The Telosians: Souls Wish to Experience this Transition

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. We are going to talk to you again about the transition you are currently experiencing. This transition takes you from the low energy of the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension through the dimension of disturbing consciousness, the 4th.

We give numbers to your stages of evolution because it is a way for you to better understand your Ascension. In our world, 3rd, 4th, 5th means nothing because everything is alive in some other way that you wouldn’t understand. But we adapt to your understanding that’s why we use this scaling.

This moment of transition that will open the doors to the New Earth for you is something, an event that has never happened in this way on Earth, within humanity. After many lives and lives, after many incarnations and incarnations, your souls have wished to experience this transition. This moment is for them a moment we would say, so magical, incredible, that they did not want to miss it “for nothing in the world”, as you say.

Your souls have chosen to live this very important moment in the life of earthly humanity in order to live a very accentuated spiritual evolution. Despite what you may think, despite the difficulties of all kinds that you are experiencing or that you have experienced, your souls wished to experience this change because they knew, before the incarnation, that something very… very important was going to happen. pass through in their life as divine Beings.

Of course, we understand that as a human it sometimes seems insane to you to have wished to live these delicate moments. However, this is what happened for all souls, wherever they are and whatever they do or have done.

You have all wanted with all your heart to experience this change, this elevation which, as we have said in many previous messages, opens the doors of the New Earth to you. When we talk about “New Earth”, we do not mean only, a geological modification of the planet Earth; we mean the total spiritual transformation, we say total, of the Earth united to its humanity. This spiritual transformation materializes by an accentuated opening, visible for us, of your consciences, of your capacity to understand that the life such as you live it is not the True Life but that there is in you and around you something much…much more important, of an immensity of Love beyond human comprehension at this time.

You are all pushed, through the vicissitudes of earthly life that you have just experienced and through other events that you will experience, to look more deeply within you, in your heart, at what you wish more: do you wish to continue on this materialistic path which continually leaves you hungry?… which does not bring you what you are looking for, all of you, in your life because what you are looking for is the Sublime, the Wonderful Awakening of the Purest Love within you and its most radiant Light?

Through materialism, through technology that takes you away from yourself, you seek to fill a void: the reunion with the True Love that you unconsciously know to be within you but that, sometimes, you have difficulty detecting at deep within you.

Do not doubt that the events that you have just experienced, and those that will present themselves to you in the months to come, will be there and have been there to shake you up, to shake up the sleeping human being that you were or still are. It was important that these events take place otherwise earthly humanity would have reached its own annihilation in a short time.

Those who created past events, these confinements, distances between you etc… acted thinking of keeping you under their control but, as we have said in other messages, these beings without Love, did not have realized that they would have the opposite effect, that is to say that everything that was experienced was going to wake up a large part of humans and was going to open the way to revelations and the truth about all their manipulations.

You will live more and more by hearing truths which will surprise you, which will amaze you, which sometimes you will not believe immediately as they will be terrible through the acts of those whom you call the world government . “Heads will roll” and this will lead to a whole avalanche of multiple disappearances of those who have always wanted to manipulate you.

But we say to you: do not let yourselves be invaded by fear, we repeat it over and over again, let yourself, on the contrary, be carried away by the happiness of knowing and understanding that you are going towards Great Happiness, towards Great Light, which will show you what the 5th dimension is: a world of Light, of Joy, of Sharing, of Unity not only among you humans, but also of Unity with us, your galactic brothers of Light.

We are all united. Your ascension in Pure Light, and Pure Love is a joy for us who help you as best we can, for the best for you. However, we still ask you for a little patience. Why that ? because all humans are not ready to live the 5th dimension. Many of you don’t want to believe in anything other than what you are currently experiencing. The future for them is going to be delicate but you, you who understand why all this is happening, you will be their Light by being close to them to help them better understand what is happening, if they wish of course.

There will be no point in forcing a human to believe what you know and understand. Everyone’s life path is unique and you always have your free will. Those who do not want to understand that the Earth and its humanity are in total spiritual change will follow their path as they wish, nothing will be reproached to them by the Source.

Dear children of the Earth, be confident in what will happen even if you find that things seem to be getting worse within your humanity. This will only be a last burst of devolving beings who will try to save themselves by frightening you. We repeat again: DO NOT YIELD TO FEAR! You will be able to realize how everything happens in the smoothest way when you let go of everything that will be opposed to you by the world government.

We are here to protect you, to help you. Our Love accompanies you.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation by


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  1. Oscar F

    Divinely beautiful message of truth. Thank you Telosians and thank you Marie! 💗💗💗💗💗