The 7/7 Portal

Beloved Ones,

We are heading into the 7/7 Sirian Portal, a wisdom passage that opens the Lion’s Gateway and that has been gradually introduced by the Solstice’s benevolent energies.

This year we are receiving seventh-dimensional frequencies, from not just our Sirian family, but also from our Arcturian ones, for they are also very involved in our evolution. Our planet is receiving assistance to continue opening more and more to its new harmonic dimensional location, as well as all who desire to follow it, in its evolutionary journey.

Sirians and Arcturians are highly evolved seventh-dimensional beings with the appropriate light technology to help us remove, in our non-physical bodies, the debris, imbalances, implants, etc. required for us to be able to retrieve the purity and healing that we so desire to have.

The main message for All for this passage is one of freedom and inner reconstruction, which means to purify ourselves from lower energies, thoughts, and emotions, so we can emerge into the illumined being that we are, speaking our personal truth and heart. However, to be able to do so, first, we need to focus on our bodies, healing one by one and opening their channels again, to reconnect what has been previously disconnected, and distorted.

Both Sirians and Arcturians offer us the Blue Flame as the main tool to work with our throat chakra, thymus, and heart, at this time, for the Blue Flame burns all wounded unexpressed emotions and feelings that are trapped within our throat chakra, due to fears of being who we are, helping us in being authentic and acting with integrity, as if we do not show who we truly are, we will not be able to offer the unique gift that we too brought to offer into this planet.

Our throat is not just important to express our emotions and truth. It is the fifth-dimensional center or portal, that allows us to communicate with the fifth aspect and hence, dimension of who we are. It is the first step to work with the Lions Gate energies, as if we have not yet worked and cleared our fifth channel, we cannot be empowered and regain sovereignty.

It is when we heal our fifth-dimensional aspect, by first mastering the ego, and part of ourselves that correlates with the throat chakra, in the physical, that we truly begin to shift, and move into the soul level. We begin to transcend the ego, moving from our personal will to the Divine One, and everything in our reality changes too, for we are no longer in resonance with who we used to be, nor with our previous life choices.

This is a very important initiation, of the seventh main ones in ascension, for we will begin to receive more guidance about our journey, as we lose the fear to be who we are, and speak our guidance to assist others.

The crystal that Sirians give us at this time to open our hearts, and liberate them from fear, anchoring harmony, peace, and unconditional love is the rose quartz, for it is the vibration that enables Divine Love to dissolve all our human self creates, under false illusions and fears.

If we align with the current energies, Guides team and as I always say, our Unified Self, for it is our main guide of all, we will begin to feel the infinite love, protection, and help from our benevolent family, that are there to bring more revelations, especially during this retrospective month, that will help us realize what we need to dissolve, and heal, but also what we could expand in our reality.

I was guided to share two images, as always I found them online. The Blue portal image is meant to be visualized and integrated, as it holds very powerful codes I myself felt when I saw it, that will help us open our throat chakra portal.

Working with the Blue Flame together with sound therapy helps in healing, and balancing our fifth body and throat chakra, allowing us to move a bit further into our evolutionary journey by expressing, freely who we are, and our main mission on this planet. This is what our Sirian and Arcturian families invite us to work with, during this passage, if we are guided to do this inner work.

I AM a free, sovereign being in charge of my own human experience and evolutionary journey.

I AM willing to transcend the ego and follow not my will, but the Divine Will within me.

I AM willing to open my channels, speak my truth, embody my soul purpose and begin a journey of selfless assistance.

I, therefore, choose to liberate my voice of eons of repression, allowing it to speak and seed the unique wisdom I brought within me.

For I AM free to be who I am and was meant to be within Creation.

And so are You.

May you always remain in the Illumined Presence of your God Self.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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