of You Feel Your Purpose Is Doing Or Being Something In A Role You Have Created!

Allow That Notion To Drop As We Tell You Often To Align With Your Soul!

Cultivate Your Inner World!

Meditate And Discover The Treasures Within.

You Are Gifted Beyond Your Comprehension!

You Have Arrived In A Body For The Opportunity To Transcend The Parameters That You Have Believed Defined Your Existence! Forgetting Your Life Of Origin, You Stepped Into The Earth School For The Final Experience In This Density Of Chaos And Discord. Indeed, Your World Is Upside Down And To Hear News On Most Media Is Negative And Full Of Lies!

Some Lives I Awakened Quickly And Others I Was Rebellious And The Earth Was A Playground.

Those Dreams Did Not End Well But Continuing On In Light, I Was Always AKATU!

Your Favorite Brother!

As Many Are Continuing To Control The Prices Of Basic Necessities, You Are Discovering That Only Truth Is Your Answer!

You Will Prevail!

You Are Stronger Than You Know!

You Have Warrior Light As Your Heritage And With Power And Perseverance, Darkness Will Flee From You!

Breathe Deeply.

You Are Here To Reinforce Intuitive Knowingness As You Have Arrived For The Moment You Have Waited For, In Eons Of Existence!

This Is The Final Dream!

We Bow In Love!

You Will Enter The Power Of The Beginning Through The Light Of Your Soul!

Let’s Fly!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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