Goddess of Creation: Expanded Alignment with Your Soul

This came at the perfect time!! We are all growing, expanding our perceptions of self and this gives up the opportunity to see ourselves as souls in a new way.

Before we left our connection with our soul, the Goddess began by helping us to become aware of how we see our soul and release any limitations.  When we got into the All That Is, she then created a bubble around each of us so that we could work with our own soul essence.  This really magnified our perception and gave people the opportunity to create a deep connection.

She then asked up to open up to love and see how we responded.  From there we experienced worthiness, strength, our future selves, and more.  We have great strength and potential within us and this is a chance to open the connection and awareness.

BE your expression of your divinity in all that you do~~


I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Be present with the energies of your life.  Be present with, not only the opportunities that come your way but whatever challenges come your way. Being present within the flow, the energy, and the light. Be present in the frustration and the struggle and the disconnect.

You as the person are this massively evolved individual. You have a direct alignment to soul energy and to the high light frequencies. You also are human and as a human, you get caught up in your everyday life. You frequently come to little stops in the road so to speak that gives you the opportunity to consider your reaction. Consider what it would be to look at life as the sovereign aligned individual that you are.

As I say that I could hear some of you questioning what exactly does that mean? The first aspect of that statement is, you and all the levels of energy within and around you and your direct alignment to Soul is sovereign.  Nobody else can judge you. Nobody else can tell you what to feel, or how to act, or who to be. Only you know and understand your true authentic self.

This means also that you have a direct alignment that is open and in a flow that moves between you the person and your Divinity. It may give you a perspective that is influenced or adjusted by other energies that are outside of you, but it is not. A perspective such as that would be coming from your ego or your personality, and it would not be your sovereign, divine essence.

I, therefore, invite you to sit with that as we breathe deeply and ground into the earth. You breathe into your heart center. As you do so you begin to feel that energy that is present within your heart. Within this Chakra, the energy center not only filters what is around you but reflects your alignment or relationship within.

Breathe in and breathe out connecting deeper and deeper within your heart. As if you pull the energy from there you create a ball of energy. You create this ball that you can literally feel between your hands. You can stretch it out as it gets bigger or smaller, but you let that move down through your energy bodies and it comes as a stream of energy that goes all the way down into the Earth. As it connects within the Earth it moves out into different directions.

Feel Gaia through this alignment. As you feel Gaia open your senses to ask are there ways in which you can support her? Can you feel that greater clarity that is transpiring throughout the planet? What does that represent to you? The more that you strengthen this alignment with Gaia the more that you are not only supporting the planet, but you are supporting yourself.

You then bring all of that energy. It comes back up into your heart center once more and you send it up. It moves up through your higher energy bodies. It goes out through the top of your head so that it may align with your Higher Self. Can you feel the greater ease with which you connect to your Higher Self? Are you able to discern the difference in the clarity with which you may look around?

You then send that stream of consciousness even further. You move all the way up into your Divinity. That thread of energy goes directly from you as the human into you as your Soul. Look around at what is here present for you within your Divinity.

Some of you may have a different process with which to connect with your Divinity. The stair steps that we use are but one way in which to connect. So, follow that which most resonates with you.

As you blend with your soul essence you may feel your heart expanding even further. Your consciousness may open up. I invite you to look as if you are looking at the different people that you have been throughout time space reality. Indeed, for some, it’s as if it’s blank. For others, I see snippets that represent other lifetimes and then for other people or more people you have a perception of the actual lifetimes as if they are streaming in front of you.

My intention with bringing it up again this way is for you to open your consciousness to understand that you are more than just this lifetime. You may understand that in an intellectual way. However, as you are consciously looking at and recognizing yourself for who you are it will stimulate even more within you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you and as our energies merge, we move into the All That Is. Your perception may be the same or may be different. However, every time that we arrive in the All That Is over the last several months it’s as if it’s a completely new and different place. Some of you may have a sense of aligning with the same place each time and that gives you a sense of comfort and understanding. However, just as your Earth is transitioning so too the All That Is, is transitioning to reflect what is happening upon the Earth.

The All That Is is a dimension. It’s an alignment within time space reality that spans multiple, multiple timelines. It is a link to the Universe and the link to the Earth. The All That Is may have aspects of it that are more caught up in trauma, drama, and activities that are of a lower frequency. There may be other aspects that are of a much higher frequency. Where we tap into it there is a very broad range that is lifting people up and then helping them to move into the higher frequency. So, look around at the All That Is through new eyes or a new perception.

Let us speak once more about the All That Is, I’m sorry. Let us speak once more about you as your Soul or as your sovereign being. The reason that I use the word sovereign is that it indicates your alignment with source and it also indicates you as this massive being that is here living this life. As your Soul you come from a divine energy, that is not only more than your lifetimes upon the Earth but even more than your essence that is a part of the Universe. Your Soul is the doorway to these many, many life experiences.

We invite your essence or your Soul to shift from where we first aligned with it into this space. You always bring an aspect of it whenever I merge with you and we move into it. But let us bring more of your Divinity.

As you align looking at your soul essence open up your consciousness so that you may truly see who you are. For some, it may come through as a feeling. For others it may come through as recognition and still, others may see bits and pieces as if visually watching a movie. That inner knowing is what I seek to strengthen at this time. So OK, OK, OK.

So, what we’re going to do as I create a sphere and this sphere can get as massive or small as it needs to, and within that sphere is only your Divinity. Each one has their own individual sphere and it is filled with your Divinity. I invite you to have a sense of walking forward and as you do so you move into this sphere, and then you literally become a part of every particle that is within.

For some, it may seem too big, too overwhelming, in which case you could ask that it comes back to something more manageable. You are still in alignment with your entire Soul. However, the perception that filters through you as your consciousness comes into a more manageable space.

The first essence that I invite you to pick up on is love. As you are here in alignment with your divine essence ask to be shown love. As I look at the many, many spheres that are around me I see as if a kaleidoscope of colors. Colors are changing in each sphere. They’re all expanding and for each one of you as your consciousness, you expand with it.

I now invite you to consider the word worthy. Worthy is a very human discernment or judgment, howsoever you look at it. I hear so often from humans where the perception of Soul is very tiny and minute, and when we look at this or work with this it is because they do not feel worthy or is if they have this massive solar energy that is a part of them. Is worthy limiting you? If it is, then invite love that was the number one emotion to merge with the worthiness so that it may be absorbed and you now expand into something bigger.

The next energy I would invite you to look at is capable. Sometimes in your life, you do not always feel capable of doing what you would like to accomplish. If there is any limitation in your abilities again stretch open that consciousness and feel the love come into it. As it does so reconsider that which is within your life of which you feel you are incapable of accomplishing.

OK, here’s what I would like to share. This one did not have the same type of blending as the first two. Here is a way that you may work with this energy. There’s something you are learning in life and you have not yet accomplished whatever that may be. You merge into this sphere that contains your Soul and you ask to be taught or shown whatever it is that you are seeking to learn because within your Soul you have already done it and if you have not then you have all the tools with which to learn. So, look around and ask to know where you can learn more about being capable and accomplishing whatever it is that you seek to do. As you are opening your perception and now taking that in can you feel how your whole consciousness is expanding even bigger.

Another word that I would invite you to consider, intuition. Are you allowing your natural intuition to support you in life? Every one of you have multiple ways in which you receive information. Your intuition is frequently talking with you. Helping you to prepare for something coming up. Sometimes your intuition is helping you while you’re taking a test. Helping you to understand those answers that you are seeking. Sometimes your intuition is there in such a way that it allows you to recognize opportunities or potentials around you. You see that your Divinity is massive and completely supports you in all that you do.

Let us now ask to know is there an aspect of you that in a linear timeline would be coming from the future that is coming back to assist you at this time. I noticed that some look around this space of your sphere, and as you are looking around you may see as if someone is walking towards you. It may look like you. It may possibly not look like you. It may look like an ET. Howsoever you perceive this essence of yourself open your consciousness even further so that you may create an alignment with one another.

My perception is that many of you recognize this essence as perhaps one of your guides, as perhaps a feeling or sense that is already present within you. There are so many ways in which this aspect of you through your divinity, through your soul essence is able to communicate with you. You are strengthening that alignment between you as we take this moment to connect. Yes, there is a question that you would like to ask this future aspect of you. There may be certain questions that it will not know the answer to. However, it may, meaning the aspect, may show you where you can find that answer. What I observe as I said that with how many of you are now creating an open conscious alignment with multiple different aspects of who you are and this is wonderful for you!

These are ways in which I am sharing with you who you are as your sovereign essence. Let us now not remove the aspects that represent lifetimes, but instead invite this sphere to simply pulsate into you the essence or the frequency of all these many lifetimes and as the source that it is. I see all of the spheres getting bigger.

Moving into the future, this alignment with your Soul or your Source is going to be a key element in your life. Therefore, allowing this to energize you, refresh you, or support you howsoever that may be; will strengthen this alignment. Can you feel that aspect that you might associate with God or Goddess? Are you able to shift that awareness that you may understand it is coming from within you? As you are here within this presence of you as your Soul is your Divinity. As source energy do you now understand that nobody can take you down? Only you can choose a path such as that. When you were in this space it is not about arrogance or ego it is about a massively expansive presence of love, knowledge, and alignment, of everything that comes into you and supports you.

Take a moment to find a way that you may have this with you at all times. What I mean by that is that when you are in your everyday life it may seem very distant or unavailable. You may therefore choose a symbol, a color, a scent, something that represents this now moment, and then you may tap into it anytime you so choose. You may always come back into this space. However, my intention is that you manifest this space in your everyday life. Take a deep breath in.

I invite you to gather together as a group. Whenever you do this it forms a loose circle so to speak. Then you see coming up within this circle the hologram of the Earth. You may see the changes in the Earth as it comes into this space. You may also see the much greater clarity and the higher frequencies that are within and around it. As each one of you infuses into this hologram your own Soul essence, your Divinity, you are opening up a potential that the millions or billions of other people will also tap into that within themselves. This creates an experience that is available for each of you consciously but may be associating with others in an unconscious manner.

We then send that stream out into the Universe as you noticed the last time we did this. It moves through certain ships, through certain planets and there is collective consciousness that not only receives this but then create that counterbalance that flows into the Earth. The remainder of that hologram goes back within the Earth. It moves through that gridwork. It goes down anchoring within Gaia and then comes back up. Coming through the many, many layers of Gaia your own Divinity comes up through that connection that you have with Gaia, and as you breathe in and out you are anchoring that sphere of your Divinity.

What was that symbol, that light, that tone whatever it was that you created? Anchor that as it is coming through Gaia within you. It may be something unconscious or it may be something that you consciously think about. You then open up your upper energy bodies and you allow that flow to come back within you from the All That Is, your Divinity, your Higher Self, and then back into you in this human experience.

Take a moment to feel as if that sphere of energy that is your Divinity is present with you here on the earth plane. For some, it may feel different or look different. For others, it may be almost exactly the same as what it was.

You continue to breathe in and out and this sphere of energy that is your Soul that is your essence integrates and moves within every cell within you. This alignment was always there. You are now consciously awakening it so that in your everyday life you will have those aspects that we spoke about and many, many other ways in which you are receiving support.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Beloved family as you continue to live your life remember who you are as your sovereign self. Remember who you are as this massively expanded individual, because that’s truly, truly you! This lifetime and any other lifetime have been experiences that sometimes may be very distant from that and sometimes very close. In this now moment I invite you to be open to experience the strengthening and the balancing of your divine self.

Beloved know that I am ever with you.


**Channel: Shelly Dressel