Something’s Rotten

There is something very rotten underneath the surface of this planet. There is a massive program of division, war, terror and hate and it’s being projected onto the surface population of this planet.

There’s not many who understand why the world is why it is. But, as the population awakens this knowing spreads like wildfire. People are starting to listen to that inner voice that we all attained during creation. The negative alien agenda cannot stand this and knew this was coming and this was their worst fear.

This negative alien manifesto is losing its control and they are slipping into complete panic and desperation. They are pulling out everything they have and committing atrocity across this planet like never before. This is a major sign we are winning.

It’s getting easier and easier to see their blatant distain for human life hence their desperation. The reasoning behind the revealing of this agenda is brought on by the higher frequencies we are being bombarded with daily. It’s all being brought to the surface. Their system is slipping through their fingers and there is no hiding anymore.

Our world is being brought back to balance we have been so out of balance for so long this was bound to happen. But, before we get to that center we have to go through that storm and unfortunately that storm is a necessary evil.

Our world is a product of generation after generation of programmed psychological indoctrination into helplessness, division, fear, energetic manipulation, DNA experimentation and forced collective trauma.

But, all this evil and trauma is necessary and is bringing the light to the surface. Remember, light is information hence our Awakening. More and more people are realizing that we are so much more than what we have been told. The world is shifting and we are all realizing that we all have a gift to give, a job to do. We are watching the beginning of a rebirth of a species and nothing will remain the same. Our job is to head directly into this. We do this by anchoring one foot in this world and the other directly where we came from. Our time is now!

**By Teri Wade


4 Replies to “Something’s Rotten”

  1. unionylibertad

    All is in Perfect Divine Order…We have to balance our dark and Light within us…Allowing others to speak, yet staying in our truth, allows for things to fall into place…We need not follow anything others say, especially when we do not agree with it…All truth is found within us…That is the place to find and to follow our inner voice…As within so without, as above so below…

  2. david k gates

    Sounds like maud is DARK and attacking the Light, with the usual TIRED and worn out tactics:
    Trying to invalidate the subject intelligence is the first give away. Your OWN first sentence was full of darkness.

    Whoever the Being behind the screen name of Maud- I OFFER YOU LIGHT and WHOLENESS. You still have time to find the Light but time is running out.

    Release your darkness…. I SHINE LIGHT upon you FULLY with LOVE and Compassion!

    Come back to the LIGHT!!! =) BIG HUG and HIGH FIVE

  3. Maud

    This person, T Wade, has no clue about anything. I usually delete the posting after reading the first sentences and feel the bad vibes s/he emanates. Please stop posting her negativity. S/he is totally clueless and cobtributes misleading thoughts.

    1. christinamcpherson

      Divine law brings to you the same you’ve contributed here. May you find understanding, love, compassion, and “good vibes” with helpful clues that lead to wisdom and understanding…instead of the judgment and condemnation you’ve brought here. Bless you both, Maud and Teri. Thank you for your sharing on this day.