Air Force Regularly Fires at UFOs in War Zones, Service Member Reveals After Military’s 11 ‘Near Misses’ Bombshell

This contradicts what military officials told Congress during May’s historic, public hearing about UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena – and the impacts on national defense.

FLIR (thermal) images show the object flying over the USS Omaha

“The Air Force routinely observes, and at times, even kinetically engages UAP in operationally sensitive areas around the world to this day,” a service member with direct knowledge of recent UAP Air Force engagements said.

“While some UAP are eventually identified, too often others are hastily dismissed outright due to an inability to properly classify, based on characteristics displayed and observed.”

During the hearing, one of the witnesses – Scott Bray, the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence – was asked about the military firing at UAPs.

“And I assume we’ve never discharged any armaments against a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon), correct?” Illinois Rep Raja Krishnamoorthi asked Bray.

This is the same pyramid-shaped object that was captured by other video but dismissed by the military as a 'drone'

“That’s correct,” Bray responded.

Then the issue was dropped, which didn’t sit well with Jeremy Corbell, a investigative film maker who was the only civilian named during the Congressional hearing on UFOs.

He said in a previous interview that the US and other countries have fired at UAPs “regularly with an increased frequency.”

When asked about the service member’s comments, Corbell said on Tuesday that he has proof that backs the statement and takes it a step further.

“I have obtained documentation that these UAPs are not other nations’ assets – such as Russia’s – because the US Air Force has documented incidents where nations fired on the same UAP,” Corbell said.

“So whoever is controlling these units, it’s not the usual suspects, they’re not ours or Russia’s, etc..”


Corbell and investigative reporter George Knapp obtained and released a trove of unseen and at-the-time classified corroborative visual evidence of potential UFOs in 2021.

That became a driving force behind the Congressional hearing.

The evidence included – among other things – the Navy’s radar video, thermal-imaging video, and the video from the battleship’s deck of a swarm of at least 100 flying objects circled above.

Some of the videos appeared to show the flying objects disappear into the water.

Bray said during the hearing that it was likely drones, which has sparked debate on social media and among #UFOTwitter.

One of the flying objects over a military warship in 2019 right about the water before it appeared to disappear

This object was dismissed as a 'drone' during May's Congressional hearing

This object was dismissed as a ‘drone’ during May’s Congressional hearing.