Ashian: The Pre-Stages of the Ascension Event

Jennifer: Well, this may come as no surprise to you, but I’ve been avoiding you! A lot.

Ashian: And we thank you for returning – if indeed there was anywhere to hide! – you were missed by us. Would you care to share?

J: I hate to repeat myself, but here we go…

It’s raw. Life is far too raw at the moment. There’s too much pain in my own life and I know from what I’m being told, many light workers (myself included) are tired, deflated and – quite frankly, although I will never quit – I have lost sight of the finish line.

In fact, I think I’ve passed several lines I thought were finish lines, and we are still here, holding on, without significant change.

I’m probably not meant to say this but I’m tired and angry. There you go. I said it.

A: And we welcome you with soft, open arms; each one of you who is angry, tired, confused, dejected, unsure, burnt out or fed up. Feel us now wrapping you in our arms…

Close your eyes…

Allow the feeling of our love, our embrace to penetrate your energy field. Love melting into you.

Do you realise how loved you are? How special you are? Do you realise it’s ok to be angry, tired, deflated and a million other emotions? Even all at the same time!

J: Would it be wrong if I said I thought we had to fly the flag for ‘holding the line’?

A: Nothing is ever ‘wrong’. There are only distortions. Understandings that are yet to unfold within you, clarity that is yet to arise.

We have told you before, you are perfect. Even when you are blocked, you are perfect.

Every blockage, every ‘wrong’ thought, every ‘wrong’ emotion you identify brings you closer to freedom. Not because it was ‘wrong’, but because it shows you some aspect of yourself where you have not moved into love, where you are still living with a judgement.

We do not judge you. You are never ‘wrong’. You are always being you. When you can be YOU, gloriously, without fear that you are right or wrong, succeeding or failing, judged or approved… then you have gained another layer of freedom, another layer of mastery.

Holding a human body is a lesson in patience, in compassion with self, in gentleness unfolding from within. We know that. You forget that!

Which is as it should be, the forgetting is the veil through which you are passing. You are remembering unconditional love, and you are integrating that into your lives, your emotions, your DNA… into the fabric of all life, one thought at a time, one healed emotion after another. One loving acceptance after another. No wonder you are tired; you are working so hard.

J: That is reassuring. And yet, when does it end? When is there a sign? I know we harp on about signs and signals, but still, I need to ask for some balloon onto which I can tie my string of hope.

A: Beloved hearts and brave souls, you are the balloons, you are the string.

J: That doesn’t help. It’s poetic, but it doesn’t help. Not one iota.

A: The focus of your work, our collaboration, is not to forecast the future, but to develop the skills that allow you to navigate the day-to-day turbulence of life with greater ease and grace. We attempt to provide insights to help you ‘fast track’ your evolution, to facilitate the alignment between your personality and your higher self, your higher wisdom or consciousness. We do not ‘do’ dates!

J: Nice side shuffle there lads!

A: Or was it a direct alignment!? The truth of that resonated, did it not?

J: It did. Darn it!

A: So, in that vein, would you like the Cheat Sheet? The last line of the last page in The Handbook of Life?

J: I know what you’re going to say, but go on then…!

A: In the end, as in the beginning, there is only Love.

Expanding into that love, believing yourselves worthy of giving and receiving love, is the journey of lifetimes. The veil of forgetting is thick. But the veil is lifting, it has been almost fully removed – in great part – due to the dilligent emotional healing of lightworkers over the past seven decades.

We have said many times that ‘soon’ is a vibration, a frequency that you are approaching; it is not a date. That vibration, that frequency, where humanity as a whole is able to behold the love that they are, and accept that love within, is almost upon you.

J: Are you referring to what I’ve heard called ‘The Event’?

A: Yes, the Ascension Event. But don’t focus on the external event for the globe. Try to keep your focus on your internal emotional compass – when it is pointing to joy, love, peace, forgiveness, rest, acceptance, gentleness, kindness, patience… then you are already in the pre-stages of that Ascension Event.

Remember, time is not linear. You can be in a moment that is asynchronous with the rest of your brothers and sisters on the planet. You can be in the pre-stages of the Ascension Event, even while those around you are not.

So hold an internal focus on your emotional compass. That is our suggestion, our ‘Tip of the Day’.

When you are exhausted, tired, annoyed, raw or just about to give up, consider that it as an alarm bell from the Universe. Love yourself. Do anything that will bring you back into joy, peace and happiness again. Return to your true north, your happiness, your bliss, our love.

J: I have to say, I had no idea where you would go today, but that was a gem. Thank you so much Ashian and crew <3

A: It is always our pleasure, our honour, our joy to join with you all.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


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  1. Calgon Take Me Away

    No offense… I’ll believe The Event when i see it. Until then, frilly words.