The Magic Awakens As We Ignite Ascension Earth From Within

The most powerful Healing of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies is taking place, healing the gender divide, war and split for us to fully re-birth as The Holy Trinity again, which is happening now! The Return of the 12 tribes plus one. The Re-Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies as One, re-birthing the Golden Christ Child in innocence, within and without!

We are being supported by powerful Blue, Emerald Ray and Diamond White Platinum Plasma waves purifying all remaining distortions, all that is false and artificial dissolves.

This massive Multidimensional and Collective Monadic merge continues, as we re-claim all of our higher identities and aspects, fully healed and purified. A Healing and Retrieval of Souls, Divine Intervention indeed, as the shifts within the Consciousness continue to accelerate and we go to the core of the core of our traumas and wounds.

The return of the 12 Original Tribes is also healing the Tribal shield and split. Its returning our true history and Blueprints, as we start fully re-membering again, now that our true memories are starting to return. New memories also equal new Realities as when our memories of the last change, we also change the present and future. That’s what the timeline repairs do.

We have been busy clearing the False parent and distorted Polarity and masculine and feminine energies and archetypes, Blueprints and Templates, for them to fully release now. Removing all remaining interference patterns, reversals, gender splitting, lower codings, demon seeds etc.

This is what is unifying ALL AS ONE, as the Cosmic Blueprints of the Divine Feminine and Masculine awaken now from within us. Healing all remaining wounds and illusions of separation, deeply held sorrow, grief and loss. Dissolving fully the victim-victimizer archetypes, patterns and programming/ belief systems, transcending the distorted Polarity Consciousness as we remember our ONE TRUE SELF again.

This is Healing the division and trauma of the Christ/ Krystic lineage as well as all other tribes and races, as this heralds the return of the Collective race memories and full ignition of the Divine Blueprints and Source Codes for all whom it may concern.

This upcoming lunar eclipse is very much the final curtain call and portal between the old and the new world! A massive time of Collective revelation, death and re-birth. As the old, false, artificial Matrix Realities continue to dissolve and collapse in on themselves, the new is being re-birthed and ignited, ready to take over. As only the Truth that is everlasting remains.

The next few days will be an important time out of time to go ever more deeply within and keep remembering to not fall for any of the remaining illusions of the old false Matrix.

Maybe limit your social media exposure and time with technology to tune more into the Organic. Mostly there is a lot of misinformation being circulated, as all has been set up for this time in our history a long time ago, with much infiltration on all levels of the spiritual community spectrum.

There is a lot of false light out there and this is about a war over Timelines/ Realities/ Frequency/ DNA, all inter-connected.

I read earlier about a certain federation will do anything from preventing the pole shift from happening.

As I’ve said many times before, what I see is already unfolding and about to complete, is a magnetic pole shift taking place in the core of the earth, which dissolves and overwrites all the remaining reversal currents (bipolar/ distorted Polarity Consciousness current) in the Grids!

It’s what is an essential part of the shift from Polarity to Unity Consciousness. From the old to the new Grid. We’re not talking about a cataclysmic one that wrecks havoc! So that’s just one example of many of false information as I see is being circulated, and my suggestion would be to really connect deep within to find YOUR OWN TRUTH, and stop listening to too much outside noise, especially these next few days!

Focus on your highest Realities instead and align all of you with that, as guided by your Higher Self.


It’s our job and super important right now to take control of our Realities and Collective Timelines and re-claim our Guardianship! It’s not just going to happen to us, we’re also here to help make it happen, to fully re-member our True Self and power again!!

And if you’re asking yourself what Timeline you’re in, I say; YOU DECIDE!!

It really is that simple, not saying it’s easy. It’s our Consciousness that has to align with that of the Cosmic Mind/ God Source/ Christ/ Krystic Consciousness. Once we align, all aligns and shifts and changes for and through us!

Join our ‘AWAKEN THE MAGIC & ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES FROM WITHIN’ Activation for the lunar eclipse, the field is open now till three days after, so tune in at any time! More information on how to take part in the comments below, as well as the link to my *hot off the press*, latest COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE on YouTube 👇

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin