The Telosians: When Will It Stop?

We love you dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. Many of us are helping you because we know and see that your planet is currently in great suffering. But, as we have told you in previous messages, it is necessary that these various tribulations travel through the soil and heart of your planet as well as the heart and body of humanity.

Every human being today is strongly shaken as if earthquakes were felt deep inside your cells. You are experiencing cyclones, storms, volcanic eruptions of your Earth and this, deep within your cells.

The Earth often shows you these different climatic or other problems; in this case you live them physically outside of you. But, currently you are living all this inside of you. Your physical beings are billions of small Lands that are going through all these tribulations, all these changes. That is why it is difficult for you to see clearly in yourself at the moment.

Often you don’t understand what’s going on in your life: why can’t I move forward in my work? Why so much disruption in my family between husband and children, why so many difficulties around me? etc… etc…

Your life right now is very disturbed in every sense, both outside of you and within you.

When will it stop? think you often.

We will tell you that there will still be, during a few months of your earthly time, events that will destabilize you, we have already talked about it. But these events will put your consciences to good use because you will ask yourself more and more questions about what is happening, about what your rulers are telling you and about your freedom.

FREEDOM! Dear Freedom in the heart of each of you! Freedom will be further reduced for some time but, suddenly, it will present itself to you with great happiness. What do we mean by FREEDOM?

We want to talk to you about True Freedom, the one that from the depths of your being will explode in you the understanding of who you are. These many events that will come to you will suddenly open you to the understanding of True Life. You will pose the “pros and cons” of everything you will experience and finally! you will see with the eyes of your heart the True Truth, the one that the Universe has instilled deep within you in your soul.

You will understand that all the orders of your rulers are only manipulations to keep you under the yoke of their small earthly power; you will understand how strong the Divine Energy is in you and how much it will allow you to face without violence everything that could be imposed on you by force or fear.

We will again ask you not to give in to fear, this is very important. You will, finally, be able to react to your rulers who will experience the “backlash” as we have often said. Do not doubt that your government leaders are very destabilized by everything that is happening on your planet. For most of them, they no longer know how to deal with the current international situation.

They are bound by fine words, by money and by the earthly power offered to them by those who are part of this world government. This handful of humans, too, will see, his life, his choices gradually fall and the fall will be very hard for them.

We still want to let you know that we are very vigilant with you, with planet Earth. We take strong, more and more care for your safetyWe are more and more present in your sky, we have already told you, because the moment of insecurity is increasing around you.

This moment of insecurity is, of course, as you can imagine, created by this world government, which, through its money, its laboratories, etc… will try one last time to degrade you. That is why we say to you: do not give in to fear. We are here to protect you and believe from the depths of your heart that the Intergalactic Confederation of Beings of Light sends you all its power of Light so that you can, through your own power of Love and Light within you, face these delicate moments.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, do not doubt that the New Earth is coming to you. It is not far from you, on your planet but understand that you are the artisans of your happiness by opening the eyes of your heart and becoming aware of your own divine power.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


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