New Energies

I just love the new Energies pouring in as the New Earth and the New Life is sprouting forth. Everything is buzzing.

And with it there greater communication channels will open between humans, animals, birds, trees, nature, waters, elementals and all forms and expressions of life, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Telepathy is the key as our psychic abilities increase, as does our capacity to work and live from the open heart, filled with unconditional love for self and others, as we become AS ONE with the Divinity within us and thus radiate this forth outwards. As within – so without!

The New Earth’s Crystalline Grid is now in place and pulsating with life, and it of the 7th dimensional frequency band, connected once more to the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, the original Central Sun this galaxy and solar system was originally attached to, before the Wars of Heavens.

We will start to experience and live Unity Consciousness, and groups of Souls will be pulled together now, to create communities, which is be self-sustaining, and where each soul will slot in, into the greater whole and thus all will work together for the greater whole, and will be as ONE in Heart, and Soul, as talents, abilities, skills are pooled and the Crystal Pyramid Temples of Illumination, rise all over the New Earth, and thus all connected AS ONE with the rest of Creation.

Life will become an act of Love. As Love will the motivating factor, and one will do what one loves, with great inspiration and creativity, and love what one is creating, or bringing to the fore, and all of this, will perfect sync with the rest of creation and humanity, as all is One.

It is all rising!

The New Earth Life is here!

Yet it is up to you to choose whether you wish to carry on doing, being, as you did before in the Old Earth.

Or to finally resolve it all and be purified and transfigured into the New LightBody form and the New Earth.

And this transfiguration is now accelerated.

The key to this all, is Love, unconditional love for self and others, as the transfiguration goes through the heart and soul – as the soul is ready to let go of all old patterns, belief systems, limitations, pain, and suffering, and allows itself to be reshaped, reborn, and thus steps into a totally new creation!

The New Earth is incredibly beautiful, and she is pulsating with vibrant new life and thus her Crystalline Web of Light, is filled with such beautiful, pulsating energy – I cannot even try to describe it, it is best felt!

The New Age of Love is here, Oneness, Harmony, Unity, Peace.

**By Judith Kusel


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