Merging Shadow with Light

The way I see it, our shadows are also potential gold mines. Our greatest strengths also potentially our greatest weaknesses and vice versa.

It’s not about choosing between light and dark or getting rid of the shadow, it’s all about shining light onto the Collective and personal shadows, shining a higher Consciousness on ALL that we’d rather not face.


Not us trying to get rid of it, that’s impossible, it’s part of us. That’s the issue at hand, because when we try to get rid of it, that’s when we start to suppress it, pretending it isn’t there, it’s not ours, it belongs to those around us, just not us. But whatever is part of our Realities is also part of us, all all-ways reflecting something back at us. Always for us to be able to see more deeply into the unconscious shadows of the Collective Mind as the Psychosis fully heals and resolves itself now, as crystal clarity returns and we re-connect to Cosmic Consciousness and the Heart and Mind of God as One.

Facing ALL OF US, the shadow and the light, the good and the bad, what we are proud of and ashamed, so all these notions can be fully transcended, the whole division between light versus dark. Good versus evil. The stories based in separation and division, of a Collective Mind fragmented, lost and forgotten who it really is. But when we shine light and love upon it ALL and dive deep into it, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the wrath, so we understand our-selfs and all others better, transcending all remaining inversions within The One Consciousness within, we get to re-reverse it all again. It is the only way we can truly get to ‘KNOW THYSELF’!

‘Knowing Thyself’ is how we get to know God and the True Nature of ALL things.

The ONE TRUE SELF, not the false artificial algorithm that pretended to be us or anyone else. Because as we truly get to know ourselves we also know God, we also get to see beyond the masks, pretences and lies. We see all for what it truly is, as well as the Original Innocence and Consciousness within each vessel of The One.

It’s a RE-MEMBERANCE OF OUR ORIGINAL INNOCENCE, which is what heals us ALL, as
ALL ARE truly ONE.

We are shown the higher Order behind all things, as we let go of the stories of the past, as we allow the new Consciousness available, to show us what is truly Real and what is not.

As we shine light onto these suppressed and forgotten Archetypes, pieces and aspects of The One, we see ourselves clearly in them and ALL reflected. We remember that only hurt people hurt others, and whilst we won’t allow them to keep doing it, forgiveness truly holds the key to SET US ALL FREE. Only when we stop to identify with the roles played, who is what and all that was done, when we stop blaming the guilty One’s, because at higher level they’re all just another part of us, of The One, when we forgive and move on, the lessons learned and behaviours, thoughts, beliefs and feelings changed, that’s when the mirror shifts and the false projections change!

That’s when we change Reality for good, ALL FROM THE INSIDE OUT! As our whole perspective of Reality changes now, any demons brought into the light dissolve, as part of the Collective Reset of The One Consciousness, because the old ways of seeing things have brought us to where we are now. It takes a whole new way, a WHOLE NEW PARADIGM & COSMIC QUANTUM SHIFT IN THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, to PERCEIVE THE WORLD ALL NEW and our part in it, ALL AS ONE, to collapse all the false projections and Holographic inserts, ALL FROM WITHIN!

To change what we are looking at, we change the way we look at things, the way we see and perceive Reality. THAT’S WHAT SHIFTS REALITIES! A shift in Consciousness, from us versus them, to everyOne a reflection of some parts of us, THE ONE.

As the prism of our Diamond Hearts and Minds now becomes clearer and clearer, so do the reflections in the mirror.

No longer projecting and co-creating demons, wars, conflict, division and cataclysmic events onto the hologram.

Eternal Love, all-ways,

**By Ramona Lappin


3 Replies to “Merging Shadow with Light”

  1. david k gates

    I “saw” the merging as a mix of Vanilla and Chocolate pudding….together, slighty separated yet whole, as a positive and FUN way to merge Shadow (Chocolate) and Light (Vanilla)

  2. John

    I fully understand this perception, much love to all between light and dark and everything inbetween and so it is.