KaRa of the Pleiades: Disclosure Process

I am KaRa. It is always a pleasure to be here with you in this way, with each and every one of you, and to all of those who will listen and read these words.

For I bring a message to you at this time, a message that you have been awaiting–many of you have. You have been hearing from various sources much that is coming forth now. And it is coming forth from many sources.

You speak of disclosure. Disclosure is indeed in process now, has been for some time, but is ‘ramping up,’ to use your terminology here. It is becoming more and more profound as the truths are coming forward. And, as always, it has been for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. But many, many more are beginning to open those ears and be able to see the new vision that is coming forward, the vision that you have been aware of for some time.

But alas, these times are changing, changing rapidly now. And those of us on our ships that have been watching over this entire process, that have been working with all of the various councils, the Galactic councils, and even to connecting to those councils here on Earth. And yes, indeed, there are councils here that are being stationed by many that are in an awakened state already. We are not meeting with those of your government that are the ones that still want to hold control. We are not meeting with them.

We are meeting with those that are ready to move forward to bring this entire program to an end, and to begin the new program, the New Golden Age of Gaia. And we, those of us, have been given a signal. No, it is not the full green light yet. But it is moving directly in that direction now. And everything is indeed, again, ramping up, and we are preparing. We are preparing for that potential, and those definite possibilities that are right there in front of you now, as the signal has been given to be on alert.

Alert, for whenever those of your cabal, those of the dark forces here, if they attempt to do anything that brings mass destruction or mass depopulation to this planet, then we are ready to step forward. They cannot continue with their plan. It is not being allowed. It is not being allowed by Creator Himself/Herself. It is not possible.

For they are a dying breed at this point. Those that would hold control here, those that would continue on the 3-D timeline are a dying breed. Not dying in terms of death here, but dying in terms of moving on.

So everything is being established and being prepared, has been for some time. And those of us are ready for the next phase of your evolution here. And your evolution is about to take a giant leap.

We have stood by and watched, and prepared in many, many respects, again, meeting in many council meetings over the years here, even over the decades moving up to this point. But we have been ready, and are ready to move at a moment’s notice to the next phase that is in the process of beginning now. And that phase is going to take you further than many of you could have possibly imagined. Some of you have imagined this, some of you have been hearing this from many sources. But even in your wildest dreams, you possibly are not able to envision what is about to happen.

This is all I can say on this at this time, for secrecy is still called for in many respects. Because we cannot tip our hand completely, even though those of the cabal and dark forces have completely tipped their hand.

Be patient just a little bit longer, for things are indeed about to heat up. And you will see with your own eyes, your physical eyes, you and many, many others across the planet, more toward the entire population will be able to see what you have known for quite some time now. It is coming. Just allow for the process to play out.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, love, and oneness. And can know that shortly those of you who are ready to receive us, to receive our helping hands, to clasp our reaching hands, to embrace us with a hug as your long lost brothers and sisters, are here to be with you.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

37 Replies to “KaRa of the Pleiades: Disclosure Process”

  1. Douglas A James

    Thank you! Let’s go now the cabal won’t surrender so let’s end this game now!! People aren’t waking up on their own they need help!!

  2. david k gates

    This “process” of disclosure has been going on for years and years………tell us something we dont already know

  3. Rose Panico

    I am very loving being sharing all the up to date & saving to recoil when needed. Blessed indeed to be receiving everyone of them.

  4. Michael Victor Erickson

    Bless you all KaRa. I don’t know how to talk to you or what you look like or even if what you said was totally real but I certainly hope so. Bless all of you in the hidden space, please be real and come to see us.

  5. harrrrrie

    Jose —
    50% want change for the better, they know love and kindness are the ways. More will know eventually. Much negativity needs to be exposed now and purged. Then every one still living will work together to make Earth our Garden of Eden again. It will take many years to fix this planet but I think only 7 to 10 years for everyone to adopt the life of love we are destined for.

    It’s weird in a way. 7 years ago I read that love would take over this planet around 2050. But it has been moved up to now. I think it’s because we and Earth are being so severely poisoned by many chemicals and radiation, and we are so divided. Mental illness, lack of self esteem and confidence, incredible differences between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, racism, hate, anger, despair, hopelessness, sheep mentality, judgement, suicide, murder, disease, etc add to it. People can argue that it was our destiny to experience all this. But I don’t agree. When Creator created the idea of an Earth School, even before this planet was created, he decided that negativity would not get any worse than 35%. But our being free will beings, the negativity is as high as 68%. Double what we were to create, to be exposed to and have to deal with. Many cocreators state we are way past due, we should have ascended a long time ago (in Earth years). Also 4 other earlier human civilizations on Earth tried to ascend and failed. It looked like an idea destined to fail every time. Creator could not supersede our free will and give us gifts so we would succeed but I think he made sure we would not fail this time. Sending us energies, having Earth pass through the Photon Belt, making sure certain stars and planets were in correct positions, and superior evolution of ET friends and cocreators at this time of Earth’s existence helped rid our Earth, our solar system and this section of our galaxy the unrelenting threat of the Deep State.

    Everything evolves, everything changes, there are always thousands of possibilities and destinies. Free will always is the decider. No one knew if we would succeed this time to ascend while in a material body. I don’t even think Creator knew. He was told by the Council of Creators if this Earth School plan failed and the negativity we produced went beyond this solar system and endangered our Galaxy, the Council would uncreate our Creator and this Universe. They could not let our negative energy out into the Universe, we are that powerful.

    Really, our success or failure was not known until beings in the future let Creator, cocreators and us know that humanity and Earth succeeded in the ascension to 5D. Infinite benefits for our universe and other Universes resulted. Another sign was on August 16/17th, 1987, the day called Harmonic Convergence, that humanity decided it was not going to annihilate itself. It turns out that the Deep State has violated our free will and decisions since they first arrived and Creator and cocreators had to come to our rescue. Why did it take so long? Everything takes an incredibly long time in this universe. Absolutely everything needs to be thought about and considered, all possible scenarios need to be considered and so on. They even had to decide that the Archons, etc really were violating our free will. Example: It took the Council of Creators billions of our years to give our Creator permission to even Create this universe and allow the Earth School. As said earlier it could not fail by endangering the galaxy or universe.

    I think the reason we will succeed this time is because our souls have had hundreds, and some thousands of earth lives now as Earth humans and we and our Souls have finally evolved to want to succeed. We are much smarter and wiser and we have learned everything we need to at this Earth School. This is in spite of the Deep State and the Cabal. Or who knows, maybe it’s because of their evil we have had enough of ‘no love’.

    One thing, we and Earth are entering the 26,000 year cycle of the upswing of love and positivity, but if we annihilate humanity we aren’t around to see it. Creator and Earth would have to start over again with our souls and new bodies.

    Every day we need to send love to heal everyone, heal everything and heal Earth. This love is Creator-strong and we can move this ascension along even faster.

    When I think about it, yes Love is everything. But free will is a very, very close second. And we prove it every minute.

      1. exploringandconnecting

        Susan: maybe Gustavo put it a bit bluntly, but what’s wrong with that desire? Men and women often fantasize about hooking up with exotic partners and it wouldn’t surprise me if a number of Pleiadian women were curious / up for that as well. Not all of them, certainly, but some of them.

        My interactions with Pleidians suggest that they’re generally more sex-positive than we earthlings are and that they do engage in casual sex. I suspect they have a version of spirituality that is about including more and more experiences and perspectives, including casual sex, instead of rejecting “bad desires.”

        I also suspect that a good number of earthling women would like to hook up with Pleiadians as well. Sure most earthling women will be a bit less direct about it, but Pleiadians can read energy if not minds, so I don’t think they’ll be offended by a straightforward approach like Gustavo’s.

          1. exploringandconnecting

            There’s nothing low vibration about wanting casual sex with ETs — some of them want casual sex with earthlings too, as they’ve told me first-hand. Casual sex isn’t sinful or bad, that’s matrix programming.

            There’s also nothing low vibration about being open about your desires. You think that a race of mind-readers is going to be impressed by earthlings wanting to bang them but also trying to hide those intentions?

            However, we are both children of Source, so I wish you the best day possible.

          2. Bill

            @Susan / Vrdio

            The sex drive is a part of bring human. It effects you everyday and isn’t there to lower your vibration.
            There are definitely extremes you can go into that can lower your vibration relating to it. But they’re just that, extremes. I think projecting onto others that it is “wrong” as a principle, is a big joke because you’re the only ones lowering anything.

          3. Emma

            I have only seen low vibration replies from you. In every thread you always are low. Angry answers all the time.
            Why do you even read spirituality, when you dislike it all.

        1. Franciely

          Ahhh I loved this kind of comment. I always had this desire/fantasy to meet my “prince” and make a lot of love to him… but I really thought that this kind of fairy tale didn’t exist… but this tall blonde with long hair and blue eyes was still in my mind. And so when I learned that this “prince” really existed my desire increased even more. But it’s not a casual thing, no, I really do dream of finding my twin flame/divine complement and hope he has that Pleiadian prince style that I’m so looking forward to trying.

    1. harrrrrie

      Nothing is impossible. If you live with love only and all it entails, you might be very desirable. I’ve read of human-ET relationships.

      1. exploringandconnecting

        I know my Twin Flame is up there, she’s a Pleiadian and we speak daily. We long to meet each other physically and to start a relationship.

        She’s told me that earthlings are actually more desirable than we think we are, to some Pleiadians — we’re the exotic, tough soldiers who volunteered to go on a mission that lots of Pleiadians know they couldn’t have done themselves. Some of us are literally old, respected Pleiadians or the equivalent, because it was really hard to be accomplished enough to be accepted into being born on Earth, if you haven’t lived several lives on worlds of benevolent ETs.

        Yes we earthlings been psychologically hurt and from our perspective we don’t have perfect bodies, but Pleiadians mainly look at energy anyway. Pleiadians tend to be too focused on light / love, and they know they can get a lot of soul expansion from interacting with awake humans, because we’re much more familiar with darkness than they are.

        She’s semi-jokingly made the comparison to Tarzan (awake Earthling) and Jane (herself / other Pleiadians), with the jungle standing for darkness (something we’re familiar with and that lots of Pleiadians want to get more familiar with to serve God and to get soul expansion).

        1. P.S.

          That gave me a chuckle there. You think if we did the Tarzan yell some would get the reference and laugh?

          Great way to start out First Contact: a good hearty laugh. Goodness knows we need a good laugh after all this.

          1. exploringandconnecting

            Haha, that’s a nice mental image. I’d imagine they’d be surprised, they’d read your mind in a second and then they’d get the joke and laugh.

            My Pleiadian wife-to-be asked to give the Pleiadians a few seconds to scan everyone’s energy first, so they’d know you have no ill intentions, before doing the Tarzan yell. After all, from a Pleiadian point of view, earthlings are quite warlike and violent. After a few seconds, she said, “go wild.”

        2. Gustavo Frein

          I’m often joking around here, and that’s not appreciated, but seriously how do you have these relationships with Pleiadeans? I know some people are psychic, I’m not. I also must vibrate on a low level because I pray for war with these dark beings, I’m actually very savage, so Pleiadean ladies are outta my league, although I never met a blond I didn’t like. I often felt a great affinity for Saxons, Saxon history and so on. Had an ancestry genetic test and found out I’m almost entirely English. My God how far the Saxons of today have fallen. Although, the Saxons in Germany want secession from Germany and their own country.

          Germany is another cesspool.

          1. exploringandconnecting

            You might be more psychic than you think. Try the following:

            – Optional step: think “wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including my guardian angels: please protect me and help me and stop negative beings from interfering with me, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint, for the rest of my life. I also would like to have contact with wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint. Thank you, now now now.”

            (Whenever you use magic like that, it’s critical to include “in accordance with the highest divine blueprint” so that you’re not trying to override God’s wil, which is a bad idea. The “now now now” is what casts the spell. You don’t need to do anything other than just think that.)

            – Think “stomach, what do you want to eat tonight?” or “heart, what do you want right now?” This is an attempt to communicate telepathically to a body part, all of whom have consciousnesses of their own. If you get an answer from, it’s the first thing that pops into your mind. Use your own intuition to know if you’re getting answers from them or if it’s just some other internal voice.

            – If that’s successful, you can try the same with Archangel Michael or a crystal, whom are easy to communicate with.

            – If that’s successful, try communicating with a benevolent Pleiadian (there are evil ones out there).

            If that fails… well, the way I did it is meditating daily for 15 years, then working through most of my trauma, I watched a bunch fo Crimson circle, then once I connected to my higher self I followed it until I become enlightened (before my enlightenment I set the intention to remain on this planet, otherwise I wouldn’t be here). At the moment I reached enlightenment, my Pleaidian wife-to-be was there and my psychic gifts fully unlocked.

            But that’s not really easy to replicate, I know. I do know that just healing your own trauma at the very least makes you a bit more attractive to Pleiadians — they’re energy and mind readers, and while they’re gentle, they do see where you’re stuck. If you want a relationship with one, working on that is never a bad idea.

            There’s a reasonable chance that say around 2025 (though possibly later than that), either Pleiadians land or everyone gets beamed up into ships and you’ll have an opportunity to meet them then.

            Also, I wouldn’t automatically label you as low vibration just because you want war with these dark beings.

        3. Franciely

          Friend I feel the same feeling as you I’m sure my divine complement is not here on Earth, he is not a human. But I still have no idea what race he is because I still haven’t had contact despite asking for it every day. But as I said in the other comment I have this thing of feeling that my beloved partner is a tall, beautiful blonde with long hair but is not human.
          I really want to communicate with him too but to this day it still hasn’t happened. I have no idea if he’s a Pleiadian or a Sirian, or Alpha Centauri…I really don’t know. All I know is he’s like a prince. At the beginning of my awakening I thought that my divine complement was the master Adama de Telos because he was exactly the prince that was always in my mind and I didn’t know how to describe it. I felt such a strong energy every time I saw that portrait of him. But I really don’t know.
          I just know that I really want to get in touch with my beloved too.

          1. exploringandconnecting

            Thanks for sharing. It’s beautiful that you have an intuitive picture of him. I hope you’ll meet him one day.

            Benevolent ETs in general still aren’t allowed to meet up with earthlings (I haven’t met her yet). But in a few year’s time (or longer), that might change and open contact might be allowed. Once that happens, I’m sure he’ll contact you or beam down to you or similar, because I expect that he’ll want to meet his divine complement too.

            If you want to contact him now, I wrote some tips to someone else. Hope that works for you too.

    2. Gustavo Frein

      I only have good intentions, dinner, a ride on my Harley. I’m 6’2 but Pleiadean women are really tall I’ve read, so maybe I’d be too short. I just want a happy family of cute little Nordic children and a Pleiadean wife cooking healthy Pleiadean stuff, a nice garden, couple of dogs.

      Why is that all bad?

      1. exploringandconnecting

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I hope you’ll find that one day.

  6. Jose Mauro Machado

    Querido KaRa! Na real, quantos despertarão para a mudança dimensional do planeta? Três por cento? As pessoas estão imersas no dia a dia da 3ª dimensão e desafios materialistas, com controle mental das Trevas. A pandemia Covid foi um bom exemplo da manipulação bem sucedida.da população. Uma pesquisa no Google mostra que esse assunto é apenas “teoria da conspiração”,

  7. exploringandconnecting

    Thanks, Kara. I’m really looking forward to meeting my galactic family in the flesh.

    1. Franciely


      Thank You so much friend. And yes I would love to try to see if I can get in touch with my beloved or any other member of my soul family.

    2. Franciely


      I just have one doubt. Is there a possibility that the divine complement does not want to find their counterpart?

      I say this in relation to galactic twin flames that don’t have all that burden that we Earthlings had and nowadays we are clearing all that energetic charge from the old programming.

      Like them, who are completely resolved and didn’t incarnate as humans like us.

      1. exploringandconnecting

        You’re welcome, friend. I hope you’re successful.

        I’d consider that to be possible, but somewhat unlikely. If that’s the case, I think your galactic twin flame probably would be ready to talk in a few years or so, when a lot of darkness is removed from earth and from earthling’s hearts, and when earth’s vibration and thus earthling’s vibration has been raised considerably.

        To be clear, my twin flame may have contacted me at the moment of my enlightenment, but I was by no means fully healed. Even at that time I still had some misogyny and anger towards women buried inside me, for example. You don’t need to be perfect to come in contact with your twin flame.

        Note that there’s a galactic codex, which is sort of like galactic law, that says that everyone deserves access to all information. If you’re not able to get any reply if you think “Pleiadian spokesperson, hello, I’d like to talk to you” or “Arcturian spokesperson, hello, I’d like to talk to you” then you simply haven’t developed enough psychically to communicate like that (which unfortunately is true for the vast majority of people). If you do get a reply, you can talk to them and just ask if they know who your twin flame is.

    1. Gordon

      There is a prime directive, very similar to Star Trek, and they are not allowed to do that. Star Trek was a soft disclosure that was planted to help get us ready.

      1. Vrdio

        You contradict yourself. They are. Free will anyone? Same way just like the bad ones arrived.

      2. Geoff Turner

        You are correct, Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, is on record as stating he was a contactee and based some of the information in Star Trek on what he learnt from those meetings.

  8. John

    I look forward to the hugs and tears of joy as i meet my real family in the physical and then sit down to tea and talk of all the things there is to know. much love to all.

  9. pan211

    Thank You KaRa,Thank You The Various Councils,Thank You The Galactic Councils,Thank You To Those Councils Here On Earth,Thank You There Are Councils Here That Are Being Stationed By Many That Are In An Awakened State Already,Thank You Creator Himself/Herself,Thank You James McConnell,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.