Krystal Clarity

All the inverted thought forms and beliefs of the old, artificial Matrix are being shift deleted now. A FULL RESET OF THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. Especially all those based in separation and judgement, where our differences in beliefs divide us, the colour of our skin, our (ET) race, religious/ spiritual beliefs, how to live, cultural differences, political, societal etc are coming up for their final transcendence. They all cloud our perceptions and ability to see with Krystal Clarity, that is arising from deep within ALL now, as only the true Truth remains, and all that is false and artificial continues to dissolve and is exposed for what it truly is, with this brilliant White Diamond light that purifies, reveals and unveils all now!

Beliefs and opinions are what have divided us from the start of The Fall in Consciousness. We have come to see things upside down and inside out. The Consciousness has become inverted and fragmented to the point that many couldn’t see clearly anymore. Common sense has gone out of the window, also down to the massive amount of fear messaging and programming, which is all all trauma based mind control that makes people do stupid things and give their power away for a sense of false security that doesn’t exist.

Just look at what has unfolded over the past two years, and truly since The Fall in Consciousness and what all of this is truly about. We get divided and then easily conquered because we fight each other over our differences in beliefs. They cloud our judgement and tell people what they see instead of them being able to observe something neutrally, avoid of emotional triggers, without having their core wounds or traumas constantly triggered. That can only happen when we have healed enough, can see beyond dualistic thinking, the tricks that are being played on our minds, seeing through the manipulations, transcending the layers of programmming, so we can see everything from every perspective, to then come to a place of Krystal Clarity. All assisting our Multidimensional integration and activation process, as we merge as One with ALL!

Clarity doesn’t arise through the thinking mind but through our connection to the Super Consciousness Intelligence field, the Cosmic Mind, through our connection to Source. Then clarity just flows through us, it’s not something we have to figure out.

The old, false ego self is full of programming/ belief systems that are based in victim-victimizer consciousness and distorted polarisation, that can not see clearly, instead their beliefs based in compartmentalization and dogmatism, right and wrong, good and bad, good versus evil, tell them what they see.

That’s the difference between Clarity and Confusion!

Your Heart knows. It’s The Key and your Startgate to the higher Super-Conscious, Cosmic field of Source Intelligence. YOU CAN ONLY truly FEEL THE TRUTH as our minds have be so heavily attacked, programmed and conditioned. Hence, we need to let go of the thinking mind, keep dropping into our hearts to connect to Source and our higher identities, to our own inner Wisdom and KNOWing. Only through the artificial, false ego death do we gain access to the Cosmic Mind.

Only when we die upon our old, false Self, along with all it’s false perceptions, inverted thought forms and beliefs/ false Matrix programming, can we access the true Truth, that is Cosmic, that is Quantum, is based in Paradox, a whole brain state, and functions opposite to what the programmed monkey mind has been conditioned to do. Your brain a receiver and transmitter, your Heart holds your access to quantum intelligence.

Together, in Divine Union, Balance and Harmonic Resonance, they can change world’s!

The higher Heart-Mind, and Cosmic Consciousness Intelligence field, all fully accessible and available now collectively, to those that have MERGED HEART WITH MIND and surrendered their artificial ego mind to Source.

Becoming atOne with the Cosmic Mind and Source, as our right and left brain merge as ONE whole brain state again, as well as our Hearts and Minds, Masculine and Feminine, Heaven and Earth, which re-births the Holy Trinity, New Trinity Wave/ Diamond Grid System and ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES NOW, all from within!

As the One Mind now fully reconciles, comes to peace, Divine Union and coherence.

Forever expanded, never to become so fragmented and inverted and at war with itself, ever again.

Eternal Love, all-ways,

**By Ramona Lappin


3 Replies to “Krystal Clarity”

  1. Max He

    it is true that clarity of mind does not come with thoughts, reasoning or logic. It is instant, a feeling, probably a higher sensual perception altogether. To truly embrace this clarity one must work to stay neutral of whatever falsehood the mind may bring, especially when it became argumentative. “Future is not set yet”. Don’t be too hurry to make a conclusion and deny yourself of possibility. People are too kind and nice nowadays to point out any problems to anyone so it is actually difficult for one to see the fallacy of their own mind — with that being said if you suffer a level of confusion and met someone who’s willing to be critical and honest of whatever wrong things you did be thankful and cherish such person for a light out of the shadow… Well, assertive people may have their own delusions too. So do not throw mind away. Instead let the mind be a good helper, as Sadhguru J.V usually puts, “Millions of years of evolution”…

  2. Geoff Turner

    I only read the shouty bits,