Pleiadian Collective: Final Waking Dream

Greetings In Light!

Allow Me To Assure You Again That Your World Is Not Coming To An End!

These Are Moments To Focus On What You Know Is Good And Seek That Which Brings You Truth!

Truth Will Bring Peace To Your Soul!

Lies Can Satisfy The Ego For A Moment And Then You Collapse In The Energy That Holds Nothing.

Truth Will Hold You And Sustain You!

As You Have Moved Forward In This Final Waking Dream, You Have Noticed All The Bridges That You Felt Were Safe And Sturdy, Did Not Always See You Through!

You Might Note The Many People Who Harmed You As You Loved Them.

But Remember This!

You Are Still Here!

You Survived All Storms As Your Soul Is The Captain!

Regardless Of The Circumstances In Which You Found Yourself, The Questions Only Led To More Questions!

Ultimately, Your Questions Have Led You To This Place And To This Moment!

And Even Though You Can Sense That You Have Enacted This Script Before, There Is A Deeper Knowing That This Dream Is Different.

You Have Come To The Center Of The Storm.

You Have Been Here Before.

You Cannot Lose Your Way As The Light Breaks The Storm And A Path Opens Before You!

Focus On This Path.

You Arrived As A Perfect Soul With A Temporary Identity.

You Brought No Material Objects.

You Knew Nothing But Love.

Entering The Matrix Taught You Who You Were Not!

You Learned Fear From Repetitive Actions And Listening To Others In Fear.

Your Most Holy Worship Was Motivated By The Fear Of What Would Be If You Did Not Follow The Words That Were Given As Truth.

Many Versions Of The Same Crooked Story.

Now You Are Free!

But You Will Be Even More Free As You Rise In Vibration To A Conscious Awareness That Brought You To Earth!

You Will Indeed Be Free Of The Constraints That Bind You In Commodities, Land And Money!

You Will Be Free When There Is No More War Or Sickness!

This Freedom Is Yours!

You Are Going Home!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


7 Replies to “Pleiadian Collective: Final Waking Dream”

  1. Ru Burton

    We aren’t free until there is no more death, when we have free, unimpeded, uncontrolled access to the ingresses and egresses. Til then, it’s just a shinier prison.

  2. harrrrrie

    No more war and sickness means we will be living on the 5D Earth with our 5D emotions and consciousness. It will be Heaven on Earth with love, peace, calm, safety, kindness, abundance, compassion, empathy, good health, caring for others, practical and useful education, superior technological developments, jobs for all who want them, free everything like food, homes, energy, medical care, transportation, clean Earth free of chemicals and poisons, new ET friends, flights around space in ships, etc.
    This is what we are heading to. It’s the new age now, The Golden Age.
    Of course it doesn’t look like it now. All the negativity has to come to the surface, come out in the open. It needs to get purged and transmuted into love. Everyone needs to adopt love and compassion, kindness and healing light so the 5D Heaven can become our reality.

    Love, light and greatness to you all. See you in 5D!

  3. John

    No more war no more sickness no more wealth only peace health and abundance it is here within me now i live it. much love to all.