Archangel Zadkiel: Staying Focused

Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss staying focused.

Much higher frequency energy is continuing to reach your planet. As this energy interacts with your own energy field, the existing pattern is likely to be rearranged as you incorporate the higher frequencies and release the lower ones.

Staying focused can help you in this process.

It allows you to move forward in your desired direction, and you are less likely to be distracted by other things competing for your attention. As you focus on what you want, other situations are more likely to fade into the background. You know what contributes to your path and what doesn’t. Your sense of discernment becomes more finely tuned.

You have an inner knowing at both the level of the mind and the heart about what is right for you.

This can lead to a sense of inner peace because you are centered in your own path and your own Being.

An important part of staying focused is to set clear intentions. This arises from knowing what is right for you.

It means knowing what is important to you at this time in your life and how you want to direct your energy for those things.

For example, advancing on your spiritual path may be important to you. As you focus on this desire, you can state your intention to increase the time spent on your spiritual practices that are meaningful to you. As you focus on this intention, you are likely to be drawn to the ways to accomplish this that resonate with you. This may lead to a desire to arrange your schedule to accommodate them.

As you picture yourself participating in your chosen practices, you can attune to how you will feel as you do this. Your focus is aligning the energy so that you can move forward with your intention.

The energy of staying focused may also bring an awareness of additional ways to carry out your intention. This may come in the form of something you see or hear, or you may be prompted by your inner guidance. Then, you can tune in to your heart center to see if you resonate with the new possibilities and to the mind to determine whether they are practical. Your focus has incorporated both the feeling and mental aspects.

The more you practice staying focused, the stronger it will become.

Being fully present in what you are doing is important. If you find your attention drifting from your current activity, gently return your focus to what you are doing. This can be repeated as often as needed. You do not need to feel any stress around this. It is simply returning your focus to what you are doing.

Pausing to focus on the breath can also assist in staying focused. As you feel your breath flowing gently in and out, you are realigning your energy with the present moment. Doing this several times a day helps to keep you focused and in the flow.

In these ways, returning to a focused state can become a natural part of your routine.

You may find yourself flowing from one moment to the next in a peaceful way as you remain focused on your current activity and intention.

You are in tune with your authentic Self and what is right for you at the moment, and your Light encourages others on their journey.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are staying focused as you move forward on your path.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst,

…and we surround you with Love.

And so it is.

**Channel: Linda Robinson


7 Replies to “Archangel Zadkiel: Staying Focused”


    Thank YoUS BeLOVEds!!! So glad I’m tracking with YoUS so well!! Meaning, I received the message many years ago, but staying fully engaged with OUR PRESENTS, each moment, keeps me very busy pulling my awareness back from wherever it’s drifted, into a fully anchored PRESENCE! Having lived these past 78 earth years with a trail of letters alluding to various mental/emotional conditions, has taught me the HOW & WHY, but learning how to magically abort their chemically mis-wired distractions and distortions, just by being grounded in each moment, still keeps me very busy. But oh, it is so worth the ever-present attention required. That feeling of being grounded in my full presence …… has no known descriptors! It’s an ISNESS that is full and and ripe and bright and … worthy. ThankUS!!! THANK US ALL!!!

  2. Douglas A James

    I was doing that all the mass meditations only to learn from cobra it could be years from now the event…many feel betrayed by the galactic Corey Goode states the dark fleet still controls our solar system!!! WTF.. we are being conned of.thats true…Mars isn’t liberated .. pole shift 2025 yet no event yet??

    1. Vrdio

      Confusion James, that is what they do. That is how important your soul is for them.

      Cobra for example, BTW whose calls himself by type of a snake, is plain liar if you read just two last his blog titles. Previous one says: “The Cycle is Over” and in the last post he writes how it is not, there are 3 cycles actually, and it is coming… 😂
      He manipulates IMHO mainly to attract naive women into some communes…
      He calls for mass meditations in the same time, which is bad, for example: out of 100 people, is only 1 is negative during group meditation, ALL that energy of other 99 gets dirty and does not go in wanted direction. They feed demons.

      Corey Goode, just look what are his pinned twitter posts, “Negative entities” etc all dark, no love. IMHO he tries to be honest, but not until he himself gets rid of many demons. Just look what he does last years, money money money… Since 3,4 years he is bigger and bigger egoist. Just like David Wilcock.

      And this post, look at that imaginary picture, don’t you see that symbol that rules the world? Yes, SMOM, Maltese cross. Check US, German, Nazi, Russian etc military generals, they ALL have it on their clothes 😉 Yes, pope and priests also, don’t get confused like sheep do with Jesus cross, that cross is older thousands of years before Jesus lived. Check it for yourself. Just google images, no need to read anything.

      1. C

        Vrdio- I appreciate what you’ve said re: mass meditations. This same information came to me several years ago during an automatic writing and I was able to ‘see’ how it works, the entanglements and siphoning. There is truly much deception.

        It’s similar with videos, podcasts, channeled material as well. All are willingly giving their energy – consenting – and without full knowledge of who/what may be involved, nor the true intent or energetic composite of others in the group, leading the group, etc.

        Just because someone claims to be all “love and light” doesn’t mean they are.

        I’m not familiar w/ the particular people discussed above beyond name recognition. When I received my guidance it was in general, across the board and basically “all inclusive”.

  3. Tricia

    And so it is 🙏🙏💖💖❤️❤️ Thank you Linda Robinson, Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst so much this resonated so deeply