Saint Germain: Prosperity Funds

Question 1

Before ascension and before ET contact, about the provision of funds and basic income. I suppose when everybody has received a basic income, a lot of people will stop working and turn to pleasure and personal interests, maybe offering products they made themselves. Is there a plan to help humanity through this switch to self sustainment or is it totally up to us?

St Germain: That, in fact, is the point of the prosperity funds – that people switch to lives of more recreation and leisure. Why? Because firstly the old system needs to die and I say that because the old system was created to enslave you. It is a system of monetary slavery. Please understand this. Repeat it if you must. You are a monetary slave!

The point of the new system is to move people away from understanding their lives in terms of money: dollars, pounds, euros, pesos, whatever your particular currency is. This will require some imagination on your parts because you have been so indoctrinated into this system.

As for support, yes, there is support for you already and there will be more support forthcoming in the fifth dimension as extraterrestrials are permitted to land.

Right now there is a requirement that any country, which is another name for an economic region, may sign up to the ever-increasing BRICS system, the gold backed financial system which Russia and China are now spearheading (BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), the requirement for entry into this system is that the country must be peaceful. Obviously Russia is not peaceful at the moment but it is acting on behalf of the Light. Any action of war undertaken for prior reasons – in support of the DS by any country disallows their entry into the Quantum system, the gold backed currency system, the BRICS system – whichever name you like. The reason for this is because benevolent positive beings of Light will not land in a large scale fashion on a warring planet. The masses are being prepared for extraterrestrial contact again. And of course this points out the plan of the DS – to create war – with this war they know their nemesis will not land upon the planet.

There is a one thousand year plan in place to help humanity on earth. Be rest assured.

Question from Irene:

Question 1

What will happen with a starseed who is a great and kind but not awakened and v/d? Is the v/d really harming/killing their soul?

St Germain: The v is not killing the soul as much as cutting off soul contact. Please understand that for many years, many things have been done in the name of health to cut you off from your intuitive mind – which is your soul. Your pineal gland has been attacked through fluoride, EMF’s, television, your endocrine system has been attacked through white sugar, drugs, amalgam fillings and more. Cigarettes, alcohol, stress, chocolate, you name it – have all been created for you in order to keep you from fulfilling your promise as a human.

The soul will choose the route that this person is to take. If they are contracted to go to the fifth dimension in this lifetime, it will be arranged. Sharon was contracted to do so so she has had a very hard life, battling darkness every step of the way, for example. The souls who do not contract to go to the fifth dimension in this lifetime will do so in another, they may even remain on the third dimensional timeline for many more lifetimes. We have a free will planet and it is being expressed in this way.

To continue to believe in your current system, to comply with its mandates and dictates, continues to make one a slave. The ascended human is self realized, self governing and follows universal law. To not do so leaves you little choice but to continue on as a third dimensional being.

Question 2

Do trees have souls? What happens when a tree gets cut down? Can flowers hear me after they are cut?
St Germain you explained that they belong to second dimension/level of consciousness. Is it a group consciousness or each tree and flower has a soul?

St Germain: Trees and flowers have group souls. A fully realized being capable of independent thought has a soul. Animals respond more to instinct and plants have less consciousness than they.

When a tree gets cut down, it is still alive. It has its roots and the stump remains. You will see the stump will continue to regrow shoots to create new branches.

Now you see that many trees are turning brown and dying because they cannot adjust to the chemtrails they are ingesting. Plant life absorbs pollutants, and I might add that when you eat plants, you ingest pollutants as well.

The tree will live on for quite a while, even as a plank of wood within the home of the human who does not realize what they have done.

The flora and fauna of earth sacrifice their lives for the greater good, and the greater good is the higher level of consciousness that is a human.

A flower will hear you after you cut it. You have cut it off from its food source and it has only a short while left to live. However it is still able to do what a flower does – it goes through a dying process and even that process of dying is part of the life process. So yes, it can hear you.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


13 Replies to “Saint Germain: Prosperity Funds”

  1. harrrrrie

    There is only one food that our souls will allow themselves to enjoy….you guessed it ….. chocolate.

  2. Stu

    “Repeat if you must. You are a monetary slave!”

    I am a monetary slave. In fact, I’ve always been a slave to my ego in general, but that’s changing.

  3. Tammy

    Thanks to St Germaine for loving humanity so much that you have have created these funds and impending release of them to provide abundance for our transition to the New Earth 🌎.

  4. Daedalus

    The posts like these have been seen numerous times and they only serve to deceive people into false hopium, as well as spreading more disinformation.

    Firstly, there wont and cannot be sudden transition from old monetary systems as long as people’s mentalities are linked to them, to their miseries and dependencies. Infusing the people with more money would create even more greed, lust for power, more parasitic thinking. This clearly points out that actual monetary shift isnt in any way linked to change in financial sector initially, but changes within the people are initially what will enable eventual change within the financial sector. The people must realize it is not the money they depend on, but that real “currency” was them, themselves, this whole time.

    This is all just more hopium and lies, and intention of these articles is just for people to “feel good” temporarily, and then they will forget about it, until the next time when it will be repeated with same intention.

    Also, BRICS, USA, China, Russia … yadda, yadda … whatever – all lies. Do sources like this realize the whole economical system in 21st century was planned to revolve around China ? They werent given the global economy without a reason, this was planned by bad guys. And bad guys are embedded in every government of the world.

    Stop having false “saviours” and think naively some bloc, which is a cabal creation anyways, to “save you”. Plenty of people are being played, and more will be, until they realize they need to detach themselves from EVERYTHING as all governments and blocs will eventually fail.

    The people here and further lap up all the information from deceivers like Benjamin Fulford or similar, related to financial and political changes. Despite being proven theyre wrong over and over … for literally years.

    The deception will continue until the people say “enough is enough”. Until then, nothing will change for better, and disinformation will be continous as it was before.

    The changes currently are far above anything in financial or political arena. And financial and political arenas are barbaric compared to such subtle changes.

    1. Linda Rosa

      Daedalus–you’re right. Disinformation comes in many forms and we people seem determined to lap up any bit of hopeful, but untrue, information and let the real truth staring us in the face be swept under the carpet. I feel this way about all the “channelings” at this website. Necromancy and conjuring up spirits from the beyond is expressly forbidden in the Holy Bible, but I guess not too many people at this website the Bible. The “channelings” seem very egoic in nature and figments of one’s own imagination.

      1. Daedalus

        @Linda Rosa

        I dont trust either sources, I have seen plenty of distortions and corruption in both.

        I can trust only my own intuition at the moment and what it tells me. If its wrong, then I can learn from mistakes and “calibrate”. If I give my trust and hopes to anyone else or anything else, in expectations of “being saved”, then I give up my responsibility to exist here and now.

        There are few channelings that I actually have trust in, fewer than fingers on one hand, and its because they mainly promote action and responsibility of people for their own internal change and journey for experience. Too many other channelings just throw the typical “oh, money is right around the corner” or “there will be HUGE XY happening…” … and then nothing happens, and people forget or they intentionally refuse to acknowledge they have been lied to and played with.

        People need to wake up to their own responsibility. Noone is coming to save us. And were here exactly because of that lesson.

      1. Daedalus

        Sad for you, to have blind trust into something that repeats the same pattern of lies over and over for years and decades now. That gives people false hope. And that has blind followers that would rather believe into any source on net that gives them false hope through passive claims, rather than them, themselves, making an action towards betterment of their lives.

        Youll have no saviour, except yourself.

  5. Calgon Take Me Away

    Ugh. Posts like this keep baiting the hook with me-me-me hopium. Forget about the material world and spend time in the spiritual, then imagine what you want FOR EVERYONE, not just yourself. Service To Others, not Service To Self.