Ready for A Breakthrough? Envision A New Start

This year as our collective society experiences a new threshold of mega change and uncertainty, you will be required to adapt to many new things. A new level of spiritual testing is unfolding for awakened souls. Continue reading for context about breakthroughs and new starts you can orchestrate for yourself.


Each time you have a significant challenge in these times, you can having a corresponding significant breakthrough that can lead to a new start. What does this mean?

Spotlight on The Basement

Compared to previous decades, significant challenges are likely to catalyze a series of unexplored or unresolved inner issues. That’s actually a bonus! However, it may not feel like one at the time. All of us can sympathize with that.

The bonus is that while society’s mega-restructure is shining light in a new way on humanity’s unresolved basement of issues, your personal basement also gets a big spotlight. Even if you don’t know what’s in that basement at the moment a spotlight shines on it, your ego-self is likely to feel very uncomfortable.

Understanding Ego Responses

The ego may catalyze responses of fear, denial, overwhelm, or dysfunctional over-compensating with comfort foods. The ego is not your friend – it will not help you discover what you need to understand, or to resolve issues that block your forward movement.

You can’t fire your ego. It’s always sitting there in the backseat. You can, however, become increasingly self-aware and skilled in observing this tricky part of your human make-up. This is a moment-by-moment throughout-the-day skill you must learn to hone more over time. There is no “done” to honing this skill.

Bring Higher Awareness to Breakthroughs

Just as humanity is grappling with ages-old issues and having breakthroughs in stages, you are doing this too!

The more you actively apply your higher awareness to this process, the more quickly you will have clarity and inner resources to fearlessly face issues. This greatly accelerates your breakthroughs – including your ability to recognize breakthroughs as they occur in stages.

The ego won’t see breakthroughs like your higher wisdom will. It will fight the whole way. It’s a relentless fighter of change it cannot understand. It’s happy with the status quo. New starts can terrify your ego.

Put in Motion Your New Start

Creation of a new start begins inside of you. At your core you possess an unlimited amount of wisdom that guides you throughout life. Tapping this treasure and acting on what you discover is the key.

Tapping your inner treasure requires a steadfast inner determination to be relentless about investigating life issues in stages until you get to the core pieces of what keeps those issues in place.

Getting to The Core

Getting to the core involves increasing levels of patience, self-acceptance, self-love, commitment, self-inquiry, and trust in your inner guidance. Others can help you, but you must be committed enough to your self-growth to stick with your explorations.

It’s important to do this even when there’s a seemingly-long lag in any new information coming. Only you with your higher wisdom can know the “end point” involving resolution of a certain issue. Only you in the moment can fully track the seemingly-unrelated issues that may be impacting a key issue you want to resolve.

Remember with these divine orchestrations: time to know, need to know.

3 Tools For Breakthroughs & New Starts

Increase your daily spiritual practice to involve more of the following things: stillness, meditation, deep listening, inner inquiry, contemplation, self-questioning, reflection regarding impact of the collective and humanity’s polarized state.

Think of your spiritual practice as an ongoing thing throughout the day and just before sleep. This means regular grounding, centering, taking deep breaths, letting go, resetting your own energy.

Begin and end each day on a positive note. If you wake up in a sour mood or in physical pain, take time on arising to focus on something positive and re-affirm your commitment to reaching for a higher view of all things. Before sleep turn off your mind – make your ‘inner screen’ of thoughts blank.

Look for more on these themes in my upcoming articles and courses. Meanwhile, trust that you indeed have the inner tools, higher wisdom, and abundant support for living your best life.

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