Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Journey to an Extraordinary Life Experience

You are so magnificent, dear master. You have far exceeded what you thought possible in this lifetime, although you knew how important this lifetime is as you came forth to be part of this Great Awakening of humanity and yes, the greatest transformation of consciousness that has ever occurred.

But you have far surpassed what you could have imagined possible, and yet, dear master, you have dreams in your heart, some that you have held for a very long time. And we emphasize yet again it’s so important that you have the experiences that you desire to have, that you live the dream for your life. But we delineate here that some of your desires have come from your experiences of lack and limitation and separation. And while those experiences of diversity allowed you to come into the clarity of the experience you wanted to have, it is so important, especially now, that you elevate your desires and your dreams and your wishes out of limitation and lack and suffering. Because we tell you, dear master, your dreams are coming true and manifesting at a rapid, expeditious rate, and it’s going to speed up, it’s going to get bigger, it’s going to get better. But it’s so important right now that you really tune into the dreams in your heart.

Why do you want the experiences that you desire? If it is to live your highest potential, if it is for greater freedom and joy, if it is to experience another level of creation, you can feel the power in those desires. If the answer is, well, I’ve just always struggled with money and I just want to do what I want to do, or all of my relationships have been so difficult and I was never understood and accepted, I just want finally someone to love me. Or if you say, I’ve just never liked being in a body, never liked my body, I’ve never been good enough, I just want to be thinner or I just want to be healthier, you can feel the difference in these desires.

And there’s nothing wrong and there’s no judgment from our side ever, but the shift of elevating your dreams, your desires, your wishes into an expression of all that you are as you expand into more, you will find that they rapidly begin manifesting as reality moves through you at an even more expeditious rate because of your vibration, your frequency, and your consciousness. 

We cannot emphasize to you enough the power of your consciousness and your awareness. As you become more and more aware of what is possible for you, you open up and summon the energy that has never been present and available like it is now, into the grand and glorious manifestation of your dreams come true here and now. This is why we come forth, to bring you into new levels of awareness, the levels of awareness that you came from but that you have forgotten because you haven’t seen humanity live at the levels that you know are possible for you.

Your life is meant to be absolutely extraordinary, extra-ordinary, until all of humankind steps into the extraordinary life that is available to them, too. This is all about your power, your freedom, and your ability to create. Dear master, a whole new portal of potential and possibility is open to you now. So many of you have come into a state of realization and are focused upon it and are continuing to choose it and recreate it day in and day out. You have crossed the threshold. You have tipped the scales. You have surpassed what you ever thought possible. And now you get to realize the dream. Realization takes you into the realization of all of your dreams coming true. 

Take a moment now. Let us take you on a journey to living your extraordinary life at the highest levels of potential and possibility. Imagine that in front of you now emerges a pathway. Look down as you begin to walk on the pathway that is illuminated beneath your feet. As you step, step by step by step, notice what appears in front of you. Notice what appears beside you as you, dear master, make your way to your dream life paradise, Heaven on Earth, a New Earth. It’s just ahead, a few more steps along the path. In fact, in front of you now you can see it.

There is a place in front of you emerging now more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen before. The colors are brighter. The grass is greener. The oceans even more blue. The people absolutely radiant. The colors of the eyes of everyone you see are so bright. The animals are free. Nature is vibrant. There is a peace, yet there is a joy. There is beauty and perfection. And then there is you…

**Channel: Sara Landon


5 Replies to “Wisdom of the Council: Insights from Journey to an Extraordinary Life Experience”

  1. John Robbins

    The Dark work at the subconscious level, so bolster your subconscious mind with lots of positive, light filled thoughts and feelings any chance you get David. My two cents.

  2. david k gates

    I wanted to post a wild message so I will. Anyone else “feel” this???

    I cannot die while here in 3D. It’s part of my plan for being here and there are many others as well that cannot die.
    Now….that is NOT to say I/We cannot be tragically injured….paralyzed from the neck own or lose all my senses or maybe all 4 limbs. Maybe I have a head injury and in a coma but….I CANNOT DIE unless I choose to “go”.
    Even in a coma, I can still do work for the light, just like in sleep mode.

    Watch for the DARK pushing thoughts of suicide. They know many Lightworkers/Lightwarriors have strong protections and they cannot kill us either, but they can sure manipulate us into giving up. They attack me almost non-stop but I know I can take —– anything!