James Gilliland: Disclosure Hearings, Why They Fail; Making Contact

The disclosure hearings were doomed to fail from the start. They will not take us closer to contact. I want you to reason this. Imagine a spiritually and technologically advanced ET walks into the room. They are telepathic, extremely sensitive to energies, know us better than we know ourselves, can sense all the hidden agendas and intentions of everyone in the room. They possess what is called direct knowing, nothing is hidden. Now take stock in who is in the room. That is all I should have to say but some need more explanation. In order to make contact with the advanced civilizations you have to rise to the occasion. One needs to have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. There can be no self-serving hidden agendas. Up to 80% of the top politicians in your leadership belong to a criminal cartel. They are self-serving pathological liars and have a lot to hide. Yet we go to them to get the truth? We are actually waiting for them to tell us what most already know. Where is the logic? The truth will end their careers.

Hollywood also is controlled by the same club. If you speak of this club and their degenerate actions you will be banned from Hollywood. And then there is the news. Same club. Those Hollywood productions about ETs are a controlled narrative. Most are what if scenarios about things that have been going on for thousands of years, others are imbalanced with ETs being all bad or all good. Most are still stuck on the primitive question: is there life beyond Earth? They bring on the experts to ask the questions a 5 year old knows the answers to.

Many of your leaders in the UFO community belong to the same club. They are what is known as planned opposition, there to control the narrative associating with the same people. If they play ball and keep the controlled narrative going they rise to the top. Many are in the field of ufology for the wrong reasons. Fame, fortune, trying to find acceptance and approval they did not get as a child. Their agendas and intentions are again self-serving. There are those who have allowed unseen negative influences to take over with a large percentage of the information coming from these influences or their own unhealed or unfinished business. Then there are the agencies and institutions as well as the government approved liaisons for contact.

This brings us back to the question: is there a place, an environment where a spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors can feel comfortable and safe free of hidden agendas and ulterior motives? Sit with that. Who has risen to the occasion? After two Near Death experiences and a lifetime of contact studying with Yogis, Lamas, Elders from almost every nation I am not sure if I qualify or can maintain the frequency necessary to engage them on a regular basis. Do you think the political, religious, business institutions qualify? So why do we depend on them, especially considering their history?

The good news is the advanced beings are very forgiving and understanding. They will meet you halfway. You do not have to be perfect. Perfect is relative to the one who defines it. We are all imperfect to others who rarely see beyond their own projections. All you need is an open mind, loving heart and pure intent. With spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders contact begins internally. When you have risen to the occasion the external appearances begin. On your path to enlightenment they will meet you along the way. One must transcend all religious and cultural boundaries. Strive for Unity Consciousness and live according to Universal Law. All else is a recipe for failure unless of course you want to work with regenerate ETs which unfortunately many in the UFO community are, some willingly and some in ignorance. This holds true with leadership in politics, religions, the music and film industries controlled by a self-serving global elite, morally and integrity challenged Satanic/Luciferians who engage in the most degenerate and despicable acts most cannot accept as a reality.

Knowledge of this is why we are the most censored group on the planet and why global contact has not occurred. A place has not been created for it. Despite all this they are here. There is a grand planetary liberation unfolding. The Earth is going through a highly energized place in the galaxy. It is a cycle. The Sun is expanding, throwing off one solar flare after another and the Schumann Resonance is off the scale. The awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth is well underway and we have to rise in frequency to match the Earth in her ascension if we are going to stay.

Those who are self-serving, morally and integrity challenged who have engaged in actions that have been harmful or enslaving to humanity and the Earth are not frequency specific to this process. Everything will be made known and karma will be accelerated. The revelation of one’s true character and the reaction to their actions is the drive behind the chaos which actually is the healing process. A lot of our own chaos is our own healing process, our shadow side revealing itself.

In the days to come we will have to take personal responsibility. We cannot blame or project on others or the world in which we live what lies within, our own unfinished business. We have to heal the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Learn to discern what is your thoughts and emotions and what is coming in externally. Learn to set boundaries and practice loving detachment. Most important is to be of service to others and live according to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all are the goals. Then you will have created a space for the Spiritually and Technologically advanced off worlders to come. This includes the other dimensions and Inner Earth folks that have been patiently waiting to join us.

James Gilliland



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  1. david k gates

    For a while now….3-4 years…I have been thinking and preparing myself to actually meet them (ET’s) How could I show them my heart is good? Im way past wetting myself =) lol. There will be many who DO wet themselves.

    1 Easy exercises requiring just thought.

    You are in the forest hiking and come across an injured wolf or a bobcat or some other dangerous animal, caught in a trap.
    How would you go about calming it and trying to let it know you are 100% trying to help it and would never harm it?
    THAT is the exercise.
    What would I do? All the physical calming but far more sit for a minute and go within. Blast Love and Light out of my heart and ask my higher self to speak with the animal’s higher self.

    If we can show LOVE, then we’re ready! The more that do this, the faster this goes!

    What would YOU do?