The Ascened Masters: What World Have I Fallen Into?

Conflicts as part of healing

Days that challenge you, weeks that demand solutions from you, and months that do not want to pass – when will the end come and when the beginning? The old may not give way – nor may the new show itself to you! What kind of life have I got involved in and what kind of world have I come to?

While the conflicts on the upper earth come to a head and it comes more and more often to discharges, arguments and also wars, the new energy builds up in truth.

What you can perceive now is a part of the healing of the global time event. That is why tremendous forces are discharging and no stone seems to remain on the other.

Every healing begins with an initial worsening and this is now evident at all levels of society.

An unbelievably real threatening scenery is building up now and it is good to step back now and take a new perspective – from inner knowledge to certainty that everything has its justification and its meaning.

Guided by certainty

You were born knowing how this game is played and how it will end up.

That in the end the good and the light will reap the triumph, that you know, that the good people, who stand up for truth and peace, will gain the victory over the darkness in the end, that is familiar to you!

About the outcome of the present fights there is no doubt deep in your inside – there you have knowledge of it and you know exactly why you stand today with both feet firmly on this earth.

This inner certainty lets you hold out now and provides you with the farsightedness on which it depends now. The inner certainty that love and your light will triumph in the end, lets you grow from the challenges – instead of despairing. This inner knowing offers you support and orientation, and staying connected to it is essential for survival now.

This will allow you to fulfill the role you chose for this life before birth, and you will have your unique part to play in the success of this change.

Crises and doubts, discouragement or hopelessness may arise – however, beloved human being, overcome them and pass through them like a commander who knows that he is bound only to his conscience and serves God alone.

The time of great upheavals has come!

You live the meaning

Now the earth begins to throw off the people in a power that has never been reached before. These are geological events that will end regional conflicts and global plans overnight.

A new dimension of purification is in store for you and only those who remain inwardly connected will master this time.

Many lives you have lived and many challenges you have grown from. Now all lives flow together in one life and you can fall back on your acquired knowledge, trust in your experience and build on the power of your consciousness.

Now you are no longer a child, a spiritual adept without knowledge of things, but a light-filled spirit being incarnated on earth and making your unique contribution to the great change and ascension of humanity.

The human perspective recedes and in the midst of the greatest struggles and crises you become aware of the difference between illusion and reality.

Your connection to the Divine is now sealed and your work on Earth is now understood by yourself – for you are living YOUR purpose and no longer fighting THEIR battle.

In the omnipresence of infinite love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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