Archangel Michael: Inter-Dimensional Aspects of You

Greetings it is I Michael. Many of us have gathered to be with you this weekend. We are here, in force, to show you a pathway into a state of consciousness that allows you to see an unlimited portion of yourself.

This is about You. It is not about Earth per say. You make the difference and it is very very important at this time for you to embrace the energetics, and become who you are. Not in a dream state, but in the waking, moving around interactive state.

We are here to set the energetic format for you to begin to experience inter-dimensional aspects of yourself.  Not from the polarity of higher or lower. The rational mind is not part of this. It is not understanding it. You can be in the sixth dimension, you can be in fourth dimension, you can be in fifth dimension. It is not even about those numbers; it is about being in the fullness and the completeness of who you are, and walking in that always, from this moment on.

You may consider this new territory, but it is not. This is your true nature; it is who you are, in your completeness. Where you operated from, last month, last week, last year was only a portion of who you are. Now you are stepping into the fullness of who you were created to be. Who you are, with no restriction, no limitation. You are operating in a oneness and there are various levels of realities and dimensions that are operating simultaneously within you and within your field. You are a multidimensional unlimited being. You breathe it. You are it. And that awareness will only expand as this integration takes place within your physicality. We are most honored to have participated in this project with you and the diligence that you have shown and the willingness, even when it stretched you. It is stretching you now.

Your diligence will make a difference in the ability of others who are embodied at this time. It will make a difference in Earth itself, in these transitory times. You now hold a vibration that supports that state of being in the physical world.Your ability to maintain this unlimited state of consciousness and the inter-dimensional aspects of who you are, has a great impact on the collective of all physical realms. What a service you are providing. You are the forerunners, the holders of the light. You maintain a vibratory level that allows those who follow to also step into that state of being. Without you, that cannot happen.

We will continue to work very actively in this area. We will work with you continually and you will know our presence in a more viable way. We are honored to be co-creators with you.

I thank you for receiving me and being open to what I have had to say to you. Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a lecture with Archangel Michael during a Mastering Alchemy conference.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Archangel Michael to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


One Reply to “Archangel Michael: Inter-Dimensional Aspects of You”

  1. harrrrrie

    I am honored too. Thank you Creator, Cocreators, AA Michael, Joan Walker, Jim & Roxane and Era of Light.

    I am thinking completely out of this reality to comprehend we are unlimited, multidimensional at all times, shining a light that helps humanity and the world. I’ve known it and felt it at times fleeting. Thoughts of it are all encompassing. It’s exhilarating.

    We certainly need to be multidimensional to live in 3, 4 and 5D at the same time. And I read some of us also go to 6D and beyond.

    I wish the rest of humanity would move along faster. It’s not fast enough. My child self is excited too and wants to run the streets and tell people “wake up! WAKE UP!!” Good thing children are being born who just fall into 5D naturally.

    It will be so much easier for everyone to think and feel these realities of higher vibration when more of us are talking about it, seeing miracles, feeling greater and more productive and seeing the physical fruits of our efforts like no more hungry, homeless, sick and poor.

    I feel like enough with this 3D world. Let’s get on with it!