World Blessings; A Channeled Message: The Power of Your True Self

Dearest Holy Ones,

At this time, as the greater light of the One infuses the sacred matter of the holy Earth and all life upon her, much more becomes possible.

For many souls existing within physical form, there was an adaptation process in order to incarnate into the limitations of the third dimensional reality. For each soul this adaptation was different, and needed for that time.

Now, as your world is transforming, and at a moment of great purification when the upsurge of negativity could call all of your attention, there are new possibilities that are being made available to those who are able to attune to the new light.

One of those new possibilities is related to the power of prayer, the power of your words, and the power of your intentions.

This has always been an aspect of physical manifestation. As a soul you incarnated with the purpose of discovering more of yourself in form, learning how to manifest within the limitations that you chose at birth.

At this time Beloveds, more is possible through the power of prayer, through the power of asking in words, and through the power of your speech to manifest that which your heart desires.

The key here is what your heart desires, not your egoic mind.

Access to your deepest heart for some may be a surprise because there are deeper and more powerful longings that may have remained largely unconscious in your daily life.

The greater light of the One is now shining brightly enough so that your deepest longings, that are part of your soul and your true nature, are now coming forth. Allow this deepest longing to come forth into your consciousness, your awareness and even your physical body.

There is freedom that comes from letting go of defenses and allowing what is most true to come forth within you. There is beauty, harmony and truth that emerges from your soul’s truest expression.

You may be concerned about the expressions of purification that may arise as your deeper self begins to shine.

Know that you are not anger, fear, judgment, despair or any of the emotions related to the ego and the smaller self.

These are learned from dwelling in the world of duality and form, and all of these will eventually be transformed into the light through the sacred process of purification.

We bless you dearest Beloveds and hold you in highest esteem. You may not hold that esteem for yourselves because of the struggle that most are experiencing at this time.

Receive the love of the divine into your heart dearest Beloveds and calm any pains within you so that you can be fully held in the embrace of the Divine Mother and the holy Creator of the world. With all love and blessings, Amen.

**Channel: Mashubi Shekiniah


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  1. christinamcpherson

    Lovely. Nicely ties in (corresponds) with the concepts like, “the map is not the territory” and “my sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about me.” We are whole, whole beings, whole people! Holy people! Yay us! Bring on the donuts! (& more humor if you please, for anyanon – er, anyone – who may be interested in sharing such things) 😉