Aggressive Space Reptiles Want to Have a ‘Fascist’ System and Take Over Planet Earth, Professor Claims

After NASA’s announcement that they wish to look into occurrences of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or mysterious aerial phenomena (UAP), one professor claimed that an aggressive foreign reptile species plans to establish a “fascist” system of control over humans on Earth.

Dr. Michael Salla, a Doctor of Philosophy qualification from the University of Queensland but has since specialized in exopolitics, Daily Star pointed out. He now studies how extraterrestrial beings could exert an influence on human politics.

Several Species Interacted With Humans On Earth, Professor Claims

The professor is the author of numerous books on the subject and exposed his unusual theories in an interview broadcast on Janson Media’s YouTube channel.

During the chat, Michael claimed that several species had interacted with humans before and gave a frightening prophecy that reptilian aliens are plotting to take over Earth soon.

He stated that there is a picture of people of various races visiting the planet.

According to the professor, the precise figure is unclear because it appears to change over time. What is clear, however, is that a number of these races have taken a direct interest in human affairs, intervening in some way.

Dr. Salla, however, speculated that there might be a more evil species hiding outside of the globe, in addition to this benign, climate-loving species.

This interaction, Michael suggested, can sometimes take the form of aliens communicating with humans and even abducting them in their UFOs, as dramatized in Hollywood movies.

Six Civilizations Allegedly Made Government Deals

Salla found 17 other races directly dealing with humans in his own exopolitical studies, according to the Spanish news site Rosario3. He claimed that six civilizations have made deals with the government. In contrast, the other eleven extraterrestrial races mostly communicate with humanity.

He added that the indigenous reptilians appear to have a vested interest in the Earth’s ecology remaining stable, that it is not jeopardized unnecessarily.

Further developing his extravagant theory, the professor even suggested that these extraterrestrial reptiles are concerned about compensating for the possible impacts of climate change.

But, in addition to this friendly, climate-loving species, Dr. Salla has suggested in the same Rosario3 report that a more sinister species may lurk out on the Earth.

Michael suggested that the aliens were pushed to this conclusion by the lack of “responsible planetary policies” being adopted on Earth by humanity and added that it was driving theories about the need for a “new world order”.

And, joining the bizarre claims made by another professor, Dr. Salla also suggested that the reptilian beings were harvesting human DNA to create a hybrid species.

**By Tiffany Winfrey


5 Replies to “Aggressive Space Reptiles Want to Have a ‘Fascist’ System and Take Over Planet Earth, Professor Claims”

  1. harrrrrie

    If what Salla is saying isn’t correct, I think Salla might be picking up energies from a different timeline, or energies from the past, present and future, or even energies from his own earlier lives. To consider tho, he’s right about evil Reptilians, just the timing is off.

  2. Maureen Callahan

    I wouldn’t trust a word Salla has to say or his charlatan cohorts for that matter. The Reptilians have been here for a very, very long time. We are a food and energy source to them. These controlled opposition clowns like Salla are telling you the negative forces have been removed to lull everyone into a false sense of do nothing. Trust yourself.

  3. Elisa

    Really? Reptilian Aliens are plotting to take over Earth soon.

    He’s a bit behind with that concern, it happened over 250,000 years ago.

    It’s kind of why we are all living in fear and debt and our children are murdered for adrenochrome.