Fox News: Also In On Stealing Donald Trump’s 2020 Reelection

If you were thinking that maybe Fox News was the real ‘alternative’ to the left-wing corporate media, in some respects, you’d be right.

Most hosts on the network clearly lean to the right; most supported former President Donald Trump; most hold conservative and traditional American views.

But when everything is said and done, in the end, Fox News is still part of the ‘corporate mainstream media,’ as has been proven once again this past week.

On her Substack, former Newsmax TV White House correspondent Emerald Robinson, now with LindellTV, blasted Fox News for refusing to even mention a bombshell new documentary film produced by top conservative figure Dinesh D’Souza proving once and for all that Trump’s reelection was literally stolen from him by a highly organized criminal effort aimed at stuffing ballot boxes.

The film, “2000 Mules,” includes several video clips literally showing people stuffing ballots into drop boxes, often in the middle of the night and sometimes wearing gloves so as to hide their fingerprints. In addition, the researchers for the project — True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Philips, the latter of whom has been an election analyst for more than three decades — were able to use cellphone data to track thousands of “mules” across several cities to dozens of drop boxes where they deposited ballots after picking them up at a number of regional “non-profit” organizations.

For months following Trump’s alleged ‘loss,’ skeptics have been demanding evidence that the election was indeed stolen. They wanted proof. Dinesh D’Souza and his research team have provided it, and still, Fox News — which called Arizona way early for Biden, if you’ll recall — refuses to allow even a mention of the film on-air, much less the video evidence.

And that includes Tucker Carlson, the one host who might have been ‘brave’ enough to actually air it.

Robinson notes:

Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election — and you can almost feel the impact coming. The network has made so many dumb bets lately that it’s like watching a busload of trailer park residents get offloaded to play the nickel slots in Reno. All you can do is shake your head as you think: I know they’re all going bankrupt, and they’re already bankrupt. It’s been perfectly obvious for years now that Rupert Murdoch and his feckless sons turned against President Trump and actually helped Joe Biden — which is not just unforgivable. It’s unsustainable.

Why? Because it requires the silence of other prominent conservatives, and the short term memories of GOP voters, to allow Fox News to continue pretending that it’s a conservative news network. Guess what: GOP voters have not forgotten about Fox News calling Arizona early — and prominent conservatives are no longer interested in ignoring Fox’s treachery.

She went on to include a screengrab of a tweet from D’Souza in which he said Carlson and his team “specifically instructed” Engelbrecht not to mention the documentary during a recent appearance.

“This sort of thing would be unthinkable just a few years ago. D’Souza’s tweet virtually guarantees that he will never appear on any Fox News program again,” Robinson wrote. “He will be black-listed — a common practice at Fox (just ask Rudy Giuliani and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Peter Navarro). Dinesh knew all of this and did it anyway — and that should tell you something. (He even tagged a Fox producer on Tucker’s team to name and shame him.) Fox has lost its monopoly power on the Right, and it’s no longer immune from criticism by the conservative community.”

Fox News is no different than the left-leaning, Washington-centric corporate media, as this proves. And the network was in on the 2020 election steal.


8 Replies to “Fox News: Also In On Stealing Donald Trump’s 2020 Reelection”

  1. A Light Sister

    I’m always amazed to hear that DJT would have won in a landslide if the election weren’t “stolen”…Here’s why:

    I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by Lightworkers my entire life —

    A loving extended family of teachers, artists, altruistic doctors and dentists who volunteer their time serving the poor, etc.

    35 years teaching art/music/world tales to young children in 2 alternative schools in New Hampshire, with other inspired colleagues.

    50 years of meditation, sharing trips to India and around the world with my spiritual brothers and sisters.

    The vast majority of these wonderful lightworkers are left-wing Progressives – not because we care about partisan politics (ugh!) but because that’s who protects Gaia’s clean earth/water/air rather than powerful polluting industries.
    We support universal healthcare, a strong social safety net, and programs that empower the disadvantaged rather than lowering taxes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

    Here in ruby-red Louisiana, even my Catholic Cajun father-in-law regularly comments on Facebook how Progressives are much more aligned with the true teachings of Jesus.

    Out of literally hundreds of my big Lightworker family, only a small handful in each group – relatives, fellow teachers and meditators – are right-wing conservatives. We all long for a world of Unity and harmony, not partisan duality and dissention! Until then, we’ll continue spreading Light and Love through whatever means are available in this imperfect society. Let’s all work together – that will truly hinder the cabal and hasten Ascension.

    1. A lightworker

      All the lightworkers I know, including accomplished ones like professional energy healers and spiritual teachers and people participating in peace meditations, are all left-wingers who had their eyes opened and whom are now right-wingers.

      To greatly oversimplify a complex situation, Trump indeed isn’t that great. If I had to make a list of whom I’d like to become president, he wouldn’t be near the top of that list.

      The thing is, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are both cabal puppets who are working to kill 95% of the population and enslave the other 5%. I’ll take Trump over that any day.

      However, if Clinton and Biden actually were whom they said they were — if the nice story of the democrats was actually true — then I’d support Clinton and Biden in a heartbeat.

      So my perspective is that Trump is like a 6/10 or 7/10. The democrats are 1/10 who pretend to be 9/10.

      1. A Light Sister

        Different souls incarnate into different groups, according to past karma and present life assignments.

        For instance, most of the Lightworkers in my group share a deep connection with Nature, and we’re very empirical – looking at actual laws passed, rather than listening to what the Internet says. By that measure, the simple fact is that Team Blue protects the natural world (the physical raiment of our beloved Gaia) while Team Red protects huge corporations drilling, mining, and clearcutting where they please.

        Same is true for many enlightened initiatives like clean energy, helping the poor rather than the rich, etc. It’s all there on the books.

        Several years ago I was given a stunning revelation about Trump and Obama. In brief –

        Trump is our Lord Shiva, powerful force of Destruction/Transformation here at the end of the Iron Age. He gleefully breaks the old forms, both harmful and helpful, an equal opportunity destroyer. That really wakes people up – they either love him or loathe him!

        Obama is helping anchor the new Golden Age through enlightened initiatives like universal healthcare (in America), strong environmental protection laws, and clean energy. He unites Black and Caucasian/ African and American/ Christian and Muslim in his very being. (Matthew Ward described Obama as a powerful Light-being, well-protected against attacks hurled against him.)

        Like you said – this is a complex situation! Lots of room for everybody to play their part in ending the old Iron Age, and creating the new Golden Age.

        1. Saphire

          You have missed the point Light sister & light worker. 2000 mules gives proof!!! That you can’t disprove. All the professions carrying out the Kill Humanity Plan are Doctors, Nurses, Teachers , Pastors,, all teaching hate, division over a flu virus, great way to save the planet! Left . The True Light Saves Life !!

        2. Gustavo Frein

          Obama hates Whites (Europeans). He hates America because he views it as a White creation, and it was. That’s why he did everything he could to destroy it. Obama is a degenerate. His wife is a man. Nothing about his past is even verifiable, including his alleged education. He is a creation of the deep state.

          Obama a light being, lol. You must be lunching with Sociology professors in the degenerate and anti-White University System.

          Obama is the epitome of hate.

          1. A Light Sister

            So sad that you saturate your consciousness with hateful energies. Not exactly raising your vibration or Earth’s vibration, which is how lightworkers serve Ascension.

            Matthew Ward is one of our most beloved Celestial messengers. He both acknowledges the cabal, and also Obama as a shining Light Being well protected from slander and attacks such as this.

            By the way, Trump launched his political career with the sensational declaration that Obama’s birth certificate was false, and he’d find proof. Months later, Trump called a press conference with great fanfare – only to admit that indeed, it was legitimate.

            Matthew, Archangel Michael and other high-plane sources also confirmed that Obama is indeed a US citizen, here to serve the Light and help anchor the new Golden Age.

          2. Mitch

            Gustavo is spot on! “A Light Sister” spent her first several paragraphs on her virtue signaling. This is how “progressives” always start their dribble. She then replies with even more virtue signaling!

            Obama has the anti-Christ consciousness running through out his whole act! Wake up people! The facts don’t care about your perceptions. What is hidden will be illuminated in the end.

            Unbelievable that she also ONLY sees the “right” as supporting big business/destroying Gaia. Wrong again Light Sister! For me it all starts with small GOV & expands from there.

            I guess the statistics don’t enter into your “view” either huh? The top 3% pay over 80% of collected taxes. Again facts to the rescue!

            I resisted posting this at all, but my guides told me to stand in my truth, regardless of others (progressives) “feelings”.

            Be well, be true & connect with your inner light people. Do this now so that you’re not too shaken up when things start unraveling.

        3. Ben

          @A Light Sister, unfortunately when disclosure happens your carefully manicured world view will be shattered into a million little pieces. It’s a very Disneyland world view. Too clean and pretty, with boundaries too clear cut. Everything is placed in neat clean boxes.

          Your thoughts on Obama show you don’t have a firm grasp on reality yet. He is not what you think he is. How will you react when it is disclosed that his wife is a transgender man, his kids are adopted, and that he is not an American citizen?