Twin Flame Ascension Report: Profound Divine Feminine Restoration Gateway

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now at this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity.

We would like to speak to you today about the significance of the upcoming six six portal.

The 6.6 portal is overruled by the planet Venus, as Venus is the planet that is associated with the number six.

A few days ago, I received an extremely powerful and potent vision that our galactics were using the energy of the six six portal to activate a correction in the divine feminine blueprint. I was quite surprised when my guides presented this transmission to me, as I honestly did not think that the divine feminine blueprint could be so deeply distorted.

But what I was shown was that due to patriarchy and the role that women have taken on in these patriarchal times, this has created a profoundly dense distortion within the divine feminine blueprint, predominantly pertaining to the issue of sacrifice, martyrdom and putting one’s own needs last.

This has been such a heavy-duty ancestral pattern that has been passed on for many generations, and it truly is rare for any feminine ancestral lineage to have got away with this programming.

Therefore, the galactics, with the support and spirit of mother Venus have ordained that we show up for this divine feminine 6/6template re-correction ceremony.

Everyone that participates in this ceremony will have the opportunity to deeply clear patterning that has served to diminish, belittle and deny the divine feminine.

As we clear this blueprint, we clear it in all the generations in front of us and all the generations behind us, because we are working in the quantum field where all timelines converge and operate concurrently in the zero point field, the present moment of now.

We will be activating a profound transformation for all the future feminines born into your ancestral lineage, who will not have the burden of this distorted blueprint to process throughout their relationships and entire lifetime.

This is so huge, the work that we are being guided to do as the ground crew. I really cannot express this deeply enough.

I trust implicitly that those who are meant to show up for this ceremony- who have made a promise on a deep spiritual level to participate in a ceremony of this potency and calibre will hear the call and we’ll see the message to show up.

We are the ground crew and we are the ones that we have all been waiting for and praying for.

And we are the ones that are correcting so many of the distortions that the “old powers that were” have inflicted upon humanity in the last few thousand years.

The energies are also deeply connected to the solstice. And this solstice is proving to be an exceptionally powerful and potent gateway.

I received a very strong vision that the solstice gateway will Herald a vast number of twin flames to come into alignment and recognition with each other.

It is very important that those of you on the twin flame path, hold the faith and remember to view reality from your heart, from your third eye and not from your mind, from your ego and what you can see in front of you.

Your heart knows who your divine creator has ordained for you to be within this lifetime. And it is absolutely imperative that you trust and have faith in this message that your higher self has given you.

The more that you can hold onto faith, the more you will hold steady with this manifestation alignment and activate contact by your twin flame.

Many divine masculines are struggling with the Ascension energies at the moment, which are deeply highlighting all the distortions in their karmic relationships. And for many divine masculines, the karmic relationships are truly coming to a head now and their higher self is showing them that it’s just unmanageable and unworkable to make this relationship successful.

I am currently receiving many emails from the community sharing that they are coming into divine union at the moment. And this definitely appears to be a heightened gateway in terms of twin flame alignment and manifestation.

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Thank you all so much for sharing this energy report and sending it to your friends and family you love.

And thank you so much for your continuous support on this wonderful and exciting path, in love and eternal light jenji and the white Wolf tribe.

The 6/6 transmission will take place at 6:56 PM on the 6th of June.