The Three Days of Lightness

Most of you have heard about the “three days of darkness”, but have you ever heard about the three days of…light~ness?

Well now you have.

So, not too long ago, I embarked upon a little experiment of my own. An experiment to see just how much of an “addict” I had become.

Addicted to my daily dose of the internet. A little drama here, a little conspiracy rabbit hole there. Reading this Channelling and checking out that Tarot Card Reader. Unable to un~stick myself from one screen or the other. Either it was a computer screen, or that of a phone. And thank God I gave up on watching TV long, long back.

But all of this for what, exactly?

I’ll tell you what.


Disempowerment, coated in a healthy dosage of (potential) hopium, aka “hope porn”.

That is, looking for (and towards) external sources to give me hope and something to look forward to; all because I wasn’t creating my OWN reality timeline, my OWN joy, and my OWN blissful NOW moments, ONE moment at a TIME, here.

The Channellers aren’t to blame here. After all, they are (and were) only doing their JOB of tapping into potential timelines being (knowingly or unknowingly) created by ME.

The Tarot Card Readers aren’t to blame here. They were but giving out possibilities based on what ME, and other such (clearly) disempowered beings from the human collective had been (wittingly or unwittingly) putting out there.

Last but by no means the least, I wasn’t to blame here either. After all, all of these blame and shame games are so pre-2012.

But blaming or shaming oneself needlessly is one (unnecessary) thing, and becoming conscious of a clear detour from one’s very highest (and most empowering) path as a CREATOR GOD, and YET not doing anything about it (out of complacency or whatever) is yet another.

For the latter can well become something of a (MAJOR) roadblock to one’s evolution and ascension, here.

So I decided to take the plunge and take charge. One small step at a time.

It was one small step for mankind…

(Note: Mankind has tiny feet.)

So anyways, I disconnected from all electronic devices of the likes of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else that brings me updates from the outside world.

But even that still wasn’t enough.

So I also eliminated any and all other distractions that I’d be tempted into ever getting seduced by…

Reading. Barred. Music. Barred. Gaming. Barred.

I truly went no holds barred on this one, as it were.

For these three days of lightness (and disconnection) were between ME, NATURE, and MY OWN (divine) NATURE.

And so for the three days in question, I spent most of my time in quiet contemplation. And then, some talkative contemplation, engaging in tons of self talk and all that.

(Turns out, we can be quite the chatty extrovert selves during times of en-forced silence.)

Then, I also connected with nature to help fill up the void that had been caused in me (thanks to my disconnecting from any and all electronic communications devices).

THEN, I considered what I wanted to truly and deeply EXPERIENCE, in the days to come.

What I wanted to CREATE. What I desired to MANIFEST. What I dreamt of HAVING. What I was hell bent on SHARING.

I asked and contemplated what I intended on giving and giving back, as a service to the planet and its peoples (and to my own precious self here as well.)

And I’m not going to tell you by what (UTTERLY INSANE!) percentage my happiness went up after this, because then, you might just be (subconsciously) tempted to stop at that exact number (as if it were some kinda invisible barrier or something).

SO NOT going to do that to you, oh no!

Coz it’s YOUR TURN now.

So now, I humbly welcome you, one and all, to join me in experiencing these Three Days Of Lightness.

Before you begin this (surprisingly short and sweet) experiment, adventure, and journey — I would urge you all to rate your current level of ‘happiness’ on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.

11 and beyond if you somehow (miraculously) went beyond what you’d thought (or imagined) was the highest happiness level that you could possibly or potentially achieve, here!

And the RECIPE to do such is surprisingly SIMPLE…

You will ideally need three days, a pen (or pencil), and a notepad (or paper).

And copious amounts of willpower, self love, and, above all, a massive, sincere, and genuine DESIRE and YEARNING to evolve for the better.

And to experience a (far, FAR better) life that just takes a little bit of (seeming) “sacrifice” (so to speak).

Ten percent love, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of chill.

Five percent nature, fifty percent play. And a hundred percent reason to put those devices at bay.

(My apologies to any Fort Minor fans for butchering their favourite song, here.)

So basically, the first part is to find a minimum of three days of pure, untouched, isolation. For those with a hectic work schedule however, two days of the weekend (or perhaps a long weekend or maybe an extra day off, perhaps?) will do. Folks having super young children are not even reading this article I think. But in case they are, I wonder what they are even doing here. How much coffee are ya’ll even drinking (to be able to do this?)

Anyways, now that you have the days sorted, the second part is to disconnect from all electronic devices. Devices, of the type that bring you outside news and messages and other sources of electronic buzz. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to beat your oven to a pulp here or anything; I mean, not unless you have some unfinished business left undone with it anyways.)

Now, in case you have way too many (attached) family members (who need a life-update text from you every 6 minutes), you’re just going to have to tell them you’re “going dark” for the next three days or so. And, if they still don’t get it, just send them this very article! (Why say word when link do trick? Easy as that.)

Think of it like retreating into a cave or something. Much like a (hibernating) Bear. Or a Yogi. Or even a Yogi Bear (heh).

Once done, start spending time with You. The REAL YOU. Raw. Unfiltered. Pure.

Discuss your own spiritual growth and evolution with yourself.

Chat about your own biggest, craziest, and wildest dreams with yourself.

IMAGINE YOURSELF living out your wildest dreams.

DISCUSS any perceived obstacles in your path.

FIGURE OUT how to get past said obstacles.

You have THREE WHOLE DAYS to do such all to yourself now.

Go make the MOST OF them!

Clear out any last remaining negative beliefs or disempowering thought-pattern remnants that still stand in your way.

Let these three days be free of ANY distraction whatsoever.

Even if the said distraction in question is as simple (or “harmless”) as book reading.

Or music listening.

Or movie binging.

Or gaming.

Or even stress-eating, for that matter.

Allow nothing else to come between you and YOU.

Except perhaps NATURE, SILENCE, and SOLITUDE.

After all, nature reconnects you to YOU.

She is indeed your closest ally, after all.

(We don’t call her Mother Nature for nothing now, do we?)


TRUST HER presence.

And your OWN, too.

Connect with the pure JOY and BLISS that only comes to you when you’re truly at PEACE.

REST in that joy.

REVEL in that bliss.

RELAX in that peace.

DECIDE ON what your reality, your present, and your future is going to look like, HEREUPON.

DECIDE AS TO what your very TIMELINE is going to unfold like, HEREAFTER.

ENOUGH OF going to outside sources for that “hopium.”

ENOUGH OF looking at “predictions” from external entities.

ENOUGH OF looking at those who tell you “what will happen next”…no matter how very “well-intentioned”, “insider”, or “in the know” they might be.

After all, letting absolutely anyone who is NOT YOU create or determine your reality FOR YOU is very much so DISEMPOWERMENT.

And it’s time to (gently) recognize this, thank it, and then, let it GO. For GOOD.

Maybe you just won’t get it done in a day.

But so what?

ROME wasn’t built in a day EITHER.

So keep on TRYING.

Trying trying trying trying trying.

Still trying.

And do indeed keep making a SINCERE ATTEMPT to get there, and sooner (than later), you WILL INDEED GET THERE!

Or, like me, set a fixed little DEADLINE to it all.

e.g. After [so-and-so date], I will straight up STOP looking at external sources for hope and predictions and as to what-to-do-next (which we all know all-too-well by now already), no matter WHAT.

It is NOW time to take your true power BACK, dearest Creator GOD.

ENOUGH relying on outside sources.

It’s time to take back the CONTROL SWITCHES.

It’s time to switch off that Auto-Pilot.

And time to switch on that Nitro-Boost.

Also, if you’re really really serious about exploring this concept (or taking it further than 3 days, eventually); you might want to set a super legit deadline for this. Or you’re just never ever gonna get it done, (take this from a WAY bigger procrastinator than you!)

(Now, there are those amongst you who prefer to take the assistance of shrooms or other sacred plant medicines for assisting with this entire purpose and project. To do or not do such is ultimately, your own personal call here. I personally did not do so because I seek to rely on me and me alone for my own self / spiritual evolutionary breakthroughs. But then again every person is different; has different pains and capabilities and plus points; and very, very different life challenges and approaches or such to deal with; as well as different ways of achieving their life objectives in general. So I will not judge or condemn anyone using a path different to my own, here. But, at the end of the day, please do your level best to reach self EMPOWERMENT if you so can – otherwise, you might’ve as well spent those three full days in cooking or camping or movie binging or whatever ya know.)

DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE if it so resonates with you, and if you truly feel that it can assist many such as yourself!

Finally, how ARE all of you lights even DOING? DO let me know in the COMMENTS! For if there’s any theme that you’d like me to explore, here; or anything that I can (potentially) help you out with at all, I’d be more than happy to help and oblige, here! Cheers! And much, MUCH LOVE to you ALL! 🙂 🙂

– Don Spectacularis

9 Replies to “The Three Days of Lightness”

  1. Kirsten

    This is an excellent article. Practical good advice! I don’t often have three days straight to do this, but I have found over the past few years that even setting aside at least a couple of hours a day to unplug from my phone, the computer and all other media, and going outside or playing with my pets (or both) does wonders to enhance my mood. I imagine three days would be heavenly. Looking at my calendar now to find a place to schedule this. Thank you , Don:)

    1. Don Spectacularis

      You’re most welcome Kirsten 🙂 And by the way, to tell you a secret…once you start with this, it never really ends at “just 3 days…” 😉

      Source: Me 🙂 🙂

  2. david k gates

    Great message DON DON !!!

    Soon….I find myself pacing …waiting….while not waiting patiently for sure! HA!
    Ive been pondering the meaning of “3 Days of Darkness” for 25 years or more.
    Will it literally turn…night? Not darkness but just reduced light at Night?
    Will there be 3 days of NO cell, internet, communications, etc etc
    Will there be a flare that wipes out our electronics? I think we’re way past that per the HVBs (Higher Vibrational Beings and their messages)

    Wondering what else my limited 3D brain can think of……

    1. Don Spectacularis

      The thing is, there are AS MANY W A Y S to ascend as there are P E O P L E. So for some, there will be the so-called “3 Days Of Darkness”. For some others, the “10 Days Of Darkness”. For some, a Solar Flash. For others, The Event.

      Some will ascend gradually, whilst some others instantaneously.

      It all depends on what we choose, and also to some degree on what we have already AGREED UPON (or SOUL-CONTRACTED) at a Higher Level to experience here. The only thing that can be said to be a constant here is that those who sincerely INTEND to ascend (and are WORKING TOWARDS ASCENDING as best as they possibly can), nothing, absolutely NOTHING and NO ONE can stop them from ascending.

      We are the very CREATORS of our reality after all here…;)

  3. P.S.

    Easiest way to do this is go camping for 3 days. You’ll be away from your home filled with stuff and directly out in nature. In this way you could do this with your children.

    You might not do quiet contemplation if you have kids, but you will be filled with joy and play. Just as good.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Yes I guess. Although they’ll probably need to figure out some way to get more quiet here (in order to tune into their highest desires, and their desired future timeline and such); so maybe night time after the kids have all fallen asleep and such?

  4. Zuza

    Funny, i have planned my time off some weeks ago and it is coming in the next week. Not sure if I manage without checking the phone though, not because i can’t do it, but because i am a mother of young kids who may need me. 🙂 But most of my days will be being in nature, creating veggie space, and walking to the lakes.
    So yes, good point, I think the need is in the collective since we all can feel it.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Indeed, the collective is asking one and all now to quiet down, and connect more with nature. The trees, the flowers, the fruits and the roots. For the grounding, the quiet, the connection, the joy, and the (resulting) peace.

      Veggie spaces and lake walks come a close second 😉

      P.S. As long as you’re not using the phone as a distraction from the NOW moment, from the dreams and desires of your true SELF…you’re perfectly on track here 🙂

    2. Don Spectacularis

      Also, the collective (especially the light collective) is also calling for more of like companionship (i.e. more of a LIGHT-based companionship). We lights have been lonely for FAR too long. So NOW is the time to come together, and start re~grouping and re~connecting and re~membering what we used to play like before…and play TOGETHER at that.