The Collective: All Shall Be Healed

From the Channeler: This Message is an excerpt from the May 10, 2022 Ashtar Legacy Conference Call. The Collective shared this message two weeks before the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas (though of course there has been great loss of life elsewhere in the world as well).

When they explained that at times, difficult events wake people up to great truths we might otherwise not have faced, I felt some foreboding, as if they were saying something was about to occur for us here in the US, now it has, several times over. I hope you will take this channeling as a sign that however dark these days may be, the Light is yet ever greater, and still holds the victory, however it may appear right now. On the May 25th Special Abundance Call, the Collective shared that those who died on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas are part of a special soul group who came in for the purpose of assisting millions of people in awakening on different levels of our consciousness. I know that that will not make sense to us, and may sound unthinkable. You may feel angry, hearing that. Yet when you consider the power of their souls, and that these dear ones are now joyfully returned to the higher realms, with no loss of their beautiful Divine energy, it begins to make sense, at least on a heart level. And yes, all of us have done something similar, in one life or another, though to those around us, it would only appear to be a tragedy. And so as the songwriter says, we are here, “Calling All Angels” to help us through the last of this third dimensional experience. Here is the Message. I pray higher assistance for all levels of your Spirit now:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today, as always.

This is such a beautiful community of Light! And as you join together via what many call the “inner net”—that internal, telepathic, heart-based connection that people share around the world—you join with many millions of others who have likewise come in to hold and reflect and anchor this powerful higher Light that is pouring onto the planet. And, as well, to hold and reflect outwardly, to transmit outwardly, the Light that all of you are. We’ve been speaking with a number of beautiful Light Beings in human form, as all of you are, in sessions and in other contexts, and reminding them that what they reach for now is a form of communication and understanding that takes place in the high heart.

And that bypasses the constrictions, the narrowness, the very restrictive mental programming that the left-brain has experienced for millennia.

You’ve been very strictly trained that if something doesn’t appear logical and acceptable to your rational thought, it probably “doesn’t exist.”

If one is following a purely left-brain orientation, then taking in and accepting certain ideas or “facts” will work as a sort of fortress around one. Then other things, which will occur to one intuitively, will seem to be unacceptable and “imaginary.” This is understandable. Yet we are happy to say, that the great majority of the human race is reaching beyond that programming, beyond that narrowness. Even those who seem to cling to the old structure are exceeding that on a cellular level. And after a while, their inner life will catch up with what is happening to them physically.

You can’t be alive on the planet right now, without absorbing all of this beautiful Light on one level or another!

It seems cruel, all the strange things happening to the Earth—the flooding and the fires, and the desertification of some regions. The pain and loss of armed conflict, and similar tragedies.

And we can absolutely guarantee you: All of this shall be healed.

You will have to say to your logical left brain at times—your rational aspect: “Don’t just take in ‘the Facts,’ because you don’t know all of the facts! What I am sensing in the heart-space flies well above all of these facts and figures”—all the data that the left-brain collects.

You’re going to have to say to the brain at times: “Yes, I hear you. You’re informing me that right about now would be an excellent time to panic, or to go into a rage, or give up all hope.”

And we would say, that when those little Earthquakes come, those moments when you can’t quite believe one decision or another has been handed down, or one atrocity or another has been committed— That is when more people choose to wake up. So there is a rhyme and a reason, if the left brain is looking for one! You can always say to that very rational aspect, “You don’t have all the information about what’s occurring now! And in all of your mutterings, all of your additions and sums—can you come up with the reason why so much is happening in the world right now, other than a love of chaos and destruction?

“What comes after the chaos? What comes after the era of destruction?”

So in that moment, dear ones, you challenge the left brain to drop the precepts that have held you back for millennia on this planet, and you ask it to look beyondTo look to the stars. To look at Earth as a part of this beautiful Galactic Federation and, in time, the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. And to think on this beautiful and powerful Sun that has been transfiguring and transforming so powerfully over these last 100 years—and now you see it all coming to fruition.

But let’s look as this song for a moment. Because before we talk about the Sun, we’re going to talk about Angels for a moment.

“Calling All Angels” by Jane Silberry, with k d lang

The songwriter, Jane Siberry, talks about putting “first one foot, then the other, as you step out on the road,” asking “How much weight? How much?”

That’s the first question. “How much do I have to bear in this life?” And then “How long” that is. “How long, and how far, and how many times, before it’s too late?” How long do I have to go on, in this third dimensional reality? many are asking.

A reality which has been fading into a fifth dimensional reality, but which still holds much density, anyone could admit. And “how many times” does one have to experience the fragility of one’s humanity, before they realize that that fragility is the last word?

Yet we would challenge all of you to understand: It is not the last word. But the songwriter, seeing what humanity goes through, and perhaps, what she herself has gone through, calls in the Angels:

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels

Walk me through this one, don’t leave me alone

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels

We’re trying, we’re hoping,

We’re not sure how . . .

This is a big question! Because intuitively, you understand that the Light data coming into the Earth is transforming you in crucial, necessary ways—speaking audibly, as far as your cells are concerned, and your Spirit self. Speaking to you through tonal vibrations, through colors, through absolutely beautiful geometries and empowering shapes that remind all of you who you really are, and why you’re really here. Yet still, you see all this, and you say, “Yes, that’s wonderful. But how much longer?

The songwriter goes on:

And every day you gaze upon the sunset

With such love and intensity

Why it’s almost as if

If you could only crack the code

Then you’d finally understand what this all means . . .

You have had those days, dear ones. “If I could just crack the code, if I could just figure out why I am on this Earth at this amazingly hard yet Transformative time . . . “Yes, it’s an honor to be here now. But what’s really going on beneath the surface, so I can see enough of the help we’re receiving? “If I can understand enough of the energetics that billions of us are receiving now—then I’ll relax!

“Once I crack that code, and see the final summation, I’ll know what’s happening. I’ll know at what point our liberation will occur. I’ll know how we can create it. It’ll be one great and beautiful moment!”

Yet you haven’t cracked the code. And this is why for centuries, people have talked about “living on faith,” and believing that they will be shining and victorious by the end. Yet beliefs are something you’re handed, and faith is something you’re guessing at. It’s that inner sureness, that gnostic or Knowing sureness that you are working toward now.

Then when you see, in some beautiful moment—as you awaken from a dream one morning, and you see, for an instant as you’re awakening, a glimpse of the beauty of the New Earth—

Then you have to ask yourself what the songwriter asks:

Ah, but if you could, do you think you would have—

Do you think you would trade it all—

All the pain and suffering?

Ah, but then you would have missed

The beauty of the Light upon the Earth

And the sweetness of the leaving.

We would say, “the sweetness of the leaving” this time will be a little different—that letting go and moving into the Light. All of you have been through it hundreds of times.

You’ve left the body and floated upward into pure Light. And then through that tunnel of Light, as you move through it, you see your loved ones and suddenly you realize, “I’m home!”

And what we feel strongly, dear ones, looking out upon the Earth, and all of you beautiful Light Beings at the moment, is that you have decided en masse, in a pre-determinative way, that you would like to experience some of the beauty of Home, of the higher realms, here on Earth. All of you decided, “Why do I have to wait to physically die before I go back Home? Before I see only goodness, positive intent, healing, support, Love, encouragement, celebration, Joy all around me?

“Yes, there are little moments of that on Earth right now. But what if we freed the Earth to feel that way all the time?” Billions of souls gathered to decide Now was the time, and understandably so! Look at the astrology! Look at the era! You are moving into this Sat Yuga! No one could hold you back. You said, “This is our moment.”

And the beauty of this song, is that you begin to realize, “I AM both human and Divine! “I call upon the Angels, for a rescue mission, but to remind me: I AM a representation of Home—the higher realms, in a human body. I carry it with me!

“Everywhere I go, this vibration I carry introduces to this lovely environment, or to that dreadful one: Here it is! “Fifth dimension and higher, unfolding before your eyes!”

So you call upon the Angels as friends, dear ones. You call upon them as soul family. You call upon them as a sort of backup to your “rescue the Earth” efforts.

Not viewing them as rescuers and saviors, although some will break a rule here or there, to intervene in human affairs. If a guardian Angel sees that an event is about to occur that would pull you off your path, then they will intervene, and they have done, many times, for all of you.

But when the songwriter says:

  • Walk me through this world, don’t leave me alone
  • We’re trying, we’re hoping
  • We’re hurting, we’re loving
  • We’re crying, we’re calling
  • ‘Cause we’re not sure how this goes.

These are the words of those who are Ascending! Because even though each of you has Ascended before now, you’re probably feeling, “Yes, but I don’t remember. I have no idea how this goes. So you’re going to have to walk me through it, now!”

So we would say, dear ones, as you’re having a rough time, as you’re hearing about the fires in some places, and the floods in others, and the wars here and there, and testing of one sort of arsenal or another in this country or that, or a rolling back of individual or group freedoms, and human rights, amid terrible tragedies in so many countries now—

And you start to get angry, or you start to get a bit worried, or a bit fed up— Call in your friends, the Angels! And this includes your higher self, and the power of your soul. It’s not for them to swoop down and carry you out of all this mess—to fly in and rescue everyone. It’s for them to lend you the strength—yes, this is part of their job! —to lend you the strength to help you realize, “I have all the power within me that is needed to meet the situations at hand, and to reign victorious here.”

So the Angels become a lovely median resting place between being at Home in the higher realms, and being on the Earth at the time of your chaos and rebirth. The chaos of Creation, of re-Creation.

We encourage this, dear ones! Call in the power of your souls! Create a symbolic motion of the hand, or one word, or two or three words that you use as a very quick prayer of command, to call in the power of your soul, the power of the higher realms, and those Light Beings dedicated to assisting you. Call upon any of us! Any of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, any legion of Angels.

As you call us forward, dear ones, you are affirming you’re not alone, and that you have not been left alone to walk this world on your own. Not at all. You’re affirming we are where you came from, and we all belong to one another. You’re affirming “All I have to do is call in forms of higher Light, and they will be here. Yes, I have that power! I’m not getting squashed by anything going on in the world right now.”

Now, we do encourage you to not get swallowed up in news reports. We do encourage you not to be sort of staring at internet or television and looking at one dreadful thing after another to come along. Because the news contains forms of energetic entrainments, meant specifically to bring your vibration down, to weaken you and turn you into a passive, present-but-not-present person in the world. Be aware of that, dear ones!

You can take in what’s happening without getting into every detail and being pulled down by it energetically. Then the spirit and the body begin to bend under the weight of that stress.

In these days, you must give yourselves “breathers”! You must give yourselves beautiful calm and quiet—more meditation than informationMore beautiful music, more time out with the trees, with an animal or children, and less time fussing about those things you don’t feel you have the power to change.

You do, but we would caution you, do it in numbers. Be in a community such as this, where all of you can envision together a complete release of this planet from these very last vestiges of the old order.

So, for a moment, dear ones, put a hand on your heart, if you would like, and just notice your breathing . . . And make a motion with the right hand, going out from the that high heart area, around the collarbone. Image a line of Light that you’re drawing out from that heart, and throw that out into the world, all of you now, collectively. See that line of Light lighting up every difficult issue. Every bit of pain, shock, sorrow, rage—all of it filled with that beautiful, higher Light.

Now raise the left hand. Just make a motion, as if you were motioning someone to you—the left hand being more for receiving, as the right hand is more for giving. And motion in a powerful, beautiful column of Divine Golden Light. It’s pouring down from the higher realms, from your soul groups, Archangels and Ascended Masters you most enjoy to all upon. A huge column of Divine Golden Light is pouring down through your whole body . . . your aura . . . your radiance . . . down through the crown chakra.

It’s filling you up. Filling you with the kind of patience and calm, centeredness, peacefulness, the positive spirit that says to you and everyone around you, “All is well!” Call that in, dear ones! Just motion that forward with your left hand. Motion that toward you. We’re going to work with everyone energetically for a moment.

If there’s something that’s been very difficult, just clench your hands tightly for a moment as if you’re wrestling with it and now, open the hands! Let it go . . . Very good! Do that again for friends, or family, for events in the world you can’t quite believe. Open the hands, and let it go . . .

We’re transmuting the heaviness, the density that the songwriter speaks of, into pure, sparkling Light. Turning it into raw energy, so that you retain the Wisdom, the self-Knowledge, the beauty, the understanding of these experiences.

And you release all the density.

Remember to drink a lot of water, and get extra sleep, dear ones! These are powerful solar rays flowing to you now. Yet this great master, the Sun, flowing Light to this great Lady Gaia, your planet, is powerfully your friend and ally, in all of this.

And so we send much Love, dear ones. We know you have suffered much, and you feel the losses and sufferings of many others. Know that in all of this, you are never alone. We are, as always, honored to be amongst you. Namaste!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


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